Old School RuneScape/Quests/Fishing Contest

This quest allows players access to a secret passage below White Wolf Mountain which allows them to avoid the mountain completely while walking between Catherby and Taverley. Inside this passage are a few dwarves, including an engineer needed for the Between a Rock... quest and a cook needed for a subquest of the Recipe for Disaster quest. There is also a dwarf selling tickets for a mine cart trip to Keldagrim (see The Giant Dwarf). Three dwarven stouts spawn in the room with all the dwarves, the tables in here make it a reasonable place for range training.

A few things you need to know for this quest:

  • The special bait you need to win the competition can be found in McGrubber's Woods west of Seer's Village. Go around to the north of the woods (just to the east of the house there) and you will see a loose railing, squeeze through the loose railing there and find a red vine. When you search it you will get a special worm, you will need 2-3 of these for bait.
  • Garlic can be found upstairs in Morgan's House (start of the Vampire Slayer quest) in Draynor Village. Go up the stairs, open the cupboard and search it.