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Recipe for Disaster
This was Jagex's 100th quest released, and is the longest and one of the hardest. It is a continuation of Cook's Assistant quest, the first one released by Jagex. It's split into lots of subquests after the initial short quest. These vary in difficulty, from very easy to pretty darn challenging. I'll deal with each subquest individually. Once you've done the first quest bit you can do any of the subquests in any order you want, except for the final part which you can only start once you've finished all the miniquests. There are different rewards for each quest, with the main rewards being the armoured gloves available to purchase in the Culinaromancer's chest. The way it is designed is that more gloves and cooking related weapons are available when you've completed more of the subquests. Very clever on Jagex's part, tricky to explain. Got all that? Good, let's get started.

Part 1: The Cook


Skill Requirements

  • Level 10 Cooking

Quest Requirements

Item Requirements
Fruit blast (you must make this yourself. You can't buy it. Sorry). Ashes. Eye of newt. Greenman's Ale (buy from the Yanille pub). Rotten tomato (buy at the duel arena or near a pillory).

Talk to the cook in the Lumbridge castle kitchen. Agree to help him with his little predicament (about to become a very big one). Gather all the items listed above (make a dirty blast by adding ashes to a fruit blast that you've made). Give them all to the cook. Congratulations! You've completed the extremely arduous (not) first part of Recipe for Disaster.


  • 1 Quest Point
  • An Invitation to a feast