Ohio 7th Grade World History/Conclusion

The Renaissance left behind a lasting impact on history. The Renaissance began to uncover classical human achievements and the arts, and trade blossomed. New ways of thinking became common and architecture spread, making Greek and Roman styles more common. The idea of individualism, or humanism, was developed, and stress was placed on human actions and importance. New ideas were thought of, and new artwork emerged. The Church’s stranglehold on Europe loosened as the Reformation occurred and humanism spread. There was a spirit of excitement and joy and Europe was looking to the future. The Renaissance encouraged growth, learning, and expansion. It revitalized Europe and reinvigorated it, paving the way for the Age of Exploration. The Renaissance and Exploration Ages reestablished the ancient ideas and founded the pillars on which modern civilization stands. The values and spirit of the Renaissance are to this day instilled on our lives.

As the Renaissance ended, the impact it had on world history would endure.