Super Mario Sunshine/Bosses

These are the bosses whom Mario fights in Super Mario Sunshine. Their sections are listed in the same order as the levels in which they appears.

Polluted Piranha edit

Polluted Piranhas are gate keepers or creatures that live inside goop blotches. They are only awakened by certain parts in goop. Find a part on an island with sludge. Erase as much goop as possible before you hit something that sparks. Keep shooting it until the slimy plant has arisen for revenge. There are three types: One made of magic goop that is standard, one made of muddy goop that will occasionally spit out mud balls, and an inky one, which will go down into the inky goop after three hits, but then will release an army of Swooping Stus and will need three more hits.

Petey Piranha edit

He sometimes is an easy boss. He is the biggest Piranha Plant baby ever born. He likes to vomit up goop and throw tornadoes at enemies, especially Mario.

Gooper Blooper edit

A larger form of a Blooper with a cork in its mouth. It appears as a boss in both Ricco Harbor and Noki Bay.

Wiggler edit

A giant green caterpillar who wrecks havoc on Gelato Beach.

Mecha Bowser edit

A boss fought in Pinna Park. The machine is under Bowser Jr.'s control, and it attacks by breathing fire from its mouth and launching Bullet Bills.

Eely-Mouth edit

Eely Mouth is a giant boss located deep within the waters of Noki Bay. Its poisonous breath is polluting the waters of Noki Bay, so in one mission, Mario has to battle Eely Mouth and clean its teeth with FLUDD. In the battle, Eely Mouth oozes toxic bubbles from its eyes that can damage Mario. However, using FLUDD on the bubbles can detoxify them and restore Mario's health. Once all of Eely Mouth's teeth have been cleaned, he retreats, and Mario is given a Shine Sprite.

Phanta Manta edit

A giant paper thin manta ray that spreads electric goop in Sirena Beach.

Shadow Mario edit

A mysterious doppleganger of Mario who has polluted Isle Delfino. In every level (except Corona Mountain), there is a mission in which Mario has to chase after Shadow Mario and spray him with water. If done enough, Mario earns a Shine Sprite. Shadow Mario is also encountered a few times on Isle Delfino, where he carries a Yoshi Egg or one of FLUDD's attachments instead of a Shine Sprite.

King Boo edit

A giant boo that haunts the basement of the Sirena Beach casino.

Bowser edit

The Final Boss in the game he is also partnered up with Bowser Jr. who caused the crime and made Shadow Mario and the graffiti. They are at Corona Mountain. To defeat them run to each of the five corners and keep spraying Water.