Simulation with AnyLogic/Discrete Event Simulation

Discrete-Event SimulationEdit

AnyLogic provides Enterprise Library, a discrete-event simulation library containing objects you can use to rapidly simulate complex discrete-events systems like:

  • Manufacturing processes with detailed shop floor layout
  • Simple and complex service systems (e.g. banks, airports, hospitals etc.)
  • Business processes with activity based costing
  • Logistics and supply chain models

Enterprise Library allows you to create flexible models, collect basic and advanced statistics, and effectively visualize the process you are modeling to validate and present your model.

This tutorial shows you the basic steps of creating models of different natures – in the fields of manufacturing, service and business processes. Enterprise Library allows you to create models of different natures where discrete events happen – for example, parts processing during manufacturing or document processing during document circulation. There are many other spheres where discrete event simulation can be successfully applied. Moreover, in case you need to extend your model and go beyond pure discrete event simulation, you can seamlessly use any other AnyLogic modeling techniques in your model. For instance, you can use statecharts to describe complex, non-trivial behavior. For more information about the modeling techniques and ways AnyLogic supports, please refer to AnyLogic Help.