PSP/PRX Plugins


All plugins support 6.20-6.60 unless otherwise noted.

A full list of plugins can be found here.

Below are a list of PRX Plugins that we recommend.

(Plugin wikipages need to be made)

Core PluginsEdit

PRX files that we consider vital to the proper functioning of the PSP. Some of them deserve to be built into the custom firmware.

  • Automatic Load txt - Automatically loads your chosen plugins.
  • PluginManager - Enable/disable plugins without rebooting.
  • Extended OSK v2 - Copy and paste text in the Onscreen Keyboard!
  • Game Categories - Eventually, your PSP folder will get big. Very big. And it helps to be able to put them into folders.
  • UMD Dump - Dump any UMD to your Memory Stick, including Video and Audio UMDs.
  • Download Manager - An important augmentation that adds a download manager to the browser.
  • CustomHome - Adds much more features to the ingame Home Menu to make it much more useful. (Note: Prevented homebrew from running on my PSP Fat 6.60 PRO-C2.)
  • XMBCtrl - Adds various customization options for CFW to the XMB.
  • BlinkLED - Restores a feature that Sony removed in 6.20 that blinks the Wifi indicator when data is being transferred.

Optional Core PluginsEdit

PRX files that we recommend, but each to their own.

  • ZeroVSH Patcher - Load PRX, gameboots, fonts, resources, and other system files easily and safely.
  • SystemMenu plugin - A VSH Menu with a better GUI.
  • Custom Firmware Extender v3.1 - The king of plugins. Take screenshots, interface with RemoteJoy, stream ISOs/homebrew, play music ingame, etc.
  • Ultimate VSH Menu - The supreme settings manager.
  • Hold+ - When the Hold switch is enabled, power-saving functions like underclocking and lower screen brightness are enabled, allowing you much longer music playback, for example.
  • Slide+ (PSP Go Only) - Just like Hold+, but activates when the screen is stowed.
  • PSP Power Saver - Save up to 15% of battery life by simply disabling the UMD drive when not in use.


  • CFW Folder Blocker - Some newer UMD Games will start acting strangely if they detect the `ms0:/seplugins` or `ms0:/ISO` folders, so stop them from seeing the folders and they will be back to normal. Here is a list of those that do.
  • disc_change - If a UMD asks you to change disks, and you're using an ISO, you'll need this program.
  • Game Menu v7 - Bring the VSH menu to your game!
  • Profile Manager - Keep savedata safe in up to 20 different profiles, so that your annoying brother won't screw up your saves.
  • Pergame Custom - A plugin that selectively loads plugins for each game.
  • Resource Block - Prevents the useless music, video, and image files from being written when saving your game. Saving time will be much faster, and the data will be smaller. There are no adverse effects.

Customization PluginsEdit

Gives your PSP that extra flair.

  • CXMB - An advanced active theme manager for the PSP.
  • WallpaperChanger v1.3 Mod 2 - Switches the PSP background to the next one in `ms0:/PICTURE/Wallpaper` every time the PSP boots.
  • Dayviewer v7 - Add more information to the XMB information string, such as month name, year, battery percentage, and seconds.
  • XMB™ Item Hider - Hide unwanted categories from appearing in the XMB.
  • XMB Icon Manager - Rename existing icons and add your own functions to any icon.

Interesting PluginsEdit

Plugins that do cool things.

  • PSP 3D - Put on your red and blue glasses and see your PSP Games in 3D!
  • MP3PlayerPlugin - Listen to your own music while ingame on any game!
  • PaintOnXMB - Draw on your XMB screen at anytime, even when playing videos.
  • TweakDisplay - 23 awesome real time visual effects.
  • VSHPong - Play Pong anywhere on the XMB!

Screenshot and RecordingEdit

  • RemoteJoyLite - Stream to a PC screen with any PSP. It's like TV-Out, but for any PSP using a USB connection.
  • PRXShot - Take a screenshot while playing any game, without having to slog through issues with lag.
  • SV Capture - Capture GIFs with the push of a button
  • SSSSS - Takes screenshots. Supports BMP, PNG, and JPG.


Mess with your PSP games for cool stuff. Just don't cheat online.

  • DarkFrost - Based on NitePR, with improvements.
  • CWCheat
  • NitePR
  • FreeCheat
  • TempAr

Hardware RepairEdit

  • MacroFire - Full control over PSP controls, including remapping, adjusting the analog stick, and even setting macros.
  • JoySens - Custom sensitivity control over the PSP's analog stick.
  • Analog Block - Completely disable input from the analog stick. Only useful if it's beyond repair.
  • FX Powerspoof - Lost your battery and stuck using the AC Adapter? Trick your PSP into thinking that it's fully charged. Only use as a last resort.