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Simulation with AnyLogic/Discrete Event Simulation/Bank Model

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Bank ModelEdit

AnyLogic provides the Enterprise Library, a discrete-event simulation library containing objects you can use to rapidly simulate complex discrete-events systems like:

  • Manufacturing processes with detailed shop floor layout
  • Simple and complex service systems (e.g. banks, airports, etc.)
  • Business processes with activity based costing
  • Logistics and supply chain models

The Enterprise Library allows you to create flexible models, collect basic and advanced statistics, and effectively visualize the process you are modeling to validate and present your model.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create models with the Enterprise Library in the fields of manufacturing and business processes.

We will create a simple service system of a bank department, consisting of an automatic teller machine and teller lines. ATM provides people with a quick self-service for cash. More complex transactions, e.g. paying bills, are completed by tellers, allowing customers more time without inconveniencing those customers looking for quick cash.

You can run this model online.

  1.   Step 1. Creating a new model
  2.   Step 2. Creating a simple model
  3.   Step 3. Creating a model animation
  4.   Step 4. Collecting utilization statistics
  5.   Step 5. Adding custom animations for clients
  6.   Step 6. Adding tellers
  7.   Step 7. Collecting customer time statistics