Super Smash Bros./Modes


1P ModeEdit

The single player mode spans 11 stages, ranging from battles of different types to minigames. The 1P game can be played on one of five difficult levels: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. The default lives for your character can also be set from one to five. If all lives are lost midway, a Continue? screen will appear. You can continue the game with the set number of lives, or quit, and receive a Game Over. The stages are:

  1. VS Link - a one-on-one fight between you and Link at Hyrule Castle.
  2. VS Yoshi Team - you must defeat 18 Yoshis, 3 at a time on Yoshi's Story.
  3. VS Fox - fight Fox on top of the Great Fox in Sector Z in a 1-on-1 fight.
  4. Break the Targets - a minigame where your character must break 10 targets in a level. The level is different depending on the character.
  5. VS Mario Bros. - you and a random ally will fight Mario and Luigi at Princess Peach's Castle.
  6. VS Pikachu - you versus the Pokémon Pikachu in Saffron City.
  7. VS Giant DK - you and two random AI allies will team up to fight a giant Donkey Kong on Congo Jungle.
  8. Board the Platforms - another minigame, where your character must land on ten platforms. When you land on one, it changes from red to green.
  9. VS Kirby Team - fight eight Kirbys, three at a time. Seven will have other character's hats on, and one will be the origonal Kirby. Fight takes place in Dream Land.
  10. VS Samus - fight Samus on Planet Zebes in a 1 vs. 1 fight.
  11. VS Metal Mario - fight a metallic version of Mario on a special stage. Metal Mario is heavier, although gravity works against him, making his vertical descents faster.
  12. Race to the Finish - the final minigame. Simply dodge the enemy characters and get to the exit before time expires. Hazards such as bumpers are in your way.
  13. VS Fighting Polygon Team - fight polygon versions of characters on a special stage. There are 30 of them to be defeated.
  14. VS Master Hand - the final battle against Master Hand. Dodge his attacks and counterattack when he is idle. His HP varies depending on the difficulty. Get his Hit Points down to o to win.

Training ModeEdit

Training mode is where you and a CP controlled character can play in any stage. This is a good way to study character moves, learn level layouts, and practice using characters and combos.