TI-Basic 84 Programming

A TI-84
A TI-84
TI-Basic 84 Programming
Unlock the potential of your graphing calculator.
See also: TI-Basic Z80 Programming and TI-Basic 89 Programming

Table of Contents edit

Section 1: Getting Started edit

  1. Introduction - The point of this book
  2. Book Conventions - How this book works
  3. A Basic Program - A little glance into the future
  4. Basic Variables - Reals, lists and strings

Section 2: Fundamentals edit

  1. Output - How to display words, numbers and more to the user
  2. Input - How to receive words, numbers and more from the user
  3. Control Flow Statements - Learn about controling the flow of a program using If, Then and Else
  4. Test Conditions and Logical Operators - Learn how to compare different values
  5. Loops - Learn how to execute code multiple times without having to type it twice

Section 3: More Advanced Topics edit

  1. Picture Variables - How to store and recall pictures
  2. Graph Databases - How to use graph databases
  3. Recursion - Repeated Actions