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Characters/Andrew Oikonny

Andrew in Star Fox: Assault

Andrew Oikonny is the evil nephew of Andross, the main villain of the Star Fox series of video games. In the cancelled Star Fox 2, his Japanese name is Algy.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

During the time of the Lylat Wars, he flew for Star Wolf, a team employed by Andross in hopes of destroying the Star Fox team. This was not successful, however, and Star Wolf was taken down along with Andross himself. While each team member survived, Andrew decided to leave the team to avenge his uncle's death.

Several years later, Andrew formed a powerful rebellion with Andross's remaining troops against the Cornerian Army. Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team tracked him down to the planet Fortuna, where he was then presumably killed by an Aparoid. It is possible that he is still alive though.

Characters/Beltino Toad

Beltino in Star Fox: Assault

Beltino Toad is the Research Director for the Cornerian Defense Forces in the Star Fox series of video games and is also Slippy Toad's father.

Beltino previously (and may still) worked for Space Dynamics Co. Ltd. as an engineer, and may have been the designer of the Star Fox franchise strategy guide/Vehicles/Arwing. He and his son were also the two that created the Blue Marine vehicle that Starfox used in Star Fox 64 to explore the planet of Aquas.

Beltino was first mentioned in the Star Fox 64 Player's Guide, but did not make an in-game appearance until Star Fox: Assault.

In Star Fox: Assault, it was Beltino who discovered two things that led to the destruction of the Aparoids: that they could have programs executed in them and that they were susceptible to apoptosis. He then coded a program that activated the apoptosis gene in the Aparoids. The program was carried by Fox McCloud to the Aparoid Homeworld where it was injected into the Aparoid Queen.

Characters/Bill Grey

File:Bill Grey.jpg
Commander Bill Grey made his first appearance in Star Fox 64.

Bill Grey is a fictional character of the video game Star Fox 64 is the Commander of both the Husky Squadron and Bulldog Squadron and is under the orders of General Pepper.

Bill's name is likely a satire of the character General William M. Grey in the movie Independence Day. The entire Katina level is a spoof of the ending to this film.

Bill's place in the storyEdit

Bill is an old military academy buddy of Fox McCloud's and since Fox's leave in the academy (rumored because he graduated or because of James McCloud's death). He has risen and rank and was elected commander of two of Corneria's defensive military squadrons. The Star Fox team meets up with him shortly in Star Fox 64, and help engage in killing off the enemies trying to destroy the Cornerian base (located on Katina). If one manages to help him destroy the enemies, he will help Fox raise his shield gauge on Solar.

Bill's appearanceEdit

Bill is a gray husky who wears a green helmet with a yellow arrow pointing downward. It is most likely that because Miyu was excluded from Star Fox 2, her personality was handed over to Bill, and the voice, species, and gender were changed. Bill also has an arrow on his helmet which may have come from the idea of Miyu's arrow on her forehead. Though Nintendo excluded two characters from Star Fox 2, two more were put in their place, but they still carried out the idea of having one dog and one cat (Katt Monroe) added to the story.

Bill's starshipEdit

Bill rides a ship different from the Arwing. Bill's ship, The Greenie 2, is more curved at the end of the cockpit area and is white with green wings. The ship has a high armor and is indestructible, and while all his teammates can only shoot one laser, he has the twin laser upgrade, compliment of the Greenie 2, seeing how the Greenie 1 has a single laser.

Characters/Fara Phoenix

Fara Phoenix is a fictional character from the early stories of the Star Fox series. She does not appear in any of the published games, and was removed from the story altogether when it was revised for Star Fox 64.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Fara is an anthropomorphic fennec, and it is believed her surname is pronounced "fennecs," though this isn't stated in the comic itself. She appears in a series of comics that was published in Nintendo Power magazine from February to December of 1993.

She is a Cornerian chief test pilot who introduces the Star Fox team to the Arwing spacecrafts. Fara also catches Fox McCloud's eye, and the two frequently tease each other in an ambiguously portrayed relationship.

During the course of the story, Fara provides crucial support for the Star Fox team, and also flies with them on some of their missions. Later, it is revealed that Fara closely resembles Fox's deceased mother, Vixy Reinard.

Star Fox 2Edit

Fara Phoenix is known to have appeared in the early alpha versions of Star Fox 2, but is excluded from the final beta versions that appeared before the game was finally cancelled. In Fara's absence were two new female characters—Miyu and Faye—who were themselves dropped with the cancellation of that game.

It remains to be seen whether Fara Phoenix will ever appear in a future Star Fox story, as Fox McCloud's love interest now appears to be Krystal, who first appeared in Star Fox Adventures.

Characters/General Pepper

General Pepper in Star Fox: Assault.

General Pepper is the Commander-in-chief of the Cornerian Defense Forces in the Star Fox series of video games. He is an anthropomorphic Bloodhound dog.

It is believed by many fans of the Star Fox series that General Pepper's name is a play on The Beatles song and album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Pepper's outfit resembles that worn by the Beatles on the cover of the album. A Star Fox comic spanning several issues of Nintendo Power in 1993 also once made the reference, though the print on the bass drum read "Sgt. Pepper's Happy Heart".


Shortly after taking office, General Pepper exiled the evil scientist, Andross, to the planet Venom for conducting dangerous experiments.

After Andross started building up forces, Pepper hired the Star Fox team, under the leadership of James McCloud, to investigate. That mission ended up being James McCloud's last, due to Pigma's betrayal.

A few years later, Pepper's forces were overrun by Andross. Pepper again hired Star Fox, but this time James's son Fox McCloud was at the helm of the unit. He also sent Fox to the planet Sauria in Star Fox Adventures to restore the Spellstones and Krazoa Spirits so that the planet wouldn't explode and send asteroids at its neighboring planets. Afterwards, Fox explains Andross's role in the crisis to the General.

Pepper was nearly killed in Star Fox: Assault when his flagship was infected by Aparoids. At the General's own request, Fox McCloud destroyed the flagship, with the General still onboard. At the last second, Peppy Hare flies in and catches the crashing ship in an Arwing, saving the General's life. As of Star Fox Command, however, Pepper had grown morbidly ill to the point he was no longer capable of leading the Cornerian Army, a task that has since fallen to Peppy Hare. Of note is that in one story line, Krystal tells Fox that it was infighting between Pepper and Andross that led to Andross's exile, and that his experiments were not intended for harm. Whether or not this is part of the final game canon is unknown.

In Star Fox: Assault, he is voiced by Gray Eubank.

Characters/James McCloud

James McCloud is a fictional character from the Star Fox series of video games. He is the father of Fox McCloud and the founder of the Star Fox team. He was betrayed by Pigma Dengar and captured and killed by the evil Andross, his and his son's archnemesis. Peppy Hare informed James's son about his fate. Although, it is debatable whether or not he is truly dead.

The only mention he was given in the original Star Fox was in the briefing before going into the Black Hole, when General Pepper mentions that the Black Hole was where James disappeared, though he was not mentioned by name.

Until Star Fox 64, Fox McCloud's father was not called "James." Some references, such as the comic adaptation published in Nintendo Power, called him "Fox McCloud, Sr." From this it could be theorized that his full name is "James Fox McCloud". His son was either named using his middle name, not an uncommon practice, or his full name is James Fox McCloud Jr., and Fox goes by his middle name to distinguish between himself and his father.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

James McCloud makes a very minor appearance in Star Fox: Assault. The Aparoid Queen uses his voice to taunt Fox. The Queen likely got such information from the memories of Pigma and General Pepper.

At the end of Star Fox 64 (depending on if the player fought at Area 6 or Bolse) James' ghost helps Fox escape the planet Venom, but then disappears soon afterwards when Fox returns to the Great Fox after the battle with Andross. James was supposed to have been killed, and no one is quite sure how James guided Fox out. Some think that Fox had some sort of hallucination or vision, or that James had escaped Andross. However, the latter theory holds not much weight, as if James had survived, how did he disappear, and why didn't he approach Fox earlier, helping him?

Appearance wise, James looks much like Fox, except for wearing sunglasses, and having darker brown fur, although this difference is not quite as obvious in Star Fox: Assault.

F-Zero characterEdit

There is a character named James McCloud in the F-Zero series of games. While the character is a human, he bears definite resemblance to James and Fox McCloud; he has clothing similar to Fox, has sunglasses similar to James', and his hair kind of looks like fox ears. The F-Zero machine he drives (The Little Wyvern) resembles a wingless Arwing, and he's a member of mercenary group "Galaxy Dog". The bio also notes he has a little son.

Characters/Katt Monroe

Katt Monroe makes her first appearance in Star Fox 64.

Katt Monroe is the pink cat players meet in Star Fox 64. Katt has a crush on Falco Lombardi, and although he will never utter any word of it (besides "Katt...? Where'd you go?"), he really likes her to some extent himself.

Katt's storyEdit

According to the Star Fox comic, Katt was part of a gang and, by the way it is laid out, most likely the Space Hot Rodders, the same gang that Falco himself was a part of. Katt meets up with the team in Star Fox 64 on the planet Zoness, and helps players flip a few switches (as well as in Macbeth and/or Sector Z later in the game). Katt and Falco continually talk among the transmitter, usually arguing, and has become a theme in most Star Fox fan-artists' art works. Rumor has it that Katt lives among the floating cities of Zoness.

Katt's appearance and personalityEdit

Katt's exact species is unknown, although from her appearance and color, players can assume she is some sort of alien cat. Katt is pink with a dark cream-colored muzzle and a very feminine personality. Katt most likely has the unreleased character Faye's personality. Katt seems to have a high experience in flying.

Katt's shipEdit

Katt's ship is the CatsPaw. The ship is actually one of Venom's Invader-class interceptors, stolen by Katt when she was working solo against them. The craft has an extremely high velocity and a seemingly indestructible shield. The CatsPaw is quadruple winged, and consists of a pink color and a white body. The jet also sparkles as it flies by.


Krystal (クリスタル, Kurisutaru) is a female anthropomorphic humanoid vixen from the Star Fox series of video games. She first appeared in Star Fox Adventures as a playable character at the beginning of the game, and was quickly reduced to a damsel in distress. She is now the newest member of the Star Fox team, and is also a playable character in the multiplayer mode of Star Fox: Assault. Her voice is provided by Aya Hara in the Japanese version of Star Fox: Assault. In the English versions, she was voiced by Estelle Ellis in Star Fox Adventures, and Alesia Glidewell in Assault.


Dinosaur PlanetEdit

Krystal's previous look in Dinosaur Planet.

Krystal first appeared in the unfinished game Dinosaur Planet, being developed at the time by Rare. The only known details about her design are that she was to be a 16-year-old feline character, an orphan, and that she was raised by a wizard named Randorn. She was also meant to be playable throughout the entire game.

While Dinosaur Planet was in development, Nintendo was working on a new Star Fox game set on an unspecified planet in the Lylat System (the main setting of the Star Fox series). Nintendo had originally wanted to have this game ready as a launch title for the GameCube console, but the project was behind schedule, and the company began searching for other, more complete projects that could be adapted to the Star Fox universe. Nintendo and Rare eventually agreed to combine the two projects, so Rare converted their game into a Star Fox title.

Large portions of the game had to be rewritten to accommodate Fox McCloud and the new Arwing-based levels. Because Fox became the main character of the game, Krystal's status was reduced to that of damsel in distress.

Star Fox AdventuresEdit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
File:Sfa krystal2.jpg
Krystal and her CloudRunner in Star Fox Adventures.
At the beginning of the game, we learn that Krystal's home planet, Cerinia, was destroyed, and her parents as well as everyone else on the planet were killed. Although when and how this happened have not been revealed, it is hinted that Andross was responsible. On her quest to find answers, she picks up a distress call and lands on Dinosaur Planet, where she teams up with a Cloudrunner (although unnamed, some speculate this Cloudrunner to be Kyte from Dinosaur Planet). The two soon encounter General Scales and his airship, which causes Krystal to lose her staff.

The Cloudrunner later takes her to the Krazoa Palace where she finds several wounded Earthwalkers. Following their instructions, Krystal walks into the palace and, after completing the Test of Observation, takes a Krazoa spirit into her body. She brings the spirit to a central platform, but as she releases it, a stranger sneaks up behind her. She turns and apparently recognizes this stranger (who does appear to be Andross, seeing fit that the player sees through his eyes again later. The color of Andross's eyesight is identical, as well), but before she can react, she is suddenly frozen in a giant crystal, which is then placed atop the Krazoa Palace.

Later in the game, Fox McCloud investigates the disaster on Dinosaur Planet, and in the process he discovers Krystal's staff. Krystal communicates telepathically with Fox and teaches him how to use the staff, then pleads for his help in bringing the remaining Krazoa spirits back to the palace. For the rest of the game, Krystal is left frozen atop the palace. After releasing the first spirit, Fox discovers Krystal and is immediately taken with her beauty. When he releases the final spirit, the crystal prison shatters and Krystal is freed.

After defeating Andross (disguised as a Krazoa head), Fox returns to the palace to find Krystal missing. He returns to the Great Fox, where she first sends him a message of thanks, then arrives in person. As ROB senses, Fox and Krystal start to fall in love, marking the end of Star Fox Adventures. Shortly after the events of the game, she joins the Star Fox team.

Some evidence suggests that the relationship between Fox and Krystal was originally intended to be deeper and more expressly romantic. Fans have found several clips of unused audio that were cut from the final version of the game. These clips include Krystal's instructions (spoken in English rather than the Saurian language used in the game), Fox's refusal to leave the planet without rescuing Krystal first, and several lines spoken by Krystal directed toward Fox. Of these, the most compelling is a line she speaks after Fox asks her to join the Star Fox team: "I'll only join... if you'll kiss me."

As noted above, the transition from Dinosaur Planet to Star Fox Adventures resulted in Krystal's role in the game being severely reduced; She is only playable for a short time before being imprisoned, and she remains captive until Fox releases her at the end of the game. Also, being recast as Fox's love interest resulted in Krystal's redesign: While she retained the blue fur of her Dinosaur Planet design, she was changed from a cat to a fox and was made several years older (age 19, vs. Fox's 26).[1]

Star Fox: AssaultEdit

In Star Fox: Assault, Krystal's role is fairly limited. She is playable only in multiplayer, but is otherwise a secondary character throughout the game. She flies an Arwing and occasionally uses her telepathy skill to sense an enemy's presence and weak point. This skill is usually only mentioned in passing (for example, when fighting the final boss, she detects that the enemy is afraid of its attackers). She and Fox are affectionate toward each other, mainly in cutscenes. She is 20 years old in this game.

Star Fox CommandEdit

In the opening of Star Fox Command, it is revealed that Fox and Krystal fell in love and decided to pursue a relationship; however, Fox knew the dangers of their profession, and asked Krystal to step down from the team. Heartbroken, Krystal left Star Fox, and her whereabouts soon became unknown to Fox himself. It is later revealed in the game that Krystal joined the Cornerian army as a pilot, and became somewhat smitten with Star Wolf's Panther Caruso in order to get back at Fox. During the course of the Anglar War, she teams up with Star Wolf to launch an attack on Venom; she also, in some paths, demonstrates a much colder personality than in previous games, especially towards Fox.

In the game, Krystal is a playable character, and returns to fight the Anglar threat in Lylat. She is the only character in the game that flies two different ships. While flying with Star Fox, she pilots a ship called the Cloud Runner, named after (and closely resembling) the pterodactyl-like tribe of Sauria; during missions in which she flies as part of Star Wolf, she pilots a Cornerian fighter and wears a Cornerian pilot's outfit.

Two of the game's endings show Krystal joining Star Wolf; and another ending shows her joining Star Wolf, then leaving to become a bounty hunter. In two endings, Krystal reconciles with Fox and rejoins the Star Fox team; while another shows Fox retiring as a pilot to patch things up with Krystal, and they have a son named Marcus, who goes on to form a new Star Fox team. The other three endings do not mention Krystal's fate.


Krystal's abilities are generally downplayed in the Star Fox games, and the origins of these abilities are still a mystery.

It is suggested that she is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and that she uses a magical staff to help her fight, but she only gets to demonstrate this briefly at the beginning of Adventures before she is trapped for the rest of the game. Krystal also has various psychic powers, including extra-sensory perception and telepathy. Again, these powers are not actively used in any of the games thus far, and have been included merely as a minor plot point. Her most prominent use of this ability occurs in Assault, where she detects enemy weaknesses provided she is not removed from battle.

Krystal is an accomplished pilot. She is seen flying a Cloudrunner at the beginning of Adventures, and she later takes up an Arwing in Assault. Later, in Command, she flies both the Cloud Runner (a ship designed after the Saurian tribe) and a Cornerian fighter. In the instruction manual for Assault, she is given stats similar to those of Slippy, and like Slippy and Falco, she occasionally needs Fox to get her out of trouble in Assault. (Of all of Fox's teammates, Krystal needs the least assistance, but this is because she does not have as many flying missions as Falco or Slippy.) She also appears to be reasonably skilled with firearms, as seen in two on-foot levels in Assault where she assists Fox by destroying enemies in a small area. Although she can take damage, her life bar never fully depletes in these levels, and she cannot be harmed by friendly fire.

Love interestEdit

Upon their meeting, Krystal and Fox shared a mutual respect for each other, which soon developed into love. Fox allowed Krystal to become a full-time member of the Star Fox team, and the two later pledged that they would never be without each other. Because Fox feared for her safety, he asked her to step down from the team in Command. The game's alternate endings featured various fates for their relationship:

  • Ending 1: Fox and Krystal - Fox rekindles his relationship with Krystal and reinstates her in the team again.
  • Ending 2: Goodbye, Fox - Fox rekindles his relationship with Krystal and disbands the Star Fox team. They marry and have a son, Marcus McCloud, who later reforms the Star Fox team.
  • Ending 3: Emperor Anglar - Fox rekindles his relationship with Krystal, but she leaves him two months later and joins the Star Wolf team to start a relationship with Panther Caroso.
  • Ending 4: Star Wolf Returns! - Fox permanently ends his relationship with Krystal, who becomes a bounty hunter, adopting the name Kursed. They later meet on the planet Kew, but Fox doesn't recognize her.
  • Ending 5: Lucy and Krystal - Fox rekindles his relationship with Krystal and reinstates her in the Star Fox team.

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  • The Krystal Archive - Contains comprehensive information on everything Krystal-related, including biography, Dinosaur Planet info, audio clips, and video cutscenes from both Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox: Assault.

Characters/Leon Powalski

Leon Powalski is an anthropomorphic lizard from the Star Fox series of video games. He is a member of Star Wolf and has been ever since his first official appearance in Star Fox 64 (he had previously appeared in the shelved game Star Fox 2). He is cold and calculating and enjoys playing cat-and-mouse. He has no morals or conscience and will perform any job with machinelike disinterest. He always torments and mocks his victims before finishing them off. He seems to have a grudge against Falco Lombardi, perhaps due to some past encounter, although this is never explored in the games.

Also, many fans believe that Leon is an expert in torture, though the only thing in-game that suggests this is one of his taunts in Star Fox 64: "I think I'll torture you for a while," as well as his opening line in Star Fox: Assault : "I think I'll torment you a bit before I cook you."

While Wolf O'Donnell is labeled the leader of the Star Wolf team in his profile on the Japanese Star Fox: Assault website, Leon is simply labeled as "killer".

Wolf O'Donnell and Leon are the only original members of Star Wolf to remain with Star Wolf in Star Fox: Assault.

Characters/Panther Caroso

Panther Caroso from Star Fox: Assault.

Panther Caroso is a fictional character from the video game Star Fox: Assault. He is the newest member of Star Wolf, a band of mercenaries. His symbol is a red rose.

Panther is a flirt, and he considers himself a ladies man. His conceit is so great that those around him are embarrassed. This bothers Wolf and Leon a lot.

In Star Fox: Assault, he flirted with Krystal, but she either ignored or rejected it depending on where in the game it happens. His first attempt was outside the Sargasso Hideout and the second, inside the tunnel leading to the Aparoid Queen.

Characters/Peppy Hare

Peppy Hare is a fictional anthropomorphic hare from the Star Fox series of video games. He is one of the original members of the Star Fox team and is the oldest and longest serving member. In Star Fox 64, he is color-coded in red, and frequently quotes Fox McCloud's father, saying: "Never give up. Trust your instincts." In Star Fox Command he has become the General of the Cornerian Army, replacing the ailing Pepper.


In the time before Star Fox 64, James McCloud was captured by Star Fox franchise strategy guide/Villains/Andross, and Pigma Dengar betrayed the team. After the investigation, Peppy narrowly escaped Venom, and informed Fox McCloud about his father's fate. He decided to stay with the Star Fox team when Fox McCloud became the team's leader.

In Star Fox Adventures, Peppy studied Fox's mission, the locations on Sauria (also known as Dinosaur Planet), and the ancient records of the planet. He displays the descriptions of the locations and their maps. At the end of Adventures, Peppy showed Fox a message from Krystal. Shortly thereafter, Krystal entered the Great Fox and reunited herself with Fox. After Star Fox Adventures, the Star Fox team repaired the Great Fox.

In Star Fox: Assault, Peppy has a near-death experience when he and ROB crash the Great Fox into a shield on the Aparoid Homeworld to allow Star Fox to enter the Aparoid Queen's lair. The Great Fox explodes, but both Peppy and ROB escape using an escape craft. When he reunites with Star Fox later, he says that he will really retire. Peppy can be unlocked as a playable character in Assault's multiplayer.

Sometime after the Aparoid invasion, mainly in Star Fox Command, General Pepper, who had fallen deathly ill, gave Peppy his job as General of the Cornerian Army. It is also revealed in Command that Peppy has a daughter named Lucy, who is an astrophysics professor on Fichina. In one of the endings of Command, Peppy and Lucy discuss Peppy's former wife, Lucy's mother, Vivian Hare, who had passed away several years before.

Peppy makes a few cameos in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He appears in a number of cutscenes and the Star Fox Dialogue Easter Egg, and the player can win a Peppy Hare trophy.


  • Peppy's rival in Star Fox 64 was Pigma Dengar due to the fact that he betrayed Peppy and Fox McCloud's father, James.
  • After the Lylat Wars, Peppy retired from flying but still gives the team many helpful tips and hints.
  • Due to the fact he mainly stays on the Great Fox Peppy has made a strong friendship with the robot ROB.
  • Peppy appears to be the only Star Fox team member with a consistent outfit. In every game, he wears his old Star Fox uniform, with minor variations, even as the other members received drastically different outfits in Adventures and Assault. Note that in Star Fox Command, he has two outfits. The first is his suit as general. As a playable character, he once again wears the classic uniform.[1]
  • Peppy Hare is known for his catchphrase, "Do a barrel roll!" This phrase has become popular on some websites, including GameFAQs and YTMND.

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Characters/Pigma Dengar

Pigma Dengar

Pigma Dengar is a fictional pig character from the Star Fox series.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Pigma is a greedy, unintelligent character described by fans as a character you love to hate.

He first appears as a villain in the never-released Star Fox 2 for the Super Famicom, as one of the Star Wolf mercenaries sent by the evil Andross to attack the player throughout the course of the game.

He appears again in Star Fox 64, where—as part of a flashback—he is shown to have originally been an Arwing pilot working for the Star Fox team. Pigma was sent out on a mission together with James McCloud and Peppy Hare to investigate strange activity coming from the planet Venom, which served as the residence of the exiled professor Andross. Upon their arrival on Venom, Pigma committed treason against Corneria and betrayed the Star Fox team and went over to Andross's side. He later joined the villain counterpart of the Star Fox team—Star Wolf. When you face Star Wolf, Pigma will attack Peppy.

In Star Fox: Assault, he attempts to control the Aparoids, but instead becomes consumed by them, rendering him braindead with his body attached to the boss of Mission 5: Asteroid Belt, and subsequently killing him.

Pigma is exceptionally greedy and does not care who he hurts or kills so long as he ends up with a large paycheck in the end. His greed is what drove him to betray James McCloud and Peppy Hare, who likely considered him a friend until that point. This incredible greed disgusted Wolf O'Donnell, who in turn kicked Pigma off of the Star Wolf team. His greed eventually led to his demise as explained earlier.

Pigma is the one of the few characters in the series to hold both Star Fox and Star Wolf membership.

Characters/Prince Tricky

Prince Tricky is a fictional character from the Star Fox universe. He is an EarthWalker (or a triceratops) and serves as Fox McCloud's companion in Star Fox Adventures. In this game, Tricky performs different tasks for Fox when fed GrubTubs (little blue mushroom-like food). He can open small caves and act as a flamethrower, among other abilities. Although he is a useful character, many fans find him annoying. He acts as the comic relief of the game.

Tricky's reason for accompanying Fox on his adventure is to save his imprisoned dad, as his mom's health is too poor to undertake such a task.

Tricky's abilities in Star Fox AdventuresEdit

  • Find secret: Tricky could uncover something by digging or something else with this ability.
  • Stay: Tricky stays somewhere and doesn't follow Fox as usual.
  • Call Tricky: Fox can summon Tricky if he has lost him, or previously ordered him to stay.
  • Flame: Similar to a flamethrower. It can melt ice and set things on fire. If Fox hits Tricky too many times, Tricky will use this on him.
  • Play: Fox can buy Tricky a ball in the shop in order to play fetch with him. Playing with Tricky causes him to change colors.

Other appearancesEdit

The character Tricky first appeared as an older, larger triceratops in Diddy Kong Racing, a game that came out several years before Star Fox Adventures. (Although it is debatable if this boss is the same character) Both games were developed by Rareware.

His official second appearance is in Star Fox: Assault. In that game, he has grown into a teenage/adult EarthWalker. During this brief appearance, Fox tells him to help Sauria recover from the Aparoid invasion. After Fox and Krystal save him, he says he will take care of Sauria so Fox and Krystal can come back on their honeymoon. (This causes Fox to begin stuttering but it doesn't seem to bother Krystal at all.) Tricky's personality remains the same in Assault, much to the annoyance of fans. It appears that his sense of humor had not grown with his size.

Characters/ROB 64

ROB from Star Fox: Assault.

ROB 64 is the robotic operator of the Great Fox mothership in the Star Fox series of video games. In the Japanese version of the series, he is called NUS 64 ("NUS" standing for "Nintendo Ultra Sixty-four", the original name of the Nintendo 64 system).

Though his full name is ROB 64, he often referred to as just "ROB." ROB has the ability to completely control the Great Fox, making the ship fully autonomous. ROB is also networked to the ship's main computers, allowing ROB to process any information requested by the Star Fox team. ROB can also use the ship's transfer device to send vehicles and items to Star Fox team members in the field.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

ROB was nearly destroyed in Star Fox: Assault when Peppy Hare crashed the Great Fox into the shield protecting the entrance to the Aparoid Queen's lair, but Peppy and ROB managed to find an escape pod before the ship was destroyed.

ROB's Changing AppearancesEdit

Star Fox 64Edit

We really don't get much of a glimpse of ROB except his face. Because of the blocky shape of his head, it might have been inferred that he was somewhat bulky, although that does not appear to be the case.

Star Fox AdventuresEdit

ROB here looks somewhat disheveled and fallen into a state of slight disrepair, as does the rest of the Star Fox Team. Due to a Supply Transfer Error, ROB scattered all of the Arwing's fuel cells at the outset of the game, forcing Fox to search for them.

Star Fox: AssaultEdit

Again, ROB's appearance mirrors the state of things for the Star Fox Team. ROB looks upgraded and better-maintained, as does the Great Fox itself.

ROB: What's In A Name?Edit

The real life ROB for the NES.

ROB is an in-joke in the Nintendo universe. He is a based on the Nintendo Entertainment System accessory R.O.B. the Robotic Operating Buddy. The 64 comes from the Nintendo 64.


In Star Fox 64, Andross appears in the form of a giant, disembodied floating head and two equally huge floating hands.

Andross (Andorf, or Andolf in Japan) is a fictional character from the Star Fox universe.

Like the other inhabitants of the fictional Lylat System, Andross is an anthropomorphic ape-like creature. His most common appearance is that of a giant disembodied head accompanied by 2 giant disembodied hands. In Japan he is voiced by Daisuke Gori.

Background & LegacyEdit

Andross history & origins were first explained in Star Fox 64. It is later expanded on in Star Fox Command by comments made by Beltino Toad (Slippy's Father) and Krystal. Beltino believes that Andross may be behind the Anglar's invasion referring to the events that happened on Venom years earlier (in Star Fox 64), Andross deployed a new bioweapon, using it to evolve himself and seize control of localized life-forms. The bioweapon supposedly contained Andross's DNA and causes living creatures to follow his orders. Krystal's information on Andross is more sympathetic towards Andross than Beltino's. According to her, a long time ago, Andross started developing a new machine. The device would make Venom a beautiful planet that could support life. Andross was deemed to be a dangerous fanatic and banished to Venom. He was condemned to a life of isolation and loneliness. Before Andross's exile to Venom, he was Corneria's Chief Science Officer and was also a close colleague of Star Fox franchise strategy guide/Characters/General Pepper. But he and Pepper were like oil and water. Their infighting was the actually precursor to the Lylat Wars. Up to this point it was always assumed that Andross ignored an order from Pepper to halt his dangerous experiments and was banished to Venom as punishment (according to Star Fox 64 and Fox himself). Krystal however states, that Andross's motives were pure and that he just wanted to continue his research. Andross never asked the Cornerian government for money or kickbacks of any kind. After Andross fought with the "Star Fox Team" (apparently in the original Star Fox), he dedicated his remaining days to planet Venom, wanted to leave some sort of legacy. Thus Andross hid his secret device on Titania where no one would ever think to look, leaving behind one of his bioweapons to guard over the device.

Andross shift from good to evil is never explained by Krystal (she herself was almost killed by a murderous Andross in Adventures). One possibility is that Andross himself doesn't think what he does is truly evil and may even put the blame on the Cornerian Government whom he feels betrayed him. Another possibility is the he has a god-complex, in which he believes that he himself is not bound to ideas of what's good and what's evil.


In the Star Fox games, Andross is a gifted scientist and has many powers, some god-like in nature. He is thus capable of almost anything. It has been stated that he experimented on many bioforms, including himself. Turning himself into a God-like creature bent on ruling the Lylat System, he also gained the power to control his experiments as bioweapons.

After his defeat at the hand of Star Fox, his god-like essence survived. He is rumored to be able the influence others without them being aware of it, such as General Scales. Even as a ghost, he can still control his creations. He has also been portrayed as a charismatic speaker (which can explain why many were willing to follow him) and a military genius.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Throughout the Star Fox games Andross appears in different forms, the most common of which is that of a giant disembodied head accompanied by two giant disembodied hands (as seen above). His second form (considered his true form in Star Fox 64) is that of a gigantic brain with two eyes connected by energy strands. All of his other forms are actually fake robots designed to look like Andross and are possibly controlled remotely by Andross to fight Starfox. After his defeat in Star Fox 64 his body was destroyed, however, his spirit lived on, causing him to seek out the power of the Ancient Krazoa Spirits on planet Sauria (also known as Dinosaur Planet). After merging with them his is transformed stating, "I am reborn! The mighty Krazoa god!". His "ghost" form also appears in Star Fox: Command, controlling old bio-weapons to protect his device on Titania.

  • Andross... ("Andross' Original Form" in the Original Star Fox)

This is Andross's Boss Form that appeared in the first Star Fox game. It is basically a floating head made up of polygons (this is probably due to the graphical limitations at the time. Its Super Smash Bros. Melee trophy states,

"Star Fox's archenemy. Whether it's a metallic manifestation of Andross or just a hologram is unknown, but from its outward appearance, it's safe to assume that it's not the fiend's true form. Andross occasionally sucks matter in and then violently exhales, sending out a cloud of metal tiles. Its eyes are its weak points."

  • Main Form ("God Andross")

In this form he fights by swatting the player with his hand, inhaling the player's Arwing into his mouth (if successful, he chews the Arwing; if not he spews either rocks or tiles). He can also fire lightning bolts from his right-hand index finger. This form can be defeated by destroying his hands first. Then the player must fire a smart bomb into his mouth when it is open. Andross will swallow the bomb, this causes his head to become vulnerable to Laser Fire. Once his head is destroyed he will transform into his second form (usually).

  • Robot Andross ("Fake Andross")

This form appears sometimes in Star Fox 64 after Andross' Main Form is destroyed instead of Andross' Brain Form. The Robot Andross attacks by ramming and can easily be destroyed by shooting it between the eyes. Defeating this boss leads to the games "Bad Ending" in which Andross' Face appears on "The End" screen, hinting that Andross lived to fight another day.

  • Second Form/Stage ("The Brain of Andross/True Form")

This form is Andross' True ("Final") Form in Star Fox 64. In this form Andross' eyes are connected to his Brain by energy strands. The eyes must be destroyed to attack the Brain's achilles' heel, its Medulla. Andross's Brain is equipped with a Dimension Transporter, which allows it to warp around the fight area and it can fly pretty fast, making it hard to hit. The Brain also so leaves behind bulbs of matter when it warps.

  • Krazoa God Andross ("The Mighty Krazoa God")

This form of Andross is featured as the true Boss/Villain in Star Fox: Adventure. Unlike most of the boss battles in the game, Andross' is fought in space with Fox's Arwing. This form is actually a combination of his "Main & Second Forms" from Star Fox 64, with a third new "Krazoa Mask" Form/Stage (a result of his merging with a Krazoa Statue). The battle starts of with his newer "Krazoa Mask" Form/Stage. Once the "Krazoa Mask" is defeated, Andross' "Main Form" will appear (attacking in a similar manner as he did in Star Fox 64). His Main Form has one new attack, he can now fire energy waves from his palms. His Main Form is defeated by destroying both hands, after that Andross shifts back to his Krazoa Mask Form and will shift back to his "Main Form" after the Mask is defeated. Defeating both forms twice, causes Andross to begin sucking the Arwing in his mouth. When all hope seems lost (note it is impossible to avoid this attack) Falco flies in and saves Fox's Arwing from being sucked in. Falco will then join the fight against Andross (a Star Fox first) by dropping "Power-Up Boxes" containing a "Smart Bomb" upgrade. Fire the Bomb into Andross' mouth (when Andross tries to inhale Fox's Arwing). After Andross swallows the bomb, his head becomes transparent, causing his "Brain Form" (Second Form) to appear for brief periods. While in his "Brain Form" Andross attacks by ramming.

  • Spirit Form ("Ghost of Andross")

Andross appearance in the games as a spirit started after his defeat in Star Fox 64. He first appears in this form in Star Fox: Adventure, he is the mysterious figure who imprisons Krystal in the device atop Krazoa Palace. He accomplishes this by pushes her in to the crystal that powers the device. This is seem through Andross' own eyes and he does not appear on camera. Andross second appearance in this form (he can't be seen, but his voice can be heard) is just before Fox's fight with Gen. Scales, he tell Scales to stop and give the last Krazoa Spirit to Fox (Fox doesn't seem to recognize it is actually Andross who is speaking). Scales reluctantly hands over the Krazoa Spirit to Fox (swearing his revenge to both Andross and Fox). After the last Krazoa Spirit is returned to Krazoa Palace, Andross reveals himself to both Krystal & Fox after he merges with the Krazoa Spirit transforming into his "Krazoa God" form. After his defeat in Adventures, his spirit retreats to Titania, seeking to protect his final legacy, his greatest most prized invention (one of his true, good, & pure ideas), a device he originally created to terraform planet Venom. During Star Fox: Command, Andross will possess one of his creations (Bioweapons) to battle Fox and his allies on Titania. Andross will possess a different monster, depending on who Fox is allied with when he reaches Titania. Andross will possess a "Grunner" (a stone ape) when he faces the "Original Star Fox Team" (Fox, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy). He possess a "Titan Worm" when he battles the current "Star Fox Team" (Fox, Krystal, Falco, and Slippy). He possess a "Killer Bee" enemy to fight Fox, Falco, and his former ally Wolf O'Donnell. Finally he possess Monarch Dodorah (a giant two headed flightless bird-like boss enemy, that appeared in the original Star Fox game) to fight Fox, Falco, and his own grandson Dash Bowman. If Dash is chosen to fight the Monarch Dodorah, Andross will command it to stop attacking. Andross will even hint to Dash his opponent's (Monarch Dodra's) weak point, its head. If this boss is defeated with Dash, Andross will happily hand over the device to his grandson (it is possible that Andross was testing his young grandson's flying skills to prepare him for the upcoming battle with Emperor Anglar). During "Dash's Ending" (Ending 6) it is possible that Dash becomes possessed by (or host to) Andross' Spirit.

Andross in Star Fox & Star Fox 64Edit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Andross was formerly a scientist whose experiments had devastated the entire planet of Corneria. For this, he was exiled to the barren planet of Venom by General Pepper.

Five years later, General Pepper received interesting and conflicting reports of bizarre events in Venomian airspace. The general hired the Star Fox mercenary team to investigate. Soon, all three pilots (James McCloud, Peppy Hare, and Pigma Dengar) were probing Venom's skies.

When they arrived in Venom, Pigma betrayed the team and joined Andross. James and Peppy tried to escape, but only Peppy was successful. This left Peppy with the unenviable task of telling James' son, Fox, about his father's fate.

Back on Venom, Andross proclaimed himself emperor of the planet Venom and soon the entire Lylat System. With an army of mass-produced androids, bio-mechanical warriors, anthropomorphic lizards and apes, as well as hired thugs like the Star Wolf Team, Andross unleashed a blitzkrieg on his neighboring worlds.

Fox McCloud was forced to hastily step into his father's shoes and lead a new Star Fox team against Andross. With Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and Falco Lombardi at his side, Fox battled across the Lylat System to stop Andross.

But in the end it was Fox alone who flew into the depths of Venom to face Andross.

In Star Fox, Andross takes a metallic appearance resembling a human face (or, in the third route, a bull or demon). In battle, Andross would inhale tiles then spew them at Fox, as well as firing them from his eyes. Disabling the eyes made Andross reveal the form of a "Core Brain". Fox must quickly inflict damage on the Core Brain before it summons tiles to regenerate the protective form. After the Core Brain explodes, Fox had succeeded in stopping Andross. Note that this Andross may have been a fake, as hinted in Super Smash Bros. Melee and the ellipsis after his name in the boss analysis. Star Fox 2 directly states that it is the real Andross, but that was cancelled.

In Star Fox 64, Andross' first form is a giant head with 2 hands. After dealing enough damage, Andross will take on his second form. On the easy path, it is a giant robotic head (a fake Andross). On the hard path, it is a giant brain with 2 disembodied eyes.

After defeating his second form, Andross initiated his final defense. He set off a time bomb intended to destroy Fox. (If the player only fought the robotic head, the bomb is then only meant to cover Andross' retreat. Otherwise, it is truly meant to kill Fox.) However, Fox is led out of the base by a being which appears to be his father, though it is unknown if it is really him, a ghost, or a vision.

Andross in Star Fox AdventuresEdit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Andross did not survive the destruction of his Venom base. Weak and wounded, reduced to a disembodied spirit, Andross fled to the planet Sauria (Sauria is only known as the Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures.) There he was able to enlist followers among the Sharpclaw clan of dinosaurs to keep him alive, but not much more.

For eight long years Andross tried to revive himself, failing time and time again. This was at least partially due to his mistrust of his Sharpclaw helpers, particularly their nominal leader, General Scales. Scales would happily take Andross' power for his own at the drop of a hat.

Finally, Andross found a solution. To Scales' delight, Andross gave the dinosaur all the power that Scales had long coveted. The domination of Sauria was within Scales' grasp. And Andross' price seemed simple. All he wanted was a couple of artifacts and the capture of a young, anthropomorphic, blue-furred vixen named Krystal, the only survivor of the lifeless planet Cerinia.

Unknown to Scales, of course, was that Krystal had the ability to channel the long-forgotten Krazoa power. Said power was contained in the artifacts Scales was gathering for Andross as well. Unaware he was being duped, Scales succeeded in acquiring most of the Krazoa Spirits and reducing Krystal to be Fox's damsel in distress. Andross trapped Krystal, in a truly ironic fashion, inside a large crystal and sent her atop the Krazoa Palace. Andross then proceeded to steal her life-force, in order to restore his own...

Rebels to Scales' rule sent out a distress call that General Pepper did not ignore. His own troops spread thin, Pepper once again hired Star Fox to dive into the breach. Unfortunately for all concerned, team Star Fox was a pale shadow of its former self. Only Fox himself remained on active duty.

Once on the planet's surface, Fox found a helper in the form of a local named Tricky. Together the duo fought a two-animal war against General Scales and his forces. Finally, Fox and Tricky defeated Scales himself...only to unveil Andross as the dinosaur's puppet master. The duo raced to release Krystal from her imprisonment atop Krazoa Palace.

They succeeded, but it seemed the damage had been done; Andross awakened. Fox quickly boarded his Arwing starfighter to battle Andross once again. Infused with the great Krazoa power, Andross had Fox on the brink of defeat... until Falco appeared. Fox's old wingman rejoined the Star Fox team, not to mention the battle, and Andross was defeated once again.

Andross in Nintendo PowerEdit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

A comic appeared in serialized form via several issues of Nintendo Power magazine at the time of the original Star Fox game's release.

Andross is an adopted son. His foster parents were upstanding Android Pigs living on the planet Corneria. Andross followed in his robo-parents' footprints as a scientist. His brilliant mind was soon well-known across the Lylat System, mostly for his medical work.

Yet Andross turned his back on serving his beloved homeworld when his parents were killed, victims of a cruel military experiment by the Cornerian government itself. Unknown to anyone, Andross swore a vow of revenge that day. In time he became Head Scientist of the Cornerian Academy, his focus having changed to completely military technologies.

He also met, and fell in love with, the vixen Vixy Reinard. There was just one hang-up to their relationship: She was already married to Fox McCloud (billed as James McCloud in the games). Vixy and Fox had recently had a son together as well.

Vixy regretted her actions, but the arrogant Andross refused to let her go. His bid to keep her was to remove her husband from the equation. Unfortunately for Andross and Fox Sr. alike, it was Vixy and not the elder McCloud who fell victim to Andross' car bomb.

Refusing to admit defeat, Andross bitterly hatched a new plot. Fox Sr., still unaware of his wife's affair to start with, was blissfully ignorant of the danger when he volunteered for Andross' assignment. Fox Sr. was given the task of hauling the newly developed Gravity Bomb to a field laboratory in the Meteos Asteroid Belt for testing.

Thanks to Andross' sabotage, the experimental weapon went off mid-flight. Fox Sr. disappeared, along with half the asteroid belt, into a black hole created by the Gravity Bomb.

The scientist's victory was bittersweet. An investigation of the "accident" led back to him. The trial ended with Andross being exiled from Corneria to the barren world of Venom for the rest of his days.

Most scientists, Andross included, thought Venom an uninhabited world. He was shocked to find a race of anthropomorphic lizards living in the depths of the planet. The natives had devolved from a once-mighty race; Andross put his great intellect to deciphering their ancient ruins and forgotten technologies. He was able to build a Telekinetic Amplifier from the knowledge thus acquired, among other things, and used it to brainwash the Venomians.

Over the next few years, Andross transformed Venom into a power base and proceeded to invade Corneria with his new Venomian Army of Imperial Lizards. This first attempt at revenge was undone by Fox McCloud Jr. and the rest of his Star Fox team. The mercenary pilots managed to destroy the Telekinetic Amplifier itself, shattering Andross' hold on his "loyal" followers.

Andross managed to escape, fleeing to the world Fortuna. He soon had one of Fox's teammates, Slippy Toad, kidnapped for use as bait. As Andross hoped, the Star Fox team soon followed Slippy to Fortuna. There, Andross unleashed his greatest weapon, the bio-mechanical beast Monarch Dodora (who bears a suspicious resemblance to another fictional monster, King Ghidorah and even has a similar name), to kill the Star Fox team once and for all.

The mad scientist's plans went awry again. Star Fox's efforts cost Andross control of the Dodora, which accidentally stepped on him (in Fox's own words, "Flat as an ape crepe!").

But not even death can keep any self-respecting villain down. Having planned for just such an occasion, Andross had safeguarded some of his own DNA and, apparently, a copy of his mind somehow. Two clones of Andross were reborn, little different from his previous lease on life. They attempted to rule jointly, but soon grew tired of one another, and one clone killed the other.

Andross' last attempt to destroy Star Fox involved deploying the tattered remnants of his Imperial Guard to attack the planet Papetoon. This attempted trap also backfired, and in the end Andross tasted defeat. The scientist fled into the very black hole that had claimed his rival Fox Sr.; never to be heard from again.

Other appearancesEdit

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Andross does not appear in Star Fox: Assault, making it the first time in the series where he plays no direct role. His nephew Andrew leads the remains of Andross' fleet as his own. Mentioning his uncle, Andrew even dares lay claim to Andross' title of "Emperor", calling himself Andross's heir, but there's no sign of the real ape himself. Interestingly, Andross's name appears in the end credits as an enemy character; Andross might have been included in the game at one point and then dropped, or this could refer to Andrew's mech, which in itself is an homage to Andross's appearances in earlier Star Fox games.

Andross does have a small cameo as two different trophies in another game, Super Smash Bros. Melee. The first is as his Star Fox 64 self (with polygon count upgrade) and the next as his original character model in Star Fox.

Andross makes an appearance in Star Fox Command, but not as the final boss. This time, he possesses Boss Monsters on Titania. He is only seen as a ghost, however. It is revealed that when fought with the character Dash on Titania, that Andross had children and evidently a grandchild, Dash Bowman. When the boss is defeated, the team learns that the item being protected by the Anglars was a machine that would be used to purify the acidic Venom Ocean. This now allows ships to fly in the ocean without corrosion.


Andross has only two known relatives, his nephew Andrew Oikonny and his grandson Dash Bowman. Since Andross' surname has never been revealed, it is unknown whether he had a son or a daughter. All that is known is that he did have a child, evidence being the existence of his grandson, Dash. Andrew Oikonny's parents have never been referred to, all that is stated is that he is Andross' nephew.

  • Andrew Oikonny (Nephew)

Often referred to by his surname Oikonny. He is not much of a pilot or a fighter. He is somewhat of a boastful coward. During the time of the Lylat Wars, Andrew flew for Star Wolf, a group of mercenaries hired by Andross to destroy the Star Fox team. After Andross was thought to be killed, Andrew left Star Wolf to avenge his uncle's death. Nine years later, Andrew formed a rebellion with Andross's remaining troops against the Cornerian Army. Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team tracked him down to the planet Fortuna, where he was shot down by a large Aparoid. Andrew has been revealed to have survived his encounter with the Aparoid, as he appears again in Star Fox Command. He cowardly joins the Anglar Empire (instead of aid his younger cousin Dash) and confronts Star Fox in Fichina City piloting the Death Crab. He was soundly defeated in the ensuing battle, though not killed. He and Dash don't encounter each other in the game.

  • Dash Bowman (Grandson)

He is a brave young pilot in the Cornerian Army, as well as the grandson of Andross. He thinks very highly of Fox and Falco, and wishes to join the Star Fox team. Despite his grandfather's dark ways, he still thinks highly of his grandfather's forgotten aspirations, and wishes to carry on his legacy of making Lylat a better place. However, Dash's true future remains uncertain. Depending on the paths chosen, he will either join Falco's new team Star Falco, become the new emperor of Venom and start a war, or become the leader of Venom with an unspecified future. The aircraft Dash pilots is called the Monkey Arrow which has a twin laser and single lock. He first appears in Star Fox: Command.



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The Lylat System during the time of Star Fox Command, roughly 9-11 years after the Lylat Wars (the events of Star Fox 64)

The Star Fox (also known as Lylat Wars) series of video games from Nintendo features a number of fictional planets and locations. The majority of these belong to the Lylat System, the central system in the Star Fox games.

Aparoid HomeworldEdit

The Aparoid Homeworld is home to both the aparoid race, including the queen. It is featured in Starfox: Assault, the fourth installment of the Starfox franchise comprising the two final levels of the game. The Starfox team destroys the Aparoid Queen using a self-destruct program, created by the character Beltino Toad, Slippy’s father. This leads to the destruction of the entire planet.


Aquas is an underwater-based level in Starfox 64, where Fox McCloud uses the “blue-marine”, a sub-marine designed by Slippy, to destroy a bio-weapon created by Andross. In Star Fox Command, four missions are played on this planet and Slippy's fiancée, Amanda, also appears here. All the ships have been upgraded to allow underwater navigation, as the battles which occur here are fought in Arwings, or the pilots' respective aircraft.

Area 6Edit

Area 6, which is also known as “Venom Airspace”, is one of the final levels in Starfox 64. Area 6 is a region of space surrounding Planet Venom (home to Andross), protecting the planet from allied fire. The Starfox team have to decimate Planet Venom’s defense lines in order to reach the planet and defeat Andross. At the end of the level is a “boss”, known as the Gorgon. Area 6 has not been seen in any other game, apparently due to its destruction.

Black HoleEdit

The Black Hole, seen only in Star Fox, was caused by Andross' experiments. It is stated that Fox's father (named James McCloud) is last seen there, and has subsequently gone missing. This explanation is contradicted in Star Fox 64 which states that McCloud is captured by Andross when sent to investigate Planet Venom with Pigma Dengar and Peppy Hare, who together made up the original Starfox team. The Black Hole has not appeared since Star Fox.


Bolse, is a defense satellite to the Planet Venom, in Starfox 64. The Starfox team successfully destroys the satellite and head for Planet Venom’s defences. If the team fails to destroy the rival Starwolf team in the earlier “Fortuna” level (or bypases the planet entirely), then any remaining members of Starwolf will assault the team while they try to complete the task of destroying the satellite. Bolse is not mentioned in any Star Fox games after that.


Cerinia is the home planet of Krystal; all the planet's inhabitants, including Krystal's parents, are dead. It is implied that the planet itself was destroyed as well; however, very little is known about Cerinia. None of the Star Fox games to date have gone into further detail; Cerinia is only mentioned briefly in the manual of Star Fox Adventures.


Main page: Star Fox franchise strategy guide/Locations/Corneria

Corneria is the fourth planet of the fictional Lylat System, and is the most important planet in the Lylat System from the Star Fox series of video games. The planet is featured in all five Starfox games (as well as the unreleased Starfox 2) and is the location which most animal life-forms occupy. On the planet, the two seemingly largest corporations are Star Fox franchise strategy guide/Space Dynamics (a defense contractor to the Cornerian Military, similar to Boeing or Lockheed-Martin), and Lunastone Hotels.


Fichina is the Japanese name for the planet mistakenly called Fortuna in the English translation of Star Fox 64. Fortuna is an icy-barren winter world that the Star Wolf team make their first appearance on in Starfox 64.

In Star Fox 64, the mission on Fortuna is to regain control of a Cornerian base that Andross has captured. After enemy ships begin to leave the base the team learn that a bomb has been planted there. Before they can send someone to disarm it, the Star Wolf team launches an attack. If the player can shoot down all of the Star Wolf ships before the bomb goes off, Fox will fly inside and "take care of the bomb", otherwise the base explodes.

In Star Fox: Assault, the planet's name is translated to Fichina, and it is correctly identified as a separate Planet from Fortuna. The planet's appearance appears the same as in Star Fox 64, with the added hazard of a blizzard of which Fox Mcloud has to stop. The player has to destroy all three shield generators in order to break the shield surrounding the climate control center. Once this task has been achieved, Fox will then head inside the climate control center where he'll be attacked by security robots. Surviving their attacks, Fox will then be rescued by wing mate Falco; riding his wing Fox shall destroy the aerial enemies menacing the Arwing. Finally, Fox and Co. will have to destroy some live engineering apparatus before it explodes.

Fichina appears again in Star Fox Command, with a battle with Star Wolf taking place here as in Star Fox 64, and the revealing of Peppy Hare's only daughter, Lucy Hare.


Fortuna is a green planet full of many different and giant life forms. Andross's plans with Fortuna were to gain control of the creatures and use them as living weapons. He succeeds with the Monarch Dodora in the original Starfox.

In cancelled game Star Fox 2, the battle takes place in an ocean. The boss, like all of the Star Fox 2 bosses fought in the cores of planets, is a giant reactor.

In Star Fox 64, due to a translation error, Fichina was renamed Fortuna for the American version of the game. Fichina is the planet's name in the Japanese version.

Fichina's name was translated correctly for Star Fox: Assault, and Fortuna is a separate planet. The Fortuna in Star Fox: Assault resembles its counterpart in the SNES Star Fox game. Instead of being a barren snow-covered environment, it is a rainforest-style planet. Andrew Oikonny is defeated on Fortuna, before returning in Starfox Command. Starfox have their first encounter with the deadly Aparoids on this planet.


Katina, known as Katarina in the Japanese version of Star Fox 64, is a barren planet except for a number of Cornerian bases.

In Star Fox 64, the Katina mission is a homage to the last battle scene in the movie Independence Day. The name of Fox's friend, "Bill Grey," is also derived from William Grey, the General in Independence Day. As with the movie, Bill's fighter squadron and the Star Fox team are menaced by an enormous alien mothership armed with dozens of fighters.

Later in Star Fox: Assault, Katina features in the main game when it is revisited by the Star Fox team after they receive a distress signal from the surface. Upon landing however, Fox is ambushed by Aparoids and must fight them off. Pigma Dengar then appears at the end of the level and steals the core memory from the defeated boss. Katina appears again in Starfox Command; in several of the missions that take place on it, Bill Grey is a playable character. One other notable mission that takes place on Katina involves Fox having to work together with Team Star Wolf, and Krystal's inner conflict reaching its climax.


Kew is briefly mentioned in one of the Star Fox Command endings. The only information known about Kew is that it is not located in the Lylat System, but at some point in the future Fox visits it for unknown reasons. In the Japanese version, it is located in a galaxy called Krazoa, and is called "Que".


Macbeth first appears in the original Star Fox. Andross uses the planet's interior as a munitions dump. The leader of the Venomian troops there is called the Spinning Core.

In Star Fox 64, the Macbeth stage centres around the train that is carrying resources. In Starfox 64, Macbeth is one of two areas where the Landmaster tank is used instead of the Arwing. The planet is very different in appearance to the original Starfox game. The boss is Mechbeth: a giant kit-life robot attached to the train. If the player manages to hit an eight-part switch, the railroad tracks shift, and the train is sent raging towards a fuel bunker. This ending does not only eliminate the need to fight Mechbeth, but also sends the player to Area 6. If Fox Mcloud defeats Mechbeth manually, it will lose control and crash into the locomotive. If Fox does not kill Mechbeth fast enough, the train will reach the supply depot and a flaming Mechbeth will kill Fox.

In the cancelled Star Fox 2 Macbeth is a superheated planet completely covered in bubbling magma.


The Asteroid Belt exists near planet Corneria. It is originally in Star Fox, where it appears to form a natural barrier to Andross' invasion fleet. Andross deploys the 'Rock Crusher' and 'Blade Barrier' to clear a path through it. Andross' fleet is faced directly afterward on the easy mission path.

In Star Fox 64, the Asteroid Belt was renamed the Meteo Asteroid Field. Meteo is very similar to its counterpart in the SNES Star Fox, including the 'Meteo Crusher' as the end boss, which bears a striking resemblance to the 'Rock Crusher'. In subsequent games, Meteo is not referred to by its name, and is instead called the generic "Asteroid Belt."

In Star Fox Assault, Pigma hides from the Star Fox team in an Asteroid Belt located in the Lylat system, although it is not referred to as Meteo.

In Star Fox Command, the Asteroid Belt is located again near Corneria. Several missions take place here, most notably the final mission in the first storyline of the game. Asteroid clusters located on this map will form a unique "terrain" challenge as moving past them on the command map greatly decreases the character's movement ability and slightly randomizes the character's flight path.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Lylat Cruise stage flies through Meteo.


The Battle Base Meteor (to give its full name) only features in Star Fox and is an artificial asteroid created with the plan to build an amusement park on it called "Meteor Land." Andross captures it turns it into a base, using a vehicle called "Dancing Insector" as a sentinel.

Orbital GateEdit

During the aparoid attack in Starfox: Assault, the Orbital Gate is being defended by Cornerian forces (with the much needed help of team Starfox, and Star Wolf). Beltino Toad and other federation Scientists were working on a self-destruct program forStar Fox to give to the Aparoid Queen.As a large army of aerial Aparoids attack, later with a collection of powerful missiles. If you fly around the Gate, there are the Cornerian Ships flying nearby. In Command, there is a circular space station in the Asteroid Belt, where Beltino Toad can be found.

Out of This DimensionEdit

A bonus area in the original game, Out of This Dimension is an area of space populated by sheets that fold themselves into paper planes and origami creatures. The background consists of colourful planets with faces on them moving back and forth rapidly. The boss is a giant slot machine, and the boss music is "When the Saints Go Marching In". This area has not reappeared in any other game. Once the boss is defeated, the background stops moving and the credits appear, (while the player is still flying), and then "The End" appears.


Papetoon is the home planet for Fox McCloud.[2] Papetoon was first introduced in the Nintendo Power Star Fox comic. In this comic, is the location of team Star Fox's hideout, which they refer to as their "den". Papetoon is also mentioned in one of the nine endings in Command as being a planet at the edge of the Lylat system.

Sargasso Space ZoneEdit

The Sargasso Space Zone, also known as the Sargasso Region and Sargasso Hideout, is the third level in Star Fox: Assault. The Sargasso Space Zone is “a hideout for all sorts of criminals” and is owned by Fox’s rival Wolf O’ Donell. The player has to destroy a number of transfer devices, before Starwolf return to the area. What follows is classic laser shoot out between the Starfox and Starwolf teams.

Sauria (Dinosaur Planet)Edit

Sauria, known as Dinosaur Planet in Starfox Adventures, is a planet inhabited by dinosaurs and is the setting for Star Fox Adventures.

Sauria is a majestic planet of multiple environments in the far reaches of the Lylat System. It houses several tribes of dinosaurs and unique vegetation.

In Adventures, Sauria is thrown off-balance, causing four key areas to abandon their surface and orbit around the planet. This upset would have caused the planet to explode, threatening the rest of the Lylat System. Hence, Fox McCloud is sent to Sauria to prevent its impending destruction. It is there that he meets Prince Tricky of the EarthWalker tribe, along with Krystal, who becomes trapped on the planet after she arrived to solve the planet’s problems. Fox is successful in restoring the planet and rescuing Krystal.

In Star Fox: Assault, the peace is broken when the Aparoids invade the planet. Several of the native dinosaurs are infected and killed upon the invasion, and the Star Fox team are sent to front the invaders. only 1 tribe was fully wiped out: The Sharpclaw Tribe. In the level, there are some infected HighTop and ThornTail Dinosaurs. The area of Sauria was supposed to be like the Walled City, as seen in Star Fox: Adventures. After wiping out the Aparoids on Sauria, Fox and Krystal are reunited with Tricky, who has become King of the EarthWalker tribe.

Sauria is mentioned a few times in Star Fox Command. Also seen in Ending 2: Good Bye, Fox.

Sector XEdit

Sector X is one of the three nebulae featured in the Star Fox games, although in the original Star Fox it was completely different as it lies close to Corneria.

In Star Fox 64, this area is an enormous cloud of blue gas (red in Star Fox Command) that forms a giant X; this is where Andross had hidden one of his secret weapons. The base here is oddly abandoned and partially destroyed, with only automated defences remaining; a formidable automated 'interceptor system,'. If Slippy is thrown to Titania, the team will be forced to go there.

In Sector X, the Starfox team can find a secret weapon at the end of the stage or warp to Sector Z by opening all of the gates inside of the base. If the Katina mission had previously been successfully accomplished, Bill Grey will help to open some of the gates.

Sector YEdit

In Star Fox, Sector Y is home to giant aquatic life forms which have adapted to the harsh vacuum of space.

In Star Fox 64, this area is a yellow nebula that forms a giant letter Y, and is the site of a ferocious battle between Cornerian and Venomian fleets.

In Star Fox 64's Sector Y mission, they have to backup the squadron from the enemy armada in the base. If the player successfully destroys 100 or more enemies, the Cornerian fleet emerges intact from the battle and can go on to Katina, freeing Star Fox to investigate the bio weapon on Aquas. Otherwise, the team will have to go Katina themselves and aid in its defense.

It appears briefly in Star Fox: Assault in the asteroid field during the battle with Pigma and in a cut-scene, and in Star Fox Command.

Sector ZEdit

In Star Fox, Sector Z is the designation for an area in orbit of Macbeth where Andross intends to build a supply base to supplement his stores in the planet's core. In order to keep the construction a secret from the Cornerians, a cloaking field is set up which hides most of the construction materials. This has the side-effect of making the area dangerous to navigate.

In Star Fox 64, this area is a cloud of a red/orange gas (pink in Star Fox Command) that forms a giant Z. It is part of Venom's air defense zone and is covered by a battery of six powerful long-ranged missiles. The Great Fox itself comes under attack from these missiles during the stage, hence the mission's name, "The Ambush of Great Fox". If the player defeated the Zoness stage prior to Sector Z, Katt Monroe comes to assist the player at the climax of the level, helping to destroy the missiles.

If any missile hits the Great Fox during this stage, it loses a wing and the player will be forced to take the easier alternative of the next level. During the ending sequence, the damaged Great Fox can be seen.

Sector Z is featured as a stage in the Nintendo 64 game Super Smash Bros. The characters fight atop the Great Fox while laser-firing Arwings fly in occasionally and can be used as platforms, but the Arwings will almost always barrel-roll to shake them off after being ridden.


Solar is a star/planet (depending on the game) comprising molten rock and fire-based oceans similar in appearance to the sun. While referred to as the Lylat System's star in the English manual of Star Fox 64, it is not in the Japanese version, and is further more called a planet in Star Fox Command. It features as a level in both Starfox 64 and Starfox Command. In Starfox 64, the player's space-shooting ship, known as the Arwing, will take automatic damage due to the intense heat of the planet - the amount varies based on how close one flies to the surface. However, in Starfox Command it does not take any damage.

In the unreleased Star Fox 2, Andross has his base constructed in the outer stratosphere of Solar. In Star Fox 64, Andross develops a bio-weapon on the planet, which the Starfox team has to destroy. In Star Fox: Assault it can be seen in alot of the worlds as a bright bright star with a red ring around it. In Star Fox Command, the Anglar forces build a large solar-powered defense satellite on the star. By teaming up with Wolf O'Donnell, Fox and Falco tip the weapon into the molten surface, where it melts.


Titania is a harsh desert world. The once-beautiful planet was transformed into a sandy wasteland.

In the original Star Fox it is a barren planet fitted with a Weather-Control Unit. If deactivated, it causes the Titanian climate to turn into an eternal blizzard of snow. Titania in the Star Fox comic is not a desert world but a frozen world instead, possibly showing the reason why a Weather-Control Unit was needed. The boss is the mechanical Professor Hangar.

In Star Fox 64, Titania is one of the two missions played with the Landmaster tank. Fox deploys his team to rescue Slippy after a daring attempt to take out Andross' secret weapon causing the character to hurl to the surface of Titania. The Starfox team discover that the seemingly barren planet is actually plagued with robotic life forms and enemy fighters all belonging to Andross. When the team find Slippy, he is being held captive by Gollick, a large-boned creature vaguely reminiscent of the first game's Fortuna boss, Monarch Dodora, who appears as one of Titania's bosses in Command.

Titania also makes an appearance in Star Fox: Assault as a multiplayer stage. It is larger than any other multiplayer-only map.

In Star Fox Command, Titania is the location of Andross' ghost. The twisted scientist creates a secret device intended to purify the Venom Sea and make the planet more hospitable. The device is guarded by one of Andross' bio-weapons, awaiting the right person to claim it.


Main page: Star Fox franchise strategy guide/Locations/Venom

Venom is the fictional planet that represents evil in many games of the Starfox series. It serves as the Homeworld of the villainous Andross in Star Fox and Star Fox 64, and as his base of operations. In both games it is the setting for the final level. In StarFox Command, it is the base of operations for the Anglar Emperor.

Warp 1Edit

Warp 1 is a secret level in Star Fox 64, not visible on the map. Warp 1 can take the player to Katina by flying through seven warp rings at the end of Meteo. Instead of a space background, it has swirling pastel colours, and instead of battle music it has an array of different sounds. The obstacles are mostly spinning white boxes and cubes, however there are occasional asteroids. As the characters move in Warp 1 their ships leave multi-coloured shadows behind them.

Warp 2Edit

Warp 2, though lacking asteroids, is similar to Warp 1, and is also a secret area in Star Fox 64. Although easier to get to, it is more difficult to navigate than Warp 1 because of its giant X- and square-shaped girders. The player can use Warp 2 to travel from Sector X to Sector Z by shooting open four gates on the left path of Sector X. If the player came to Sector X from Katina, Bill will also help open the gates.


Zoness is a planet Star Fox 64. It is also featured in Star Fox: Assault as an un-lockable multiplayer stage.

In Star Fox 64, Andross has facilities on the planet as well as numerous spotlights to prevent any sneak attack against him. The player can execute a successful sneak attack on the planet by destroying all the searchlights. The sea itself is covered in platforms and large, corroded tanker ships.

Once a vacation spot of the Lylat system, Andross' experiments, and his pollution from the level's boss, Sarumarine, has turned the planet into a toxic dump.

In Star Fox: Assault the Zoness Sea Base is a dark, stormy area that appears to have recovered from the 64 pollution. This is also shown in the Corneria level, on a billboard proclaiming "Zoness Water Quality Environmental Conference". It is also on the multiplayer-stage as well.

In early footage of the level from the Shoshinkai software exhibition (included on a promotional video in the first issue of N64 Magazine), Zoness had a clean ocean and a clear blue sky.

Zoness does not appear in Star Fox Command.


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Corneria is the fourth planet of the fictional Lylat System, and is the most important planet in the Lylat System from the Star Fox series of video games. The planet is featured in all five Starfox games (as well as Starfox 2) and is the location which most animal life-forms occupy. On the planet, the two seemingly largest corporations are Space Dynamics (a defense contractor to the Cornerian Military, similar to Boeing or Lockheed-Martin), and Lunastone Hotels.

The planet of Corneria is where most of the Lylatians live, while other planets are mostly used as research centers, criminal hideouts, military outposts and such.

The climate of the planet along with its appearance is much like that of Earth. Corneria is surrounded by an Asteroid Belt called Meteo. The people of Corneria are referred to as Cornerians. The Capital of Corneria is Corneria City as mentioned in Star Fox 64 and seen in Star Fox: Assault and Command.


During the conflict between Corneria and Venom (during Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars), Andross and his forces from the planet Venom used various planets on the Lylat System as bases and invaded Corneria. The Star Fox team, lead by Fox McCloud, managed to stop the invasion by destroying the Venomian commanders in charge of the assault on Corneria. By "island-hopping" to other planets and eliminating their respective leaders, the Star Fox team managed to eventually launch a strike on Venom.

During the Aparoid Invasion to the Lylat System (in Star Fox: Assault), the Cornerian Army and Fleet was devastated and the capital city of Corneria was left a smoking ruin. The Cornerian Commander in Chief, General Pepper was severely injured over the course of the battle. Only when Star Fox and Star Wolf fought together, the Aparoid invasion to Corneria halted. The Orbital Gate orbiting around Corneria was a prime target for the Aparoids. However, the combined forces of Star Fox and Wolf managed to beat back the invaders.

After the Aparoid invasion of Corneria's capital, a temporary government was established on the Orbital Gate until the city was rebuilt.

Corneria also comes under attack again in Star Fox Command by the Anglars. Some battles with them take place in Corneria City. General Pepper has since given his power to Peppy Hare, who is now the current general.

Video gamesEdit

Corneria was the first stage that the player had to play in both the original Star Fox and Star Fox 64. The Corneria seen there is a city, called 'Corneria City' in Star Fox 64, which is being attacked by Venomian spaceships and a ground vehicle. The boss of the level was either a massive spacecraft called the Attack Carrier [which reappeared in the second game's Corneria stage as a hidden boss] or a bizarre ground vehicle called 'Destructor' that attacked with giant spinning blades, plasma blasts and missiles. In Star Fox 64, Destructor is replaced by a bipedal mech.

Corneria is not mentioned in Star Fox Adventures, which takes place on Sauria.

The part of Corneria seen in Star Fox: Assault is the Capital City (Corneria City) in the middle of an ocean that has been totally destroyed, full of Aparoids and infected soldiers and ships, the player must use a sniper rifle to destroy certain targets (such as radar jammers) to help the counter-attack, and destroy all the enemies while on Wolf O'Donnell's Wolfen ship, and destroy General Pepper's infected ship while still on the Wolfen.

The popular fighting game Super Smash Bros. Melee has a stage called "Lylat System: Corneria", where the players battle on the dorsal fin of the Great Fox as it flies over Corneria. During the battle, Arwings will sometimes swoop in and begin shooting at the players. The Great Fox flies over a sea, a city and what appears to be some ancient ruins. A stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl also flies through the planet's atmosphere.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves for the Wii has a micro-game where you pilot the Arwing through Corneria from the first Star Fox.

Cornerian ArmyEdit

The Cornerian Army is a fictional military force responsible for the defense of Corneria, and almost all of the Lylat System under Cornerian control (such as Katina, Sector Y, and Fichina), except Venom. Unfortunately, the army doesn't seem to do a good job at it; they are constantly marred by repeated defeats. While clearly their inability to effectively fight is an attempt by the game designers to give the player more of a role in missions, some jokingly mock that, without the Star Fox team, the Lylat System would've been enslaved years ago.

Space Dynamics is a Cornerian defense contractor that manufactures weapons and vehicles for the Cornerian Defense Forces.


The Cornerian army seems to be an all-canine force. All the Soldiers, as seen in Star Fox 64, are anthropomorphic dogs. When the Star Fox team gets an award speech (as seen in Star Fox 64), there are uniformed dogs, or foxes on both sides. In addition, the two mentioned units are the "Bulldog" and "Husky" Units, both being names of breeds of dogs.

History of the ArmyEdit

Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64)Edit

During the Lylat wars of Star Fox 64, the army was devastated by Andross' army on Corneria, with its (supposed) capital city occupied. Whether the army stationed there was completely wiped out, or otherwise indisposed by other conflicts away from the city, is unclear. However, it is clear that they are unable to come to your aid, as you and your wingmen are forced to take back the city by yourselves.

Later, at the Katina base, you actually team up with a somewhat effective fraction of the army, lead by Bill Grey, against a fleet of Andross' fighters. However, once the fleet's mothership arrives, you once again have to take the initiative and fight the boss yourself, though it's pretty clear what is occupying the forces in this instance. Andross' fighters are deliberately colored similarly to the Cornerian fighters, so one must be careful what they are shooting at. In a rare victory, however, if you get over 100 kills in Sector Y, (where you assist the Cornerian Fleet) what remains of the fleet will go on to secure Katina while Star Fox moves to Aquas.

The army is mentioned fighting the enemy with Star Fox in most of the other levels, but they are hardly ever seen.

Aparoid Wars (Star Fox: Assault)Edit

Prior to the Aparoid invasion in Star Fox: Assault, the Cornerian Army was fighting with the last of Andross's last resistance forces, led by Andrew Oikonny. They were winning at first, but soon the Venomians had the upper hand. The near defeated Cornerians were saved, once again, by Star Fox.

The Cornerian army is, probably, instantly defeated by the Star Fox franchise strategy guide/Villains/Aparoid invasion. The Katina Base (which is either a different base, or an upgraded version of the Star Fox 64 base) was the first place to be occupied by the Aparoids.

In Corneria City, which has been invaded by the Aparoids, the Army, once again, doesn't help out here, and is probably once again defeated by the enemy instantly, but there are many dog soldiers which may have been infected by, or collaborated with the Aparoids. There is also enemy aircraft that doesn't look like Aparoid craft. They may have been captured Cornerian ships.

The only engagement in which the Cornerian Army joined in was during a space battle above Corneria, but they are of only limited help. During the Aparoid Homeworld invasion, Peppy Hare says that 20% of the remaining Cornerian Fleet ships destroyed.


Venom is the fictional planet that represents evil in many games of the Starfox series. It serves as the Homeworld of the villainous Andross in Star Fox and Star Fox 64, and as his base of operations. In both games it is the setting for the final level. In StarFox Command, it is the base of operations for the Anglar Emperor.


In both the original Star Fox and Star Fox 64, Venom is the final level in which the player must confront Andross. In the original game, there are three possible routes to Venom in which the player must fight through waves of fighters, missiles, and other orbital defenses before fighting a boss and descending down to the surface. In Star Fox 64, the world is guarded by the massive Bolse defense satellite as well as a fleet of capital ships at Area 6. The player is given the choice as to which route to take in order to reach Andross.

Video gamesEdit

In Star Fox 2 Venom appears as a standard "Enemy Base" Level, having the appearance of a lush, green forest.

In Starfox 64, they are two separate ways to Venom; an easier version, and a harder version. In the easier version the player will battle through Venom’s defences before finally facing Andross himself. In the end, Andross turns out to be a decoy, as andross' face burns away to reveal a robotic head. In the harder version, Starfox will have a final showdown with the rival Starwolf team before facing Andross; an Andross which differs from the easier version; once defeating him the player will have to defeat Andross in his “true form”- a grotesque looking brain.

In Star Fox Command, Venom is home to the evil Anglars and the Anglar Emperor. The Anglars make there base at the bottom of the acidic Venom Sea that instantly corrodes and soon destroys any non-Anglar vessel that enters it. The Anglars then begin their invasion of the Lylat System. In most endings of Star Fox Command the Star Fox team use Andross' secret device to purify the Venom Sea, allowing them to enter and destroy the Anglars base and the Anglar Emperor.

Venom is also a stage in the Nintendo Gamecube game Super Smash Bros. Melee, where the entire battle takes place on the wings of the Great Fox as it flies above Venom's surface. Sometimes, Arwings and Wolfens will fly in and start shooting at the players.

Venomian ArmyEdit

The Venomian Army refers to the force that Andross commands against the forces of Corneria and the Lylat System.

In Star Fox 64, Andross's army was largely composed of apes and lizards.

The army, at least, the remnants of the former Venomian Army, was not featured in Star Fox Adventures. Although the SharpClaw Army did supposedly receive foreign military aid from them in the form of spaceships, fighter crafts and equipment.

In Star Fox: Assault, even after the defeat of Andross, the Venomian Army still had the numbers to be considered a significant threat and were recruited under the command of Andross' nephew, Andrew Oikonny, as the Oikonny Rebels. Unfortunately, the Oikonny Rebels lost their leader at the battle over Fortuna and had to take a back seat to the new menace of the Star Fox universe, The Aparoid Swarm. In the aftermath of the War against the Aparoids, the Fortuna Status Report details that the Oikonny Rebels were completely wiped out along with the Invading Aparoid Forces. Oikonny, however, managed to survive, which is later revealed in Star Fox: Command.


In the original Star Fox, the Venomian Army has at its disposal a large space fleet which blocks the route to Venom. In Star Fox 64 the fleet seems to have increased in size as both Sector Y and Venom itself are defended by massive armadas.


File:Assault arwing.jpg
The Star Fox: Assault Arwing.

In the video game series Star Fox, the Arwing (アーウィン) is a fictional prototype aerospace fighter craft, developed by Space Dynamics. Its name originates from that of Argonaut Software, developer of the original Star Fox.

The Arwing is a single-seat swing-wing fighter and is the most powerful fighter in the Cornerian Defense arsenal. The Arwing's most prominent feature is its Gravity Diffusion system, or G-Diffuser. The G-Diffuser serves two purposes:

  • Acts as an anti-gravity system to enable maximum maneuverability in an atmosphere.
  • Powers the Arwing's shield system.

The Arwing is armed with one standard laser, though it is possible upgrade to twin lasers and then to hyper lasers or plasma cannons for greater firepower. Also, the lasers can be charged to increase their power further regardless of upgrades and then home in on targets once fired. The Arwing also carries Nova Bombs as secondary weaponry.

The Arwing throughout the seriesEdit

Star FoxEdit

The original Arwing, also called the "SFX Arwing" in the Nintendo Power Star Fox comic series, was developed by the Cornerian Defense Engineering Department as the most sophisticated Star Fighter in the galaxy. As such, it is equipped with state-of-the-art weapons; the Primary Weapon is a laser cannon, secondary armaments include Nova Bombs. The Laser cannon comes in a single shot by default, and can be upgraded to Type-A Twin Lasers and upgraded again to Type-B Twin Plasma Blasters.

In Part 2 of the Star Fox comic, an updated version of the SFX Arwing is built and piloted by Fara Phoenix. The new model Arwing doesn't seem to be much of an update from the original four but it has better performance and maneuverability as well as being equipped with new systems. Equipped with Hyper Boosters that allow it to outspeed even the old model Arwing, the new model is first painted in a purple color scheme to signify that its new systems are still in testing. It's later painted in the standard white color scheme to signify that testing has finished and the Arwing and its pilot are now part of the Star Fox team.

Star Fox 2Edit

Star Fox 2 features three different variations of the original Arwing: General-Purpose, Assault, and Interceptor. Each fighter has the ability to pick up a new secondary ability — for example, the Interceptor can pick up and use the Super Shield powerup. However, new abilities replace the old ones for the remainder of the game. Additionally, each Arwing has the ability to transform into a bipedal robot, allowing it to walk, jump, swim, and press buttons. Targeting is generally more accurate in this mode, and the ship retains its special abilities.

Essentially, the Arwings in this game are the most versatile, as they combine the functionality of the Arwing, Landmaster, and Blue-Marine into one.

Star Fox 64Edit

The Arwing introduced in Star Fox 64 was an evolved design from the original version. However it had a basic design and was relatively small, it was not able to come to a complete stop in mid-air because it only had one very primitive G-Diffuser. Its wings seemingly open or close depending on the situation (fully closed in deep space, open in planets, widest length in "all range mode"). They are usually changed in cutscenes; they are never changed during normal gameplay except on Venom 2, while the player is in Andross's tunnel, which the wings will close during the fight with Andross's first form. This version could also handle temperatures up to 9000 degrees, as explained during the team's mission to Solar.

Star Fox AdventuresEdit

The Arwing featured in Star Fox Adventures is about the same as the Star Fox 64 design. It had a more rounded fuselage and a small storage area so Prince Tricky can come along with Fox McCloud to help him on his quest. Due to a lack of funds, the Arwings in Star Fox Adventures - along with the Great Fox - have been falling into a state of disrepair. The Arwing's special cannons that allowed for homing attacks have broken off, and the wings are shabby and rusted. This version of the Arwing bears strong similarities to the X-wing, particularly the nose.

Star Fox: AssaultEdit

The available Arwing introduced in Star Fox: Assault bears much more resemblance to the original Arwing last seen in the original game. This Arwing is more complex and symmetric.

It has touch pad controls and is able to come to a complete stop in mid-air thanks to its four G-Diffuser engines. It is also the first and thus far only Arwing version to have a wing walker riding along, allowing the pilot to engage targets to the front while the wing walker dealt with threats to the side or rear in a fashion reminiscent of a World War II-era ball turret gunner. Of course, the Arwing becomes less maneuverable while carrying a wing walker, unable to roll or make sharp turns to avoid causing the gunner to fall off.

Star Fox CommandEdit

In Command, Fox pilots the Arwing II (アーウィンII), the first official upgrade to the original Arwing (not including the original fighter's numerous redesigns). While Peppy continues to fly the Assault version of the Arwing, other prominent characters have new, unique fighters such as Slippy's Bullfrog, Falco's Sky Claw, and Krystal's CloudRunner, each with different statistics.

The Arwing's stats identical to the Arwing II's except the Arwing has twin lasers and has a 3 second time bonus rather than 2. However, the Arwing II's laser's can be upgraded in certain paths to twin or plasma, and in other paths it can obtain a Multi-lock. Also, the Arwings in this game seem to have been modified to work underwater, as seen in the missions in Aquas and Venom.

Nova BombsEdit

A Nova Bomb is a weapon on the Arwing. In later games in the series, they are simply called "Smart Bombs" (or just "Bombs").

Nova Bombs produce a large blast radius that is devastating to fighters and causes damage to stronger vehicles, such as fleet ships. To add to its effectiveness, the Nova Bomb is a smart bomb that can lock onto enemies and hit them directly. They are also referred to as smart bombs because they do not damage members of the Star Fox team. Nova Bombs can also be remotely detonated.

Throughout the series the weapon has been essential to defeat some enemies. The Sarumarine submarine on Zoness in Star Fox 64 could only have its cannons blown off with Nova Bombs. Andross in Star Fox Adventures could only have his weakness exposed by one. Andross's inhaling attack could also be stopped with a Nova Bomb. The boss in Solar's mounds of lava could also be dispersed with a Nova Bomb.

The maximum number of Nova Bombs that can be carried by the Arwing has varied throughout the series. In Star Fox, the player started with three but could carry a maximum of five. This remained true in Star Fox 2, although the Nova Bomb could be replaced with a stronger shield or a shield recharger. In Star Fox 64, the Arwing also started with three but could carry a maximum of nine. In Star Fox Adventures, the Arwing could only carry three and the player started without any. In Star Fox: Assault, the player again started without any bombs. The maximum number is nine. In Star Fox Command, the Arwing only carries two bombs, while other ships carry one to three.

In Star Fox: Assault, a variation of the Nova Bomb called a Cluster Bomb (also called "C-bombs" due to the large C) is unlockable for use in multiplayer matches. Rather than one large explosion, the cluster bomb gives off several grenades, giving out several small explosions, similar to fire burst pods.

In Star Fox Command, players can choose precisely where the Bomb will detonate by using the DS stylus to drag and drop a bomb icon onto the radar screen. A Bomb will then be fired and explode when it reaches that position.

The vehicles capable of carrying Nova Bombs are the Arwing fighter, the Wolfen, and the Landmaster tank, although this function was removed from the Landmaster in Assault. Additionally, all fighters in Star Fox Command can carry at least one bomb.

The Nova Bomb will make an appearance as an item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Appearances in other gamesEdit

Aside of the Star Fox series of games, Super Smash Bros. has Arwings flying around the Sector Z stage as an obstruction that shoots at the player. Its sequel, Super Smash Bros. Melee has an Arwing trophy. Arwings also appear in the Corneria and Venom levels, using their lasers to injure players. In the upcoming Wii title, Super Smash Bros Brawl, it plays a role in "The Subspace Emissary", where it is maneuvering through heavy laser fire from the Halebird, Meta Knight's ship. A robotic arm suddenly reaches into the sky and finally knocks down the Arwing. It dives past the Halebird's deck, with the downdrift blowing Princess Peach and Kirby off the ship. The Arwing has received a major redesign, indicating that a Wii Star Fox title might be in the works. In Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Arwing is also used by Fox as his on-screen appearance at the beginning of each fight (individual character appearances were not used in Melee).

A scale model of the spacecraft can be obtained in Animal Crossing, as well as Animal Crossing: Wild World, where if it is examined, it will play a few notes from the training mission in the Super NES version of Star Fox. There is also a small model of an Arwing in the inn of the volcano level in Super Mario RPG. In Stunt Race FX an Arwing flies over the race track and drops powerups for the player. The 2WD vehicle also resembles an arwing.

The G-diffuser systems can also be found in F-Zero racers and one vehicle is modeled after an Arwing and the pilot who drives it shares the same name as Fox McCloud's father, James McCloud (F-Zero X).

Also, in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a miniature Arwing enemy was discovered in the game's code by a pair of hackers named JayTheHam and Cendamos. From this, they made a code which made the enemy appear in Kokiri Forest. The Arwing would occasionally attack, and could be easily defeated. Upon hitting the ground, the Arwing would explode, and leave behind flames which would die down quickly. This enemy was used by Nintendo during development to help map the flying patterns of a dragon boss (Volvagia) encountered later in the game.

In WarioWare: Smooth Moves three levels resembling those from the original game are made playable with the Wii Remote. The player tilts and twists the controller to steer, and presses A or B to fire.

Vehicles/Blue Marine

The Blue-Marine in Star Fox 64.

The Blue-Marine is a research submersible from the Star Fox series of video games.


The Blue-Marine was designed and built by Slippy Toad with the assistance of his father, Beltino Toad. Once Andross invaded the Lylat System, Slippy converted the machine into a combat submarine with lasers and a device that can make an infinite amount of energy torpedoes that can not only be used as weapons, but as a means of lighting up the dark depths of the Lylat System's many oceans, but it's not the fastest or most manuverable craft.

The official Star Fox 64 player's guide provided statistics for the Blue Marine.

  • 16.5 sm in length
  • 7 sm in height
  • maximum speed of 116 skt/h
  • a maximum dive of 2,000 sm
  • armament including a T&B-U3 laser cannon and a Homing Torpedo launcher.

Additionally, the guide states that both the Landmaster and the Blue-Marine use propulsions system components originally developed for the Arwing. All three can synthesize their own hydrogen fuel for their plasma engines, giving them extended operating ranges.

In Star Fox 64, Fox McCloud took the machine into the depths of Aquas, a planet covered entirely by one huge ocean.

It does not appear in any game afterwards. In Star Fox Command, Star Fox returns to Aquas (in some stories) and the Arwings prove to work just fine underwater, rendering the Blue Marine useless.

Vehicles/Great Fox

The original Great Fox from Star Fox 64.

The Great Fox (グレートフォックス) is a fictional space aircraft carrier / battleship used in the Star Fox series of video games as the mothership of the Star Fox team. It was officially introduced in Star Fox 64 as the base of operations of the team when in space.

According to the Star Fox 64 Player's guide, James McCloud placed the order to Space Dynamics to build the original Great Fox, which is described as a Dreadnought-Class space battleship. The ship was not cheap, as James had to take out an eighty-year loan. Unfortunately, James disappeared at Venom before completion.


Mothership in Star Fox 2Edit

The idea of Star Fox having a mothership was started in the unreleased Star Fox 2. The mothership, though nameless, slightly resembled the Great Fox, though there are glaringly obvious differences such as the side-mounted docking bays.

Great Fox in Star Fox 64Edit

The Great Fox is relatively new at the time of its official debut in Star Fox 64. The primary purpose of the ship is that of a carrier and repair facility for the team’s Arwings. In addition, it also acts in a logistical capacity when needed to transfer supplies to the combat zone. The ship also possesses weapon systems in the form of two powerful laser cannons that can fire in a limited arc ahead of it, and are powerful enough to blow apart asteroids and seriously damage the massive battleships that guard the Area 6 access corridor to Venom.

In addition, the vessel can survive in a variety of environments. The Great Fox is able to enter a planetary atmosphere and even land at a planet-side spaceport. Furthermore, it has a limited aquatic capability as shown during the mission to Aquas where it is seen drifting half-submerged in the ocean to deploy the Blue Marine.

Despite its tendency to stay on the sidelines and support the team when it can, the Great Fox has come under direct attack. During the battle in Sector Z, the ship comes under threat from a volley of Venom missiles. Failure to intercept and destroy these missiles results in the Great Fox having one of its four wings destroyed, crippling it and rendering it unable to provide cover-fire in the following difficult stage.

Note that during that same battle, the Great Fox acts as a quick-repair station in the heat of battle. If a player aligns his Arwing with the rear docking bay of the ship, the Arwing will fly in and subsequently fly out the frontal, lower docking bay, with both wings and shields fully repaired. The Great Fox is 890 sm in length.

Perhaps the only weakness of the vessel is the firing arc of its laser cannons. The Great Fox cannot fire from its side or from behind, making the ship vulnerable to attack in these areas. This is manifested in the Sector Z level, in which the ship's cannons cannot hit the oncoming missiles as they are coming from the side, and in the beginning cut scene of the Meteo level, when one of the asteroids hits one of the Great Fox's wings (this hardly does any damage to the ship however).

Great Fox in Star Fox AdventuresEdit

In Star Fox Adventures, the Great Fox is mostly seen from the inside, serving as somewhat of a home base for the team members. It has fallen into a state of disrepair in recent years due to insufficient funds by the team, and its exterior armor has begun to deteriorate. The power of the engines have also decreased considerably, and the ship is only able to drift, producing a ring of flames from its boosters as it does so. The weapons are never seen firing in the game, although it's possible that they don't work as they were not being used against Andross in the final battle above the planet Sauria where the Great Fox is orbiting.

Great Fox in Star Fox: AssaultEdit

In Star Fox: Assault, the team used the money received from the Sauria mission to overhaul the Great Fox into a much sleeker looking ship, inside and out. It is now equipped with a long-range transfer system that can send down Arwings and Landmasters when needed. However, during the final battle over the Aparoid Homeworld, the Great Fox becomes infected by the Aparoids(Peppy notifies you during Misson 9), showing the weakness of the ship, by not having weapons on the sides or the back of the ship, making these areas easy targets for the Aparoids, as they cling to these areas so that the ship's front cannons cannot attack them. It is soon destroyed when Peppy Hare heroically sacrifices the ship (and nearly himself in the process) to destroy the anti-laser shield blocking the main entrance to the Homeworld Core. It is then shown that the bridge is intact, as it seemingly has an escape pod function. The Great Fox is also one of the multiplayer stages, only allowing players to fly outside it for air battles.

Great Fox in Star Fox CommandEdit

In Star Fox Command, the Star Fox team has to get a new mothership after the Great Fox was destroyed in Assault. However, the new ship looks totally different from the Great Fox's past models, resembling more of a space-faring aircraft carrier than a battle-cruiser. It is also significantly weaker in terms of defense than the original Great Fox. The original Great Fox could survive a missile and come out with only one wing destroyed, while the new one can't even withstand an assault by even the weakest of enemies, this could possibly be because of this ship being much less expensive than its predecessors. But its redeeming quality is the ability to carry up to three missiles which can be used to attack clusters of enemies from afar rather than attack them directly with a pilot.

Appearance in other gamesEdit

The ship was also featured in the Super Smash Bros. series as an arena. In Super Smash Bros., the Star Fox 64 stage Sector Z is featured as a stage where the Great Fox acts as the platform on which the players fight each other. The players can only traverse the ship length-wise. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Great Fox is greatly reduced to a smaller, unrealistic size (however if the game mode is "Tiny Melee", where all characters are smaller the characters are roughly to scale to the ship). It is featured on two stages; In the Corneria level, the Great Fox acts as a platform as in Super Smash Bros. (while it flies over the planet Corneria from Star Fox 64), while in the Venom level, the player traverses the ship width-wise as it flies over the planet Venom from Star Fox 64. It also briefly appears in boths place's introductions, in Melee shown along with the Blue Falcon and Samus Aran's Starship while in SSB, it is shown very briefly before the camera zooms into the bridge to show Fox. The ship is also a trophy in the game. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the trailer revealed at the Nintendo World Tour on November 3rd, 2006 revealed a new Star Fox stage, with the fighting taking place atop a new space craft called the Pleiades which flies through the atmosphere of Corneria, through an asteroid belt and a space battle, along with the original Great Fox flying in the background in the middle of a dogfight between Star Fox's Arwings and Star Wolf's Wolfens (also of their Star Fox 64 incarnations). In Super Smash Bros. Melee, its trophy claimed it first appeared in the original Star Fox for the SNES, but it was incorrect, because it officially first appeared in Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 64.


  • Star Fox 64 Players Guide


The Landmaster is a fictional tank used by Fox McCloud in multiple video games. The tanks handle much like other vehicles in the game although it turns a little slower. Jets on the bottom of the tank allow it to turn quickly and barrel roll, and if both jets are fired at the same time the tank can hover upwards.

The Landmaster appeared in two games from the Star Fox series. In both Star Fox 64 (1997, Nintendo 64) and Star Fox: Assault (2005, Nintendo GameCube) its controls are much like the controls for the flying Arwing. The Landmaster is also available in the multiplayer modes of both games.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001, Nintendo GameCube) the Landmaster was referenced as the inspiration for a trophy that could be won in-game by players. The "Landmaster" trophy is awarded when the player(s) score 1,000 or more KOs in Versus Mode.

The Landmaster's most recent appearance is as Fox McCloud's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008, Nintendo Wii).

Within the fictional background of the Star Fox games the Landmaster was designed by McClouds teammate Slippy Toad and his father Beltino Toad.

Appearance detailsEdit

Star Fox 64Edit

The Landmaster tank in Star Fox 64 (1997, Nintendo 64) was used on two missions: Titania, where the player was forced to use it because of the sandstorms that covered the skies, and on Macbeth, in which the player needed to follow an enemy train. The Landmaster design had a single cannon capable of shooting several laser-balls per second or Nova bombs. It had traditional tank treads. The camera angle could not be changed. It had limited flying capability using its jump jets.

According to schematics included in the official Star Fox 64 player's guide the vehicle had the following statistics:[1]

Length: 17.5 sm
Height: 8.5 sm
Maximum Speed: 207 skm/h
.65 sm front/rear
.45 sm sides
T&B-J2 Laser Cannon (1)
Smart Bomb Launcher (1)
Notes: Both the Landmaster and the Blue-Marine use propulsion system components originally developed for the Arwing. All three can synthesize their own hydrogen fuel for their plasma engines, giving them extended operating ranges.

Star Fox: AssaultEdit

The Landmaster's appearance in Star Fox: Assault (2005, Nintendo GameCube) is more complex. The turret can now swivel in more directions, and it has four all-terrain wheels instead of the original tank treads, which decreases traction but increases mobility.[2][3]

The barrel roll technique now creates a deflection shield around the vehicle. This version does not have Nova Bombs, and has a slower rate of fire (although the rounds are more powerful). The Assault Landmaster also has lighter armor, but was given anti-aircraft capabilities.

Super Smash Bros. BrawlEdit

The Landmaster appears as Fox McCloud's, Falco Lombardi's, and Wolf O'Donnell's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008, Nintendo Wii).[4] This version looks much like the Assault version, although the wheels have been switched back to tank treads.[5] Falco's version looks like Fox's, while Wolf's is colored red and black to match the Wolfen color scheme.[6]


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The Wolfen (ウルフェン) is a fictional space ship piloted by the Star Wolf team in the Star Fox series of video games. Like the Arwing, the Wolfen undergoes changes in each Star Fox game.


Wolfen in Star Fox 64Edit

The first appearance of the Wolfen in a published game was in Star Fox 64 on the Fichina (Mistakenly named Fortuna) stage; they would reappear on Bolse if any of them survived or the player took a route to Bolse that avoided Fichina. A Wolfen can also appear in Training Mode during the All-Range Phase, each time the player kills 100 enemies.

Wolfen in Star Fox 2Edit

The unnamed fighters of the Star Wolf team in Star Fox 2 could be called Wolfens but that remains unknown since the game was never released. Wolf had his own uniquely designed fighter while the other three members use the same design, one very similar to the one that would eventually appear in Star Fox 64.

Wolfen IIEdit

The Wolfen II, in Star Fox 64.

The Wolfen II as seen in Star Fox 64.

The first and only appearance of the Wolfen II to date was in Star Fox 64 on Venom. They would only appear if the player went through Area 6. They had two G-Diffusers, compared to the Arwing's one, which made the ship faster. The Wolfen II had twin lasers and was capable of deflecting bombs and charged lasers, and was regarded by the in-game characters as being a superior ship to an Arwing.

Wolfen in Star Fox: AssaultEdit

The Wolfen is used by Star Wolf in Star Fox: Assault in several stages. The Wolfen can be unlocked in Star Fox: Assault for use in multiplayer, and it deals more damage at each laser level and with a charged laser. It also flies faster than the Arwing but it cannot come to a complete stop in mid-air, and is less maneuverable. It can also have a wing walker ride shotgun on one of the upper wings, as seen in the Corneria City level of the game. However, in Vs Mode, the upper wings cannot be stood upon, and players would have to use one of the lower wings.

Wolfen in Star Fox CommandEdit

The Wolfen appears to be almost identical in appearance to its Star Fox: Assault incarnation. Also, similar to the Star Fox team, the team pilots radical alterations of the original Wolfen design, such as the Rainbow Delta and the Black Rose. However, Wolf keeps the original Wolfen design, which has been dubbed the Red Fang in the instruction booklet.

In other gamesEdit

A Wolfen trophy can be obtained in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It also appears occasionally in both Star Fox stages of said game.

A Wolfen can be seen flying across the stage during the video clip starring Snake in Brawl.


  • Star Fox series game manuals

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Star Fox team

The current Star Fox team; from left to right- Krystal, Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad, and Falco Lombardi

The Star Fox team is a fictional team of mercenary heroes in the Star Fox series of video games.

The Arwing is the team's primary spacecraft, and the Great Fox is the base of operations of the team. Their signature symbol is a winged fox, which is shown red in the Great Fox, and white in the Arwings. In Assault, Fox sports the symbol on his left shoulder pad, and Falco on his left hand. This symbol also appears in the Super Smash Bros. series as Fox and Falco's symbol.

Original Star FoxEdit


  • James McCloud was the leader of the Star Fox team and an expert pilot. He was very determined about his work, but never seemed to panic whenever things went awry. He fell into a trap led by Pigma, and was supposedly killed by Andross. He was very good friends with both Peppy Hare and General Pepper.
  • Peppy Hare was a very good friend of James and considerate of others. He learned much from James, and was saved numerous times by him in battle.
  • Pigma Dengar joined the team after its formation, but only cared about the large paycheck he received. When Andross offered Pigma more money, he accepted and left Star Fox, but not before betraying James and Peppy.

Star Fox during the Lylat war.Edit

On the Cornerian-Venomian conflict seen in Star Fox 64, General Pepper enlisted the help of a new Star Fox team lead by James' son Fox McCloud. He sent Star Fox on a mission to destroy Andross and end the conflict; Star Fox arrived in Venom, where Fox fought against Andross alone and defeated him.


  • Fox McCloud was the new leader of Star Fox, and had a serious, but considerate personality akin to his father's. Occasionally he would joke around or share bits of sarcasm with his teammates, however. He single-handedly defeated Andross on the planet Venom. Age: 18
  • Peppy Hare was a veteran pilot and flew for the original Star Fox team. He is a kind and caring character, who was always giving advice to other members of the team, including the infamous "Do a Barrel Roll!". He is the one who tells you where the enemy bosses' weakspots are. Age: 41
  • Slippy Toad was a young pilot, he was very emotive and often getting into trouble. He was a extremely skilled mechanic who created many gadgets for the team. He is also the one who analyzes the bosses' shield, showing you how much life energy they have left. Age: 18
  • Falco Lombardi, a former gang member, was a highly skilled pilot with a bitter attitude. He often seemed to only really look out for himself, but deep down, he found Fox to be a great leader and friend. He never shows it but he has respect for anyone more skilled than him. Age: 19

Support PersonnelEdit

  • ROB 64 (a.k.a. ROB), The Robotic Computer of the Star Fox team, ROB is the Great Fox's android pilot.


  • General Pepper: General of the Cornerian army who hires the Star Fox team to assist the Cornerian Army against the threat of Andross and his Venomian Army. He gives the team their mission briefings before each level.
  • Bill Grey, commander of the Husky and Bulldog squadrons and under the command of General Pepper; he is an old friend of Fox's and he assists the Star Fox team on some of their missions.
  • Katt Monroe was once romantically involved with Falco, though she seems little interested in acknowledging it now; she is a skilled pilot, and helps the Star Fox team on some of their missions.

Star Fox during General Scales invasion of SauriaEdit

In Star Fox Adventures, there is a disturbance on Dinosaur Planet, and the Star Fox team is sent to fix it before the catastrophe affects the whole Lylat System. Falco had left the team to fly solo, and with the mission to Sauria taking place mostly on foot, Peppy and Slippy stay on the Great Fox to act as support.


  • Fox McCloud goes it pretty much alone in this adventure, leaving the rest of the team on the Great Fox, showing that he is as adept at hand-to-hand combat as he is at flying an Arwing. Age: 26 [1]
  • Peppy Hare steps away from the Arwing to give Fox advice over the communicator. Age: 49[1]
  • Slippy Toad is the team's mechanic, and helps Fox by developing various gadgets for him to use, such as the translator that lets him speak Dino-language. Age: 26[1]
  • ROB 64 has fallen into disrepair, as did the Great Fox itself, due to a lack of funding during peacetime after the Lylat Wars; as a result, ROB makes a few mistakes when sending supplies down to Fox.


  • General Pepper: General of the Cornerian Army. He hires the Star Fox team to investigate the strange happenings on Sauria (Dinosaur Planet) and find a way to stabilize the planet and bring it back together, believing that the destruction of Sauria could affect the Lylat System as a whole. He shows Fox's status and items on the pause menu.
  • Krystal, a tribal looking blue vixen, is introduced in this game, but aside from telepathically instructing Fox on how to use her staff, she is little more than the game's damsel in distress. Age: 19[1]
  • Prince Tricky is a young Earthwalker who aids Fox on Dinosaur planet, and acts as Fox's sidekick—whether the space hero likes it or not. He was made an honorary member of the team at the end of the game.
  • Falco Lombardi, a former Star Fox member who left on his own, and returns at the end to help Fox. Age: 27

Star Fox during the Aparoid InvasionEdit

When the Aparoid race invaded the Lylat System in Star Fox: Assault, the Star Fox team was hired by General Pepper to slow down the invasion, and eventually Beltino Toad was able to code an apoptosis program to destroy the Aparoid Queen and the Aparoids. Star Fox invaded the Aparoid Homeworld and destroyed the Queen.


  • Fox McCloud is the leader of the team. Over the years he had developed somewhat of a more sarcastic persona, but still remains a loyal and admirable leader. He has a certain interest in Krystal that goes beyond just partnership, but is embarrassed whenever someone brings it up, especially Krystal herself. Age: 27
  • Falco Lombardi is the ace pilot of Star Fox team. He is known to be very arrogant sometimes, but has lightened up since the events in the Lylat Wars. He headed out on his own for a few years, but returned, saying "the team is like family". Age: 28
  • Slippy Toad is a very skilled mechanic, with a habit of getting into trouble occasionally. He has matured over the years and became more responsible, but expresses emotions much more prominently than others. Age: 27
  • Krystal is the newest member of Star Fox, and the team's telepath; she is very caring for others, and is difficult to upset or anger. She has a crush on Fox, and drops several subtle hints, but doesn't outwardly show it otherwise. Age: 20

Support PersonnelEdit

  • Peppy Hare is no longer on active flight duty, and now takes the role of general advisor. He gives the team useful information and mission updates as well as sending down Arwings and Landmasters through the Great Fox's Transfer System. Age: 50
  • ROB 64 is the Great Fox's android pilot, and like the ship itself, was upgraded and refitted after the mission on Dinosaur Planet, in Star Fox Adventures.


  • General Pepper: General of the Cornerian Army (although it seems he will retire soon). He once again hires the Star Fox Team for their aid against the remaining Venomian Forces, then soon after to aid them against the invading Aparoids. Sometime in the game he and his flagship are infected by the Aparoids as well and Fox is forced to fight him. It seems the General is about to die but Peppy saves him at the last second by catching the Flagship on his Arwing to prevent it from taking as much damage from the imminent crash.
  • Beltino Toad: The chief technician of the Cornerian Army and Slippy's father. He assists the Star Fox team with valuable information and has them find the Aparoid Core Program that Pigma stole in order to find the location of the Aparoid Homeworld. He also developed the program to initiate Apoptosis in the Aparoid Queen, as well as all other Aparoids, to cause them to self destruct, thus ending their threat completely.
  • Prince Tricky: Tricky makes a brief appearance in Star Fox Assault, now as a young adult and the new King Earthwalker. He meets up with Fox and Krystal after they liberate Sauria from the Aparoids and prods them on about their relationship. He asks Fox if he could join them in their battle against the Aparoids but Fox reminds him of his responsibilities of being the king and informs them that he is needed for Sauria's dinosaurs.
  • Star Wolf Team: Star Fox engages Star Wolf at the Sargasso Hideout, but afterwards, they come to their aid when the Aparoids take over Corneria City. They come once again to assist them in defending the Orbital Gate from the missile attack, and one last time inside the Aparoid Homeworld Core.

Star Fox during the Anglar threatEdit

At the beginning of Star Fox Command, team Star Fox consists only of Fox McCloud and ROB 64. Later on Fox gains the help of former team mates. There are 9 endings to Star Fox Command. Although some endings show team members leaving/joining, most show the team back together again.

  • Fox McCloud is the sole remaining member of Star Fox at the start, and continues to play throughout all of the endings. Appears and/or is mentioned in all of the endings except for the sixth ending, "Dash Makes a Choice," and the seventh ending, "Slippy's Resolve." Age: 29.
  • ROB 64 pilots the newest version of the Great Fox, which serves as a mothership for Fox and his allies. He is shown as a supporter rather a fighter.
  • Slippy Toad, although he left to settle down with his fiancee, Amanda, he instantly jumped back into his Arwing when Fox needed help. Appears and/or is mentioned in the first ending, "Fox and Krystal," the third ending, "The Anglar Emperor," and the seventh ending, "Slippy's Resolve." Age: 29.
  • Falco Lombardi once again took to the skies in a solo career, but after finding no excitement, he decided to help Fox once more in several storylines. Appears in the first ending, "Fox and Krystal", the second ending, "Good-bye, Fox", the third ending, "The Anglar Emperor," the eighth ending, "Pigma's Revenge," and the ninth ending, "The Curse of Pigma." Age: 30.
  • Krystal, heartbroken after her break-up with Fox, left the team to Fox's request. However, she does make her return to fight the Anglar threat. She appears in endings one through five, "Fox and Krystal," "Good-bye, Fox," "The Anglar Emperor," "Star Wolf Returns!," and "Lucy and Krystal," in numerical order. Age: 22.
  • Peppy Hare has become the newest General of the Cornerian Army, replacing Pepper, but returns to active flight duty to help out Fox with the Anglar threat, but only in the second ending's final mission. He appears in the fifth ending, "Lucy and Krystal". Age: 52.


  • Katt Monroe returns (albeit with an entirely new appearance) to help Falco in his time of need, as well as Lucy. She is shown in the fifth ending, "Lucy and Krystal," and in the eighth ending, "Pigma's Revenge."
  • Amanda, Slippy's fiancee, was eager to help Slippy and the rest of the team. She appears in the first ending, "Fox and Krystal," as a member of the team, in the fourth ending, "Lucy and Krystal", celebrating along with the other girls, and in the seventh ending, "Slippy's Resolve," as Slippy's wife.
  • Lucy Hare is Peppy's only child, and occasionally will help Fox. She appears in the fifth ending, "Lucy and Krystal," and her daughter appears in the second ending, "Good-bye, Fox."
  • Bill Grey, an old friend of Fox's, will help the crew fight off the Anglars. He appears in no endings, and makes a cameo appearance in nearly every Katina mission.
  • Dash Bowman, Andross's grandson with very little of his grandfather's personality also assists Fox and Falco in some missions. Appears in the first ending, "Fox and Krystal," the sixth ending, "Dash Makes a Choice," and the eighth ending, "Pigma's Revenge."
  • Star Wolf will also help in some missions. In one storyline, Wolf alone joins with Fox, and in another, the entire team (except Wolf) will go on a mission with Fox. The whole Star Wolf team appears in the third ending, "The Anglar Emperor," and the fourth ending, "Star Wolf Returns!"
  • Beltino Toad, Slippy's father who appears on a space station in the Asteroid Belt. He informs Star Fox of the Anglar base on Venom and convinces Fox to patch his relationship with Krystal. He and Slippy also equip Fox's Arwing II with a Multi-Lock.

Star Fox in Nintendo Power's Star Fox comicEdit

Appearing in Nintendo Power magazine as part of a monthly comic, this team is derived from the Star Fox team found in the original SNES game, Star Fox, and features a new character that wasn't found in any of the games.

Originally part of the Cornerian Defense Force, they were exiled by the Cornerian Leadership in fear of Fox's protests against Andross during his rise to power. They were forced to flee and live as outlaws on Papetoon where they made a living of raiding Imperial Scows and delivering the supplies to the oppressed villagers. They were then recruited by General Pepper to take control of the Arwings as a Last Resort to stop Andross once and for all.

  • Fox McCloud, son of the finest pilot on Corneria and the top student of his class at the Academy. He could fly circles around a Flea, endure days of Gravity Training, recite the Cornerian Constitution backwards and belch on command. Develops a prosperous relationship with Fara Phoenix.
  • Falco Lombardi, a member of a gang of space hot-rodders, Falco wanted to fly so Fox showed him the way. He cleaned up his act and entered the Cornerian Academy to earn his wings. His piloting skill is second only to Fox.
  • Peppy Hare, a wise rabbit with acute hearing and sharp eyesight, the comic doesn't go into much detail about Peppy and his past.
  • Slippy Toad, team Mechanic in charge of keeping the Arwings maintained and in working condition as well as modifying them for a specific situation. Being the least experienced in combat tends to make him the most vulnerable. Has a girlfriend name Croakella. In part 2 of the Comic, his Choker is a string of Sleeping Gas Pellets which only he has immunity to its effect.
  • Fara Phoenix, daughter of the Spaceship Magnate and a Chief Test Pilot of the Cornerian Defense Forces. Introduces the Starfox team to the new SFX Arwing Fighters and later provides crucial support for the team. After the first test flight, she joins them, and develops a prosperous relationship with Fox McCloud.


Star Wolf

Star Wolf is a fictional team of mercenaries in the Star Fox series of video games. They are led by Wolf O'Donnell and are considered the chief rivals of the Star Fox team. The Wolfen is the team's primary spacecraft, which is very similar in both appearance and capabilities to Star Fox's Arwing.


  • Wolf O'Donnell — The leader of Star Wolf, and Fox McCloud's chief rival. Sometimes called "Lord O'Donnell".
  • Leon Powalski — The only member of Star Wolf other than Wolf himself to remain from the original team, as of Star Fox Command. He generally targets Falco Lombardi.
  • Pigma Dengar — An extraordinarily greedy pig, who is kicked off the team between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Assault. He was originally a member of the Star Fox team, but betrayed Peppy Hare and James McCloud, handing them over to Andross. In Star Fox 64, he attempts to shoot down Peppy since they once worked together.
  • Andrew Oikonny — Andross' nephew. He leaves Star Wolf after the events of Star Fox 64 to avenge his uncle's death and continue his legacy. His primary target in Star Fox 64 is Slippy Toad.
  • Panther (Caroso in Assault, Caruso in Command, Caluroso in Japanese versions of both games) — A ladies man who joins Star Wolf before the beginning of Star Fox: Assault. In Assault, he attempts to flirt with Krystal several times.

Star Fox 2Edit

In Star Fox 2, Star Wolf is employed by Andross to stop Star Fox. The Star Wolf team in this game consists of Wolf, Leon, Pigma, and a monkey named Algy (Who might be a concept version of Andrew Oikonny and yet looks like Dash Bowman, Andrew's second cousin). The player encounters different members of Star Wolf in one-on-one all-range battles depending on the difficulty level selected in the game. Regardless of difficulty, however, the player must fight Wolf as the final battle before going on to face Andross. Wolf is the only one to escape with his ship intact, swearing that he'll be back one day.

Star Fox 64Edit

In the opening of Star Fox 64, it is revealed that Pigma Dengar was once a member of the Star Fox team, then consisting of himself, James McCloud, and Peppy Hare. At one point, Pigma betrayed the team and handed James and Peppy over to Andross. Peppy was able to escape, but James is supposedly killed. Pigma flies for Star Wolf in this game.

Hired by Andross to destroy the Star Fox team, Star Wolf always attacks the player in at least one mission. The team is one of the game's more difficult sets of enemies. The team attacks on Fichina (mistakenly labeled as Fortuna in the American and in the European versions), where they can be easily defeated by performing a loop whenever a team member is directly behind the player. Later, at Bolse Station, if any Star Wolf members are left undefeated at Fichina (or the player bypasses Fichina altogether), the remaining team members attack again here. Finally, if the player reaches Venom via the difficult path, Star Wolf returns in upgraded ships (each member piloting a Wolfen II) for a much more difficult battle. They will attack regardless of whether or not the player fought and defeated them at Fichina. All the members will attempt to barrel roll enemy fire, however they barrel roll a lot more often on the Venom battle. Charge shots and bombs no longer damage them, and it's very hard to even hit them charge shot anyways. They now use double lasers, so their shots do more damage. It's interesting to note that during the dogfight between Star Fox and Star Wolf on Venom, the majority of the Star Wolf team sports mechanical facial devices of some kind, while Wolf has a bandage across the top of his snout and over the right side of his forehead. Whether this is to indicate injuries the team has suffered at some point in the past or simply as necessary equipment for their new Wolfen II fighters is unknown, although it may be because the team possibly had their ships destroyed in Fortuna by Star Fox, thus hurting them.

Team Members:

  • Wolf O'Donnell
  • Leon Powalski
  • Pigma Dengar
  • Andrew Oikonny

Star Fox: AssaultEdit

After Andross's defeat in Star Fox Adventures, Star Wolf uses an abandoned space station in the Sargasso Space Zone as a hideout. Pigma is kicked off the team for his excessive greed, and Andrew has also left the team to prepare his own rebellion against the Cornerian army. A new member, Panther Caroso, is recruited to the team to bring the total membership to three members by the time Star Fox: Assault begins.

In one of the missions in Assault, Star Fox takes over the hideout while searching for Pigma. Star Wolf shows up to engage Fox, Falco and Krystal (Slippy is inside the station and is uninvolved in the battle). Later, on Corneria, Fox finds himself surrounded by Aparoids, but the Star Wolf team comes to his aid, with Wolf personally taking responsibility for saving his rival. ("If anyone's gonna tan your hide, it's gonna be me", says Wolf in this scene.) He also gives Fox some advice: "Don't hesitate. When the time comes, just act." Star Wolf helps Star Fox again during the missile attack to the Orbital Gate, and one last time in the Aparoid homeworld, fighting alongside their rivals and then "sacrificing" themselves to ensure Star Fox can reach the Aparoid Queen.

In this game, Wolf wears a futuristic eye patch rather than the one he wore in Star Fox 64 and his cameo in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Subsequently, this is his appearance in Star Fox Command.

Team Members:

  • Wolf O' Donnell
  • Leon Powalski
  • Panther Caroso

Star Fox CommandEdit

Star Wolf appears once more in Star Fox Command, though when, how and why they appear depends on which path the player chooses. On the default path through the game, Star Wolf once again attacks the player as in Star Fox 64, but after being defeated, the relationship between the two teams turns more or less positive. In other paths, the Star Wolf team members even become playable and work cooperatively with Star Fox to fight the Anglar Empire.

In a significant plot development, most paths through the game show Krystal having joined the Star Wolf team. In addition, her relationship with Panther varies depending on the chosen path (with the default ending to the game showing her leaving Fox to be with Panther instead). The main plot of the team, however, is to clear their names by defeating the Anglar.

Also, as ROB 64 and the Great Fox always remain with the player, if the player chooses to follow any Star Wolf-exclusive storyline (without Fox or any other "hero" characters to supervise), ROB joins the Star Wolf Team. He fulfills the same role he did while working with Star Fox and its members, however Wolf and his companions often treat ROB as an annoyance or an unwanted accessory.

In Command, each Star Wolf member flies a different ship, each with its own control panel and unique abilities.

Team Members:

  • Wolf O' Donnell (Ship: Wolfen)
  • Leon Powalski (Ship: Rainbow Delta)
  • Panther Caruso (Ship: Black Rose)
  • Krystal (Ships: Cloud Runner / Cornerian Fighter)
  • ROB 64 (Ship: Great Fox)

Star Fox ZeroEdit


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