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This section is not meant to be part of the printed book. It is simply a place for people working on the text to organize their thoughts about work they have pending, ideas they're tossing around, and so forth. Simply add a section for your own name and then add whatever information you want specific to your own needs. Please do not edit or comment on other peoples' sections without first discussing it in the discussion section.

Besides acting as personal reminders, it also allows other people working on the book to see who else is working on different sections and what plans they have, as an aid to avoid duplicated efforts, stepping on each others' toes, and so forth.

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Pete Davis

  • Need a clear index. Functional groups rather be the lesson 1 than one appendix.
  • Need to complete ToDo sections in cycloalkanes
  • Need to complete discussions of E1 and E2 elimination reactions.
  • Need to finish fixing up functional groups chart stolen from wikipedia
  • Glossary continues to need new definitions.
  • Haloalkanes needs a lot of work. The stuff on SN1 and SN2 reactions needs to be merged with the existing stuff on these reactions. The text also needs to be written like a textbook, not a checklist of information.
  • We need to discuss Torsional strain somewhere. I'm mentioning it in cycloalkanes, but I don't believe it's covered before then and it should probably be discussed earlier than that, probably in either Alkanes or in the stereochemistry section.
  • Okay, more strange stuff. Ethers are at the end of the Alcohol section. Ethers should probably be their own section...
  • McMurray has Ethers in a section called Ethers and Epoxides; Thiols and Sulfides. We might want to put together a miscellaneous section similar to that. On the other hand, Carey has Alcohols, Diols, and Thiols together and then a separate chapter for Ethers, Epoxides, and Sulfides. There's an argument to be made for placing Thiols with alcohols.
  • Before Ketones and Aldehydes, we might want to have a short section discussing carbonyls in general, since they encompass aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, esters, amides, enones, acid chlorides, and anhydrides. I think of those, we only cover the first 3 well and have everything else summarized pretty briefly in Carboxylic Acid Derivatives, which barely scratches the surface on any of the remaining. Several of them, at least, deserve more than passing attention.
  • Add Kolbe's Electrolysis to Carboxylic Acids page. Radical reaction to create alkanes by decarboxylation and dimerisation of R groups of carboxylic acids.
  • Need to finish writing about bond polarities and dipole moment in the Bonding section. And then need to discuss Molecular Electrostatic Potential maps in Visualization.

Up for Grabs


The items listed below need to be done, but nobody has claimed them yet. If you want to claim one, add it to your list.

  • End of chapter problems. Every chapter should have problems for the reader to work. Instead of having them on the main chapter page, there should be a link to the problem page and a separate link to the answers page. We should try to come up with about 50 problems per chapter, eventually.

Dharav Solanki


I will start contributing to this wikibook within about two months. I already have concise notes of the subject ready, so that gives me an impression that a better TO-DO list exists offline for me!

I would be concentrating on other side projects as well, So I request the other contributors to chisel out the rough works that I submit. I believe that starting from scratch is a tad too difficult and hence I would advocate a layered editing rather than submission of already edited work, because otherwise, the contributions are too scarce.

  • Grabbed - End Of Chapter Problems as well as Intext exercises.
  • A lot of editing has to be done in the works already submitted. The text at many places is loose, in the sense that those having free access to a library or a good tutor do not have anything to reap from this book, while at the same time they have to stress themselves a lot in understanding the latter two.
  • I feel I'd edit the text as DIY format at places possible, so that some of the newer logic is more like an interactive session rather than a dull article.

--Thewinster (talk) 08:54, 12 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]

i think there HAS to be a individual topics such as amides rather than a tiny tiny thing thats part of carboxylic acid derivatives. There is alot of information missing.