Old School RuneScape/Quests/The Giant Dwarf

To start this quest, go to the Keldagrim entrance in northeast Relekka. Go into the first cave and then into the second, talk to the dwarven boatman. He will take you to Keldagrim, on the way a cutscene happens and the quest is started. The quest does not have to be completed to access the city again but it is very helpful as completing it allows you to start the Between a Rock... quest. Completing the Giant Dwarf also grants you access to the mine cart transportation system. This connects Keldagrim to the tunnel below White Wolf Mountain (see Fishing Contest) and the dwarven mines below Ice Mountain. Every time the carts are used a fee has to be paid, with the Ring of Charos (U) (see Garden of Tranquility) the ticket price is halved. The city has some useful features such as the Blast Furnace minigame, a few stores, some stalls that are useful for Thieving, and most importantly a bank that can be very helpful when killing Slayer monsters in the Relekka slayer dungeon.