Old School RuneScape/Quests/Cook's Assistant

Description: The Duke of Lumbridge is having a birthday, but the cook forgot to purchase the ingredients for the cake. The Lumbridge castle cook is in a mess; he needs a lot of ingredients and does not have much time.

Starting Point: Go to Lumbridge Castle. Talk to the cook; tell him that you will help.

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Short

Requirements: None

Items Needed: Flour, milk, and an egg.

The cook will tell you he needs ingredients to make a cake. He wants you get him flour, milk, and an egg.

Egg: Eggs respawn in the chicken barns. You can go to the barn northeast of Lumbridge. There is also another barn in Lumbridge and one south of Falador. You will see chickens inside the barn. Grab an egg from one of these places.

Milk: Buy a bucket from a General Store. Next, find a dairy cow. Dairy cows are black and white in color; you cannot fight them. They can be found around the brown cows you can fight. The closest dairy cow is in Lumbridge near the chicken farm, where all the cows are. Find the dairy cow and click on it. Click on the milk option. You will now have milk in your bucket.

Flour: To buy flour, you could get it from the Food Store at Port Sarim. A superior option is to make the flour yourself. To make flour, you will first need a pot, wheat, and water. You can buy a pot from a general store such as the Lumbridge General Store. If you walk northwest from Lumbridge, you should find a windmill. West of this windmill, south of Varrock, east of Draynor, you should find grain fields. Take one piece of grain. Now, go to the windmill between Draynor and Lumbridge. Once there, climb up the ladders to the very top of the windmill. Use your grain with the hopper. Next, look for the the switches for the hopper. Use the switches and the grain will fall down a shoot. Go down to the first floor and use your pot with the flour.

Once you have these three items, return to the cook and you will be done the quest.

Reward: 1 Quest Point, 300 cooking experience, and permission from the cook to use his range.