R Programming/Index

This page provides tables which make it easy to find functions for usual tasks in statistics in R, SAS and Stata. Other software may also be included in the future such as SPSS.

Data managementEdit

Function R Stata SAS
Merge merge() merge / mmerge -
Reshape reshape() reshape -
Expand a dataset expand() (epicalc) expand -

Descriptive StatisticsEdit

Function R Stata SAS
Mean mean() mean proc means
Histogram hist() hist -
Frequency table table() ta proc freq

Regression modelsEdit

Function R Stata SAS
Least Square lm() reg proc reg
GLM glm() glm proc glm
Probit models glm(, family = binomial(link="probit")) probit -
Logit models glm(, family = binomial(link="logit")) logit -
Linear fixed effects model plm( , model = "within") (plm) xtreg , fe -
Linear random effects model plm( , model = "random") (plm) xtreg , re -
Linear quantile regression rq() (quantreg) qreg -
Ordinal logistic regression polr() (MASS) ologit -
Linear IV (2sls) ivreg() (AER) ivreg proc syslin (2sls) -


Function R Stata SAS
Check some condition stopifnot() assert -