Super Mario 63/Bob-omb Battlefield

This is the first real course of Super Mario 63. Be sure to be weary of the Bob-ombs everywhere! This level requires 1 Shine Sprite to unlock.

Battle with King Bob-ombEdit

"In this land, Goombas and Bob-ombs have always been rivals. On top of Mount Bob-omb, the King awaits any challenger. However, the Goombas have never proved strong enough. Are you willing enough to risk a battle with King Bob-omb?"

Upon starting, you'll find yourself near a cannon and a sign. It tells you a little bit about cannons.

Star Coin #1Edit

Hop into the cannon near the start for this one. Point the cannon up completely. Fire, and you'll head straight into your first Star Coin.

Start heading right and jump on the moving platform. On the hill above you, you'll see a Turbo F.L.U.D.D. box. Usually by this point, you haven't unlocked it, so move along. Over some rocks ahead, though, you'll find a Hover F.L.U.D.D., so be sure to take it. Keep on heading right to a big rock with a cage on it in the background.

Star Coin #2Edit


Jump onto the wooden post in front of the rock cage. Jump, and then hover above. You should be able to reach it.

Head right when you'll find a crate in the ground, guarding a Turbo F.L.U.D.D. Jump over the cliff, and head right past the cannon in the tall rock and move onto the next section. As soon as you come into this section, you'll have a boulder rolling right at you, so watch out! Jump over or hover, either way, you should dodge. Keep heading right to a small rock and hop on it. Jump onto the hill to you left in the background from that rock. Start going left, and you'll find two signs reminding you that you can change the camera zoom and one warning of falling objects.


Jump to the next hill to the left and watch out for the boulder wrecking through crates. Hop onto the next hill to your right and continue. be sure not to fall off the floating platform. Go to the edge of this hill.

Star Coin #3Edit

On this hill, you'll find a crate and a Star Coin. Break the crate, as it'll make it harder to get back up after jumping for it. Jump down to the Star Coin. Once you see the screen that informs you that you've collected the Star Coin, get ready to hover back up. If you fall, you can simply make your way back up.

Jump onto the next hill to the left. Look out for the boulder spawner, jump past it. Be sure not to fall off the wobbly wooden platform. Then you'll come to a Health Heart, and a sign telling you about them.

"If you touch a spinning heart at a fast speed, they can heal you. In fact, they are better than coins, since they never run out."

Star Coin #4Edit


At the edge of this hill, there is a water bottle and a Star Coin. Use the same procedure as the third Star Coin. This one, however, is much easier. It is above a platform, so simply hover back up after going down there.

After doing this, go up to the next hill, and again, don't fall off the hill and jump over the boulders. After this hill is the actual top of the mountain. Go over to the left, and you'll see King Bob-omb, your first boss.


Unlike in Super Mario 64, you cannot pick him up and throw him. Instead he throws Bob-ombs at you. You must Spin Attack the Bob-ombs to fling them into the King to hurt him. You must hurt him three times to defeat him. Occasionally, the King will jump and create a shockwave. After getting him three times, he'll explode and you'll get your next Shine Sprite!

Island in the SkyEdit

"There's an island in the sky; journey upwards, past turbulent winds, past flying Koopa's, past even a butterfly (!!!) to reach the floating island in the sky."

Start by going to the section that contained Star Coin #2. Proceed until you reach the cannon inside the rock. Then, jump on the hill to the left. Stay still on the wobbly wooden platform until the platform floats by, and then jump on it. Keep on heading left until you reach some clouds. Then, head off-screen in the direction that the arrow points.


Jump past the little clouds, looking out for Parakoopa's along the way. You then should come to a platform moving back and forth, leading upwards. Ride it up to a Red Coin, and then jump past the wobbly platform. You should come to a Rocket F.L.U.D.D box and a lift. Jump on the lift, or use the Rocket to propel yourself to the next area. Assuming you took the lift, jump through the moving and bobbing platforms up to a cliff. Grab one of the first Star Powers in the game, the Wing Cap, and jump into the cannon.

Star Coin #5Edit

Use the cannon to shoot yourself into the Star Coin and grab it. If you mess up, use the Wing Cap to steer yourself over to the Star Coin. This can be tricky, however, due to the blowing wind. Just keep trying, you'll get it eventually.

After being shot by the cannon, use your Wing Cap to fly right, in the direction of the Coins. Soon, you should see a floating island with a Shine Sprite on it. Either fly into it, or land on the island, you should be able to get it!


The Five Silver StarsEdit

"Sometimes, a Shine Sprite can break down into five Silver Stars and get scattered throughout the land. You'll have to recover all five fragments if you wish to recover it..."

Go back to the cannon in the second section. This time, actually go into the cannon. The camera will zoom out to show a trail of Coins. Line up the cannon with this trail and fire! If you've done it correctly, you should get the first Silver Star.

If you've landed on the clouds, try to stay up there. If you fell, jump on the hill to the left of the cannon and take the Sling Star up there. There should be a circle of four moving platforms, and in the centre a Silver Star. Jump up to it for the second Silver Star. Take the Sling Star near the moving platforms to be launched into the third Silver Star.


Go onto the falling bridge over to the left. After the bridge, keep on going left past spinning platforms for the fourth Silver Star. Head back a little bit to these floating bridges. Jump across them to the last Silver Star.

After getting all five Silver Stars, go back to the cloud to the right of the long falling bridge to get your Shine Sprite.

Collect the Eight Red CoinsEdit

"For some unknown reason, when eight different Red Coins come together, a Shine Sprite is formed. Nobody understands why, but it works, so take advantage of it."

Go right until you reach two crates stacked up on each other. Break them, and go under the bridge. Jump up and grab the first Red Coin. Then, continue right to the first rock in the ground, it's to the left of the Hover F.L.U.D.D. Jump onto the hill in the background from this rock. Keep on going left, and jump over the wobbly platform. At the end of the hill, you should come across the second Red Coin. Go back to the Hover F.L.U.D.D. To it's right is the third Red Coin.

In the next section, head right to the rock cage, and on a wooden post in front of it is the fourth Red Coin. Keep going right until reaching the cannon, and then jump onto the hill in the background. Right away you'll see the fifth Red Coin. Go left, while jumping through all the floating platforms, and head to the next section.

Right above the Hover F.L.U.D.D in this section is the sixth Red Coin. Just hover up to get it. Keep on heading left until you get to the platform lift. It'll take you to the seventh Red Coin. Go back right and exit this section. Keep on heading right until you reach Mount Bob-omb.


Remember to jump over the boulder rolling your way once you get to this section. Keep on heading right, jumping over all obstacles and enemies in your way. You'll see boulders rolling into a hole in the wall, with a Red Coin above this hole. Jump past the boulders and grab the last Red Coin. Head back to the first section to get your Shine Sprite.

The Secret of the MountainEdit

"Do I know where the secret of the mountain is? Well, that's a secret. In fact, it's so much a secret that whether I know it or not is also a secret! By the way, this discussion is to be kept secret, understand?"

Go over to Mount Bob-omb. Once again, jump over the boulder that's rolling towards you. Head right, past the eighth Red Coin, to the wall of the mountain. Doesn't it look strange? Walk into it and you'll find the secret of the mountain.


Head right a little bit, and then jump on the lift. At the top is a Hover F.L.U.D.D to your left and another platform to your right. Go right, and soon you'll see a rotating rainbow cube. Jump past it to the wobbly platform, and then jump to the white rotating cubes. Jump past them to the next platform. Hop up the floating platforms moving back and forth up to another wobbly platform.

Star Coin #6Edit

For the last Star Coin, you'll see over to your left a lone platform. Jump over to it. It heads into rotating cube bricks. Jump over these rotating cubes to the Star Coin.

Jump on the wobbly platform, and then you'll see cubes moving back and forth and Coins over a wobbly platform. Hover past this, and you'll be at a brick platform. Over you will be golden cubes moving up and down. Jump and hover through these, and upwards is the Shine Sprite. Grab it to finish this course.