PSP/Homebrew List


This is a list of the best PSP homebrew to have ever been created.

Homebrew GamesEdit

  • Doom :P (A classic)
  • Wagic
  • Lamecraft
  • Cave Story
  • PSP Revolution
  • Squarez (Move your square to collect points, avoid the enemy squares, fun game :P)
  • Pang (Button popping game, also fun :D)
  • PSP Revolution (DDR-Clone)
  • 48-hour pong (3D Pong game)
  • rRootage
  • Super Mini Mario (Interesting mario clone, able to create your own levels)
  • Webfest
  • OpenTTD - Never updated since 1.50.

Visual NovelsEdit

Unfiled EmusEdit

UMD ToolkitsEdit

Firmware Toolkits/Pandora's BatteryEdit

Hellcat's Recovery FlasherEdit