Super Mario 63/Castle Grounds

After completing any level, you'll be taken here. The Castle is where you enter all of the levels.

Note: This page may only make sense after the player beated the whole game.

First VisitEdit


When you complete the first tutorial, you'll be taken here to put the first Shine Sprite into the Shine Sprite Orb. A Toad named Eddie guides you up to the upper rooms. Go left once you get to the upper room, and either take the Sling Star or the platform elevator. Then go into the Shine Sprite Orb's room and put it in.

After that, Eddie suggests you go to Bob-omb Battlefield to find the next Shine Sprite. Below describes each floor. If you wish to continue with the walkthrough, go to here.

Main HallEdit

In the main hall, there are several doors to choose from. On the absolute left, there is the door to the Bob-omb Battlefield room (unlocks with 1 shine sprite). To it's right is the entrance to Snowman's Land (unlocks with 3 shine sprites). Above these two doors is the entrance to Bowser's Trap in the Dark World (unlocks with 8 shine sprites).

On the absolute right is the door to Shifting Sand Land (2 shine sprites to unlock). To it's left is the secret course, Tropical Island (5 shine sprites to unlock). Above these two is a shortcut to the Level Designer room (5 star coins to unlock).

To the sides of the main entrance to the Main Hall are two wooden doors leading to the Backyard (10 shine sprites to unlock) and Basement (1 key to unlock). Above the entrance is a door leading to the Level Designer Room (5 star coins to unlock), Star-and-Elevators Room, Shine Sprite's Orb Room, and the Upper Hallway (2 keys to unlock). Also, on top of that door is the entrance to secret course, Secret of the Mushroom.


To enter the basement, enter a door on either side of the main entrance door then go through the bottom door. You need a key from Bowser to do this though. Another way is to enter basement #2 from the moat outside the castle (need greeen star from Kamek). The last way is from the Shifting Sand Land Painting room's secret passage-- After you defeated Kamek in the garden, a passage leading down into the "dark room", a room right above basement #2, will be unlocked in that passage. In the dark room is a metal cap, and a pipe leading to Thwomp's Castle. There are also some false floors there for you to fall into basement 2, and for you to enter the dark room when you rise the water in the basement (2).

Once there, to the absolute left is a door to the second part of the basement (need green star), to its right is the Hazy Maze Cave Painting, on top of that is a secret passage with a sling star leading to Secret of the Sky(secret course). Keep going right is the door you came out with, then a secret door leading to Frosty FLUDD, then a 1-way slide, on top of the slide is another door leading to basement #2 (need 20 shine sprites), then a door underwater leading to Bowser's Second Trap: The Fire Fortress.

Basement #2Edit

You can enter the second basement by going through the leftmost door in the first basement. Once you're there, going right is the Boo's Mansion Painting, then the Wet-Dry World Painting, keep going right is the door leading to basement #1 (20 shine sprites to unlock). After that are two buttons that either rises or drains out the water. Between those buttons is a door to the castle moat.

Upper HallwayEdit

On top of the staircase led by the second locked door that unlocks after the second key from Bowser, is the door leading to the Upper Hallway. In the Upper Hallway...

The absolute left is the Lethal Lava Land Painting. Then the door leading to the glass room, which leads to Kamek's Castle (need 24 shine sprites to unlock). Then the door you came out from. After that is the Tall Tall Mountain Painting. Then the high cloud painting, you cannot jump into it, but ground-pound under it to enter the Cave of Empuzzlement. And finally, door to Star room (need red star from Kamek).

Secret Passage of the Upper HallwayEdit

Go in front of the door leading to the Level Designer Room, but don't enter it. Now jump to the right, into the wall. You should enter a secret passage leading to the ceiling on the right side of the Star-and-Elevators Room, near the door to the staircase. Now, about halfway between you and the edge of the ceiling, triple-jump to the right. If you've done it correctly, you should be standing on top of some sort of "invisible platform". Now go up until you reached a door, go through it. You can enter this door whenever you want, which basically means you can already enter the Upper Hallway even on your first visit. After you entered the door, you should be in a room like this:

  • A platform with 2 doors in front of it.
  • The right leads to Peach's Garden.
  • The left door warps you to the top of a staircase, in front of a door leading to the Upper Hallway.
  • 4 sling stars.
  • Invisible Cap.
  • 2 FLUDDs
  • 4 secret passages, 1 leads to a hover FLUDD, 1 leads to the staircase, 1 leads to the Upper Hallway, and 1 leads to Magma Maze (secret course).

This room is called the Power Up Room.

Top of the CastleEdit

With the red star from Kamek you can enter the top of the castle! It is called the Star Room. In the Star Room, to the left is the Rainbow Ride Painting, to its right is the staircase leading to the door leading to the endless staircase (it will no longer be endless if you have 32 Shine Sprites). On the other side of that staircase is the secret course, A Galaxy of Stars. To its right is the clock leading to Tick Tock Clock. Under the staircase is the door you came out from. If you have 32 Shine Sprites, you will break the curse set on the endless staircase and it will no longer be endless. At the end of it is a secret passage leading to The Final Challenge: Bowser's Castle.

Hidden PassagesEdit

In Shifting Sand Land's room, there is a hidden passage leading to the secret course, Thwomp's Castle, to Bob-Omb Battlefield's room, and to Hover F.L.U.D.D and Power Up room.

Star Coin #1Edit

In the Snowman Land's room, there is a hidden passage to the right. There is a breakable crate in it concealing a Toad and a Star Coin. The breakable crate also has exactly 100 Coins in it, and restores every time you come to the castle, allowing for easy extra lives.

Star Coin #2Edit

In the level designer room, jump onto the wooden platform, then triple jump to the right. You should enter a secret staircase with a Star Coin at the end of it.