WCI 2016 edit

  • I was in Chandigarh at the WikiConferenceIndia 2016.
  • I have interviewed a lot of exciting mediawiki users over there regarding their experience with mediawiki and the wikipedia community.
  • You can find it at /WCI16

Sandbox edit


  • Believes there is no ideal textbook yet for the JEE.
  • Believes preparing for the JEE saps out all the creativity from a person who does not have an aptitude for any of the subjects.
  • Believes "IIT aspirant" is a somewhat abusive term, because it often describes a bespectacled loser who is a puppet to his parents' dreams of boasting the presence of a cramming genius in the family.
  • Believes places like Bansal Classes are ideal for studying the Sciences provided there were just three hundred students over there, but are always congenial given you do not let your brain drown.
  • Believes there is no use blaming the system of education in India when the solution to it lies in a few edits on wikibooks everyday by a few hundred editors.
  • Believes students at the +1/+2 level should not put their lives on halt for two years unless theyre aiming AIIMS or Computer Science at Powai.

Accelerating Wikibooks edit

I will be delivering a talk at the 2011 Wikimedia Conference India at Mumbai on the topic of "Accelerating Wikibooks". I am looking forward to editing and discussing the proposal, thus making it more relevant and down to the ground level. I'm hoping to include the current few discussions that are going around in the Wikibooks community, The problems that Wikibooks faces, Some new ideas to tackle these problems and a few case studies.

Please discuss the proposal here at /Accelerating Wikibooks

Ready resources edit

The following files have been uploaded by me and I'd look forward to people bookifying them!

  • Techniques of Integration : Fairly exhaustive notes for indefinite integration.
  • Geometrical Optics : Can work as a stand alone text for introducing concepts and problem solving approach for the subject. Needs to be bookified well!

Collaboration needed edit

Currently looking for collaborators on
Solved Question Papers - IIT JEE - An attempt to provide an insight to the most dreaded examination and to point out by non-preachy work how most resources for the JEE are sub standard.
Inorganic Chemistry - Just working on the chemical bonding section.