TI-Basic 84 Programming/Graph Databases

Graph Databases (GDB) are a convenient way to store all of the settings about a current graph. A graph database will include all of the aspects necessary to reproduce the current graph as is, including the input functions, the window settings, and the graph format. GDB variables can be accessed under VARS:3.

Creating a GDB edit

To create a GDB you first want to set up your graph as you want it to be saved. Then access the StoreGDB method under DRAW:STO:3 press enter to bring the method to the home screen. Then enter a number 0-9 or choose a GDB variable and press enter.

StoreGDB 0

Recalling a GDB edit

To recall a GDB you use the RecallGDB method found under DRAW:STO:4 then choose your GDB either with a number 0-9 or a GDB variable.

RecallGDB 0
RecallGDB GDB0

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