The PlayStation Portable homebrew community was one of the most dynamic and successful modding initiatives in the history of consumer electronics. It went from a small operation to bring out the most of the first affordable mobile computing device, and managed to rescue exploit after exploit from the jaws of defeat.

Welcome to the BASLQC PSP Homebrew Wikibook,
dedicated to preserving homebrew on the PSP.

Yet now their achievements are stuck in obscurity, disappearing under the curses of code and link rot. We need to save, restore, and liquidate what we can salvage from the ruins of the forums and the bottomless depths of the file archives.

This Wikibook has been produced to help nostalgic users revive their PSP systems, and function as a final testament to their accomplishments.


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Install Custom Firmware on your PSP by following PSP/Custom Firmware Installation. Browse the PSP/Homebrew List', the PSP/Emulation List, the PSP/PRX Plugins list for recommended homebrew and mods. Start developing homebrew for PSP by reading the PSP Programming Guide.

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Hello World program running on a PlayStation Portable.

PS Vita

The PS Vita includes a PSP emulator. However, it can be a challenge to install custom firmware on it, due to Sony's stringent security on the Vita.


The majority of this guide would not exist without the effort of the major PSP devs and guidemakers out there. All credits go to them, with only a few portions to Antonizoon (myself), who organized them into a one stop shop and cleaned up the typos.