Prealgebra for Two-Year Colleges/Appendix (procedures)

This appendix contains brief explanations of how to perform arithmetic procedures. We assume that the student has already seen these explanations before and just wants a reminder.

Appendix (procedures) edit

Operations on whole numbers edit

  1. Adding whole numbers with carrying  
  2. Subtracting whole numbers with borrowing  
  3. Multiplication table  
  4. Multiplying whole numbers with carrying  
  5. Dividing whole numbers by long division 

Order of operations edit


Operations on integers edit

  1. Adding integers  
  2. Subtracting integers  
  3. Multiplying integers  
  4. Dividing integers  

Converting between different forms of a number edit

  1. Reading Decimal Numbers  
  2. Rounding  
  3. Finding equivalent fractions  
  4. Reducing fractions  
  5. Converting improper fractions to mixed numbers  
  6. Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions  
  7. Converting fractions to decimals  
  8. Converting decimals to fractions  
  9. Converting fractions to percents  
  10. Converting percents to fractions  
  11. Converting decimals to percents  
  12. Converting percents to decimals  
  13. Graphing fractions, decimals, and percents on a number line  
  14. Drawing fractions, decimals, and percents as an area  

Operations on fractions edit

  1. Adding fractions  
  2. Subtracting fractions  
  3. Multiplying fractions  
  4. Dividing fractions  

Operations on mixed numbers edit

  1. Adding mixed numbers  
  2. Subtracting mixed numbers  
  3. Multiplying mixed numbers  
  4. Dividing mixed numbers  

Operations on decimals edit

  1. Adding decimals  
  2. Subtracting decimals  
  3. Multiplying decimals  
  4. Dividing decimals  

Vocabulary edit