RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/RAC Attack 12c/VirtualBox VM Settings

  1. From the main screen, select the virtual machine collabn1 and click the Settings icon in the upper left hand corner.
  2. RA-vbox 4214-create vm-finished vm

  3. Open the USB sub-menu. Uncheck the Enable USB Controller check box.
  4. RA-vbox 4214-create vm-usb settings

  5. Open the Storage sub-menu. Delete the Empty disk under the IDE Controller.
  6. RA-vbox 4214-create vm-delete empty ide

  7. Click on Remove to confirm.
  8. RA-vbox 4214-create vm-delete ide
  9. Click on the Add CD/DVD Device.
  10. RA-vbox 4214-create vm-add iso

  11. Click on the Choose disk.
  12. VirtualBox New VM Settings New IDE

  13. Locate and open the Oracle_Linux_6_64.iso file.
  14. RA-vbox 4214-create vm-oracle linux 6 iso added

  15. Open the Network sub-menu. Under the Adapter 1 tab, change the Attached to: dropdown to Host-only Adapter.
  16. VirtualBox_Settings_Network_Adapter_1

  17. Choose the Adapter 2 tab. Check the box for Enable Network Adapter. Change the Attached to: dropdown to Internal Network and type the name rac-priv in the Name field.
  18. VirtualBox_New_VM_Settings_Network_Adapter_2

  19. Choose the Adapter 3 tab. Check the box for Enable Network Adapter. Change the Attached to: dropdown to NAT.
  20. VirtualBox_New_VM_Settings_Network_Adapter_3

  21. Select the Shared Folders tab. Click Add Shared Folder.
  22. Enter the path where you have downloaded the Oracle installation media and enter a name for your folder. Enter the Folder Name ""12cR1"". Check Auto-mount and click OK. VirtualBox_New_VM_Settings_Shared folder
  23. Click on Ok to save the modifications.
  24. Review the summary of the new virtual machine.