Perspectives in Digital Literacy

Tech-savvy young people happily hacking away in a digital landscape composed of 1s and 0s
Perspectives in Digital Literacy

In theory, ... absolutely everything was available to him,

but that only meant that it was more or less impossible to find whatever it was you were looking for,

which is the purpose of computers.

-Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent.

Contents edit

I. Introduction for Contributors

II. Introduction for Readers: What is Digital Literacy?

III. The Internet and the World-Wide Web: History, Evolution, and Values

IV. Digital Literacy Topics

"Misuse of Smartphones: A Device Meant for Connection Slowly Isolating Society"
"Libérese de la Esclavitud Digital: Manteniendo las Redes Sociales Bajo Control"
"Caught in the Web: Exploring How Social Media Persuasive Strategies Can Lead to Addiction”
Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning
"The Beauty Algorithm: The New Tool of Manipulation"
Cybercrime and Cybersecurity
"The Futility of Personal Data Security: How Data Breaches Reveal Fundamental Issues in Data Harvesting"
"Evolving Walls of Ones and Zeroes: Deep Learning and its Uses in Cybersecurity"
Digital Divide
Digital Labor
"Waiting for 'The Great Awakening': QAnon as the Mother of All Conspiracy Theories"
"The Fake News Effect: The Impact of COVID-19 on 5G"
Filter Bubbles
Humane Tech Design
Net Neutrality
"More Than a Number: China’s Social Crediting System Comes with Inherent Bias"
"Stuffed with Garbage": How Fake News, Misinformation, and Disinformation Impact the Journalists' Code Of Ethics in Digital News Media
Open Culture
"Expensive Textbooks Stressing You Out? The Need for Open Educational Resources"
Social Media
"Digital Cult: Is Online Dating Making You Socially Awkward?"
"Stop Scrolling and Listen to Me: The Psychology Behind Social Media"
Surveillance-Attention Economy

V. Contributors