Ohio 7th Grade World History

Throughout the school year Mr. Holman's and Mr. Pennington's 7th grade social studies class studied many topics. We decided to create a digital textbook to share what we have learned. This textbook is about the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. We studied a large span of history, which included many diverse topics, including: Pre-History, Stone Age, Rome, Greece, Egypt, and China, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, Scientific Method, and the spread of Christianity. Our class decided the Middle Ages and the Renaissance were the most interesting. The main purpose with this textbook is to share our knowledge.

World History.
World History.

Table of Contents


Middle Ages

  1. Introduction to the Middle Ages
  2. Causes of Middle Ages
    1. Fall of Rome
    2. Vikings Invade Western Europe
    3. Charlemagne and Christianity
  3. Social Pyramid
  4. Wealth and Social Class
  5. Religion
  6. Weapons and Defense
  7. Japanese Feudalism
    1. Japanese Feudalism Compared to European Feudalism
    2. Japanese Samurai vs. European Knights
  8. Magna Carta
  9. Spread and Impact of the Black Death


  1. Introduction to the Renaissance
  2. Gutenberg and the Printing Press
  3. Literature
    1. Introduction
    2. Shakespeare
    3. Machiavelli
  4. Art
    1. Introduction
    2. Humanism
  5. Math and Science
  6. Architecture
    1. Introduction
    2. Renaissance Homes
    3. Renaissance Churches
    4. Effects
  7. Conclusion

Protestant Reformation

  1. Reformation
  2. Martin Luther
    1. Indulgences
    2. 95 Thesis
  3. King Henry VIII
  4. John Calvin