Question Writer Manual/Save and Publish/Create a Web Page

Create a Web PageEdit

Even if you do not already have a website it is quite simple to put your quiz online. There are many different ways to do this without having any technical knowledge or having to pay for someone else's expertise.

There are many free website creation sites online, you can easily find them in any search engine. Before you go too far in setting up your new website make sure that you can load all the files that are needed to run your quiz. Be warned, while there are probably more that will let load the .swf files that you need to run a single quiz, finding one that will permit you to load .html files is a bit more difficult.

These files are needed to create a single link and run multiple random generated quizzes. So if you are using the Randomize option you will need to create a website where you can upload .html files.

Using SpanglefishEdit

A free website provider that will allow the upload of .html files is

The site creation is not automated, but the team at Spanglefish react very speedily (less than 10 minutes in my case) to the requests for new sites.

Once you have your site created you can download their own online manual to help with creating pages and editing text, although it is very straightforward.

To put your quiz online, you first of all need to open the Library page where you can upload your files. To start with this will not be a visible page, to make it visible you go to the Switch Pages On/Off tab in Site Admin and select Visible for the Library page.

Once in the Library page you can easily upload your quiz files. If you are going to be uploading a lot of files to your website you will probably want to create a folder for the quiz.

You do this by clicking on the New Folder button.

When you are ready, click on the Upload File button. A window will pop up asking where you want to upload the document to, you browse and select the appropriate folder.

When you click Continue you will be able to browse for the Question Writer files that you need.

Remember to upload all the files created when you published your quiz - there should be at least 3.

Once you have finished uploading the files you will probably want to make the Library page invisible to your public and only accessible to those with administrator privileges on your web page. This is achieved in the Switch Pages On/Off tab in Site Admin, this time choose Protected.

You can add a link to your quiz as part of your home page, or by creating a new page:

In the editing box click on the hyperlink symbol

And browse in other to find the .html file that you just uploaded.

Your quiz is now loaded and available online.

You can see the web page created for this tutorial at