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Question Writer Tracker


Question Writer Tracker is a free service from Question Writer. It allows you to track and analyze the results for all your quizzes published on line and also provides webspace where you can upload your quizzes for easy access.

Once your quiz is published online you can create user tokens to restrict access to the quiz, eg to people who have paid or have reached some other criteria. See the Question Writer blog for more detail on this [1]

To use this service you will have to register on the Question Writer website [2]. Enter your email address as your user name and a password (one that you will remember!).


An email will be sent to your email address asking you to confirm that it is really you that is registering and once you have verified that, you will be able to publish quizzes to Question Writer Tracker and login and view your results.

You also have the option to amend your account details at any time. This includes your contact details, your Google Analytics ID and the automatic emailing of all results (even if you have not ticked the box in Web Settings).

If you want to have results sent to the Tracker you will have to use the same email address in the set up to Send Results over the Internet as you used to set up your tracker account. You can use the Question Writer results service for all quizzes, whether they are published using the Question Writer Tracker webspace or your own website. More information on the results service can be found in the Results section of this chapter.