Super Mario 63/Mushroom Kingdom

Mushroom KingdomEdit

"This is Super Mario 63's tutorial."

The game should start out with a short introduction cinematic of a couple of Toads talking about Mario's surprise party. After that, then you'll be shown Mario, who walks over to a sign that reads:

"Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom! The first thing you need to know is how to move (Arrow Keys), and how to read signs by pressing Z. Try reading that sign over there."


After reading the sign, press Z to close the pop-up and gain control of Mario. Walk right a little bit to the next sign and press Z in front of it. It will bring up a pop-up.


Actions: ↑ key
Move: ← → Z X C

After looking over the controls, close the pop-up to start your quest. Walk over to the right, and you'll come to a new sign.

"You can run by double-tapping left or right. In the air, you can press down to lunge or dive forwards. Also, while ducking/crouching on the ground, you can backflip off the ground by quickly pressing up and back."

Continue on right and you'll come across a Toad. Talk to him with Z.

"...Did you know that you could also talk to Toads like me with the Z button?"

Right next to him is a cliff. Jump over it using the up button. If you're having trouble making it up there, then try double-jumping over it. After that, there is a broken bridge. Simply jump over it. If you fail to jump over, don't worry. You'll land in a pool of water, then swim your way back to the Toad and try again. After jumping yet another cliff, you'll see a sign talking about Goombas. Stomp them, and then move along.


If you get hit by one of the Goomba's, then simply pick up the Blue Coin ahead of you. It will heal two of your hit points. Also, if you're in need of any more health, then picking up five coins will gain you extra health. Continue right to the second section.

In the next section, you'll find a sign right away. It tells you about Bob-ombs. Use X to get rid of them. Watch out though, because doing this blows them up. Try to avoid blowing them up near walls and other Bob-ombs, the results are disastrous.


To the right is a cliff, too big to jump over. Next to it is a sign and some crates in the ground.

"You can Stomp by pressing Z in the air. Try it to break open the blocks over here."

Do as the sign suggests, and you'll end up in the pool of water below. While underwater, you use the up button to swim upwards. Swim to the bridge up ahead and jump onto it.


Soon after, you'll come to a big cliff that a sign nearby says you must triple jump over. Then head over to the next section.

The third section starts near a sign and the first Hover F.L.U.D.D Box in the game.

"Hover F.L.U.D.D: Jump on the box to reveal F.L.U.D.D. Press C to "Hover" upwards. But be careful not to run out of Water!"

F.L.U.D.D has a Water and Power meter. When water runs out, F.L.U.D.D will stop working. When power runs out, then it will short out until you land. F.L.U.D.D is very useful for precise platforming. It's also used to get up to higher places.


You'll come across a couple of mushroom platforms to test F.L.U.D.D on, and a Toad with some humor to share with you. Get onto the cliff above, and then you find another sign that tells you how to replenish water for F.L.U.D.D.

"If you run out of water; just jump into a lake or grab a water bottle!"

Next is a large lake, and then a cliff on the other end of it. Jump on top of the mushrooms and use Hover F.L.U.D.D to get onto the faraway cliff. Then move on to the last section of the tutorial.

The next section starts off with a sign explaining more about F.L.U.D.D. Jump atop the spinning platforms (remember, Hover if you think you'll fall off!) over to the little cloud. Next jump over the wobbly wooden platforms to the rotating rainbow cube. Jump over it, and hover to the cloud past the little white rotating cubes. On this cloud is a water bottle and a sign. The sign tells you how to zoom the camera in and out with the + and - keys, respectively.


Hover on the cloud above and talk to the Toad for some more humor. Jump and hover over these platforms over to a cloud with another sign explaining the pause menu.

"Oh! Mario! You can pause the game by pressing P. There, you can change settings, view the stuff you've collected, and switch F.L.U.D.D power-ups.

Lastly, hover over the four rotating platforms to the top of the mountain. You'll see the last sign of this level explaining you enter pipes by pressing down. Jump onto the nearest pipe to Peach's Castle and finish this tutorial!

You'll see another cinematic, where Bowser attacks the Castle and Mario gets knocked out by Kamek. Bowser destroys the Shine Sprite Orb, scattering the Shine Sprites. Mario wakes up, and finds the first Shine Sprite on the ground.