Star Fox Adventures

Star Fox Adventures is a part of the Star Fox series. It was the last game developed by Rare Ltd. for a Nintendo console, before Microsoft fully bought out the company to become a first-party developer for the Xbox line of game consoles. Star Fox Adventures is the third game in the series, succeeding Star Fox 64, and features action-adventure gameplay unlike any Star-Fox title before it, but instead like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Logo for Star Fox Adventures.
Logo for Star Fox Adventures.
Boxart for Star Fox Adventures.

General Scales starts causing havoc on Dinosaur Planet. Krystal tries to fight them, gets hurt, sends a distress beacon, Star Fox receives the distress signal and comes to help.

Table of contents edit

  1. Krystal
  2. Starting with Fox
  3. Rescuing Tricky
  4. The Queen's Peril
  5. The First Gatekeeper
  6. DarkIce Mines
  7. Returning the First SpellStone
  8. The Second Krazoa Spirit
  9. Journey to Cape Claw
  10. CloudRunner Fortress
  11. Returning the Second SpellStone
  12. The Third Krazoa Spirit
  13. Walled City
  14. Returning the Third SpellStone
  15. The Fourth Krazoa Spirit
  16. Dragon Rock
  17. Returning the Last SpellStone
  18. The Fifth Krazoa Spirit
  19. Final Battle