Super Smash Bros.

Introduction edit

Super Smash Bros., an innovative fighting game by Masahiro Sakurai, is one of the top 40 best selling console games of all time (2.5 million copies by 2004). As a fighting game, it revolutionized its genre by introducing the "platform fighter" concept, where 12 different Nintendo characters (up to 4 at a time) battle on one of 9 platforms and if they are thrown off of said platform, they die. Instead of having health bars, characters' damage percentages are increased as they are hit, and the more damage they have, the further they fly from a given attack. You can play either in single-player mode, where you fight different groups of enemies in sequence, or you can play multiplayer, where up to four people can compete on a single stage. Though single-player has many devotees, the multiplayer portion of this game is where most players spend their time. Therefore, this guide is devoted solely to multiplayer with an emphasis on 1v1 duels, though some of the same tactics will work in a more populated fight. With diligent practice and people to practice with, it is amazing how far you can come from the first time you ever play.

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