Question Writer Manual/Quiz Options/Web Settings/Send Results over the Internet

Send Results over the InternetEdit

Send Results via Website to EmailEdit

If you tick this box you will be able to enter an email address in the text box. Make sure that you input the correct address of the email account where you would like the results to be sent. By default, all results sent to that email address will be automatically received and stored by the Question Writer Tracker server. To change the settings so that the results are only emailed and not stored by the Tracker server you must register with Question Writer Tracker and change the account preferences associated with that email address.

Please note that if you publish your quiz on the Question Writer Tracker service, this setting will be ignored, and all results will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your Question Writer Tracker account.

Send Results Before Showing Any FeedbackEdit

If you tick the Send Results Before Showing Any Feedback box, the results will be sent to the server before any feedback is displayed to the quiz-taker. This prevents the quiz-taker from shutting down the quiz after he sees what his score is, but before his results have been transmitted.

Use a Custom Results ServerEdit

If you're using your own script to process results, you can enter the address of your own server and results will be sent here. By default, Question Writer's server address will appear in this box.

Use a Customs Results Backup ServerEdit

You can also define the backup server, which is used if the main server can't be reached. If you're not using a backup server, just make this the same as the main server, and the quiz will continue to try to reach the main server until it is reachable. By default, Question Writer's server address will appear in this box.

What must the server reply?Edit

If your custom server successfully saved the results, it must imperatively reply "<OK/>". If you do not reply anything, QW will consider that there is a problem and try again and again.