Ohio 7th Grade World History/Social Pyramid

Feudal Hierarchy


There were two social pyramids during the Middle Ages: the social pyramid and the Catholic pyramid. The social pyramid was king at the top, the nobles & clergy, knights, and peasants & serf. The Catholic pyramid was the Pope at the top, then cardinals, archbishops, bishops, and the common clergy. The common clergy were nuns, priests, and monks. The Pope was a spiritual leader and a political leader. The clergy had the most power because they controlled the 1/10 rule. They could also excommunicate people. If the king was excommunicated then so were his subjects. Though the peasants were of the lowest rank, they had the most important jobs: growing and harvesting the crops. The knights fought for their ruler and provided land for the peasants, as did the nobles. The king controlled everything; they had the most luxury out of everyone next to the Pope.