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Oberon Hall of Fame edit


In 1985 Niklaus Wirth and Jürg Gutknecht embarked on a project to build a new workstation from scratch. The quote from Einstein: Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler served as a signpost for their approach - resulting in a system of exemplary lucidity, efficiency and compactness. Wirth was fascinated by the accuracy and reliability of the Voyager space probe then passing Oberon, one of the moons of Uranus. The project was christened Oberon in its honor. Oberon was designed to be easily extensible and it has lived-up to this expectation since then. Many, many people from world class software engineers, to university professors and to anonymous students have contributed to what you can obtain for free in a single package of modest size.

This is an incomplete list of people that have contributed to the ETH Oberon project. We have only included people with whom we have had direct contact. In addition, many people contributed to the sources. We address our apologies to those who were left out from the list, and we ask them to let us know.

ETH Oberon System edit

Niklaus Wirth and Jürg Gutknecht - Project Oberon for Ceres. Martin Reiser - Oberon System book and Oberon Language book. Jürg Gutknecht - Oberon System 3 project. Hannes Marais and Patrick Saladin - Gadgets. Hannes Marais, Mathias Hausner and Emil Zeller - Windows Oberon System 3. Michael Franz and Thomas Kistler - MacOberon System 3. Andreas Disteli - DOS Oberon System 3. Johan de Villiers and Pieter Muller - Oberon System 3 on Hybrid. Josef Templ, Peter Januschke and Jaco Geldenhuys - SPARC Solaris Oberon System 3. Markus Dätwyler and Patrick Saladin - Linux Oberon System 3. Peter Matthias - Linux Native Oberon System 3. Edgar Schwarz - HPUX Oberon System 3. Günter Feldmann - PowerPC Linux and Solaris Oberon System 3. Régis Crelier - DEC-Oberon. Emil Zeller - Gadgets Network and other tools. Hans Meier - Oberon and Syntax fonts.

ETH Oberon Compiler edit

Niklaus Wirth - Oberon compiler for Ceres. Régis Crelier - Portable Oberon compiler. Niklaus Mannhart - Intel 386/387 backend. Patrik Reali - Intel 386/387 Assembler. Patrik Reali - Active Oberon extensions. Roberto Morelli - Oberon-X extensions.

Packages and Tools edit

Martin Gitsels - TCP/IP and NetSystem. André Fischer - Tutorials and The Oberon Companion. Erich Oswald - Leonardo. MJ de Villiers de Wet - Static Linker, Scope and FATFiles. Wolfgang Pircher - ET4000 driver. Peter Matthias - ET4000 and S3 Trio driver. Jörg Derungs - GD54xx driver. Ott Hans-Werner and Andreas Disteli - VGA driver. Andreas Disteli - S3 and W32 display drivers. Martin Pirker - Vesa driver. Francis Bogsanyi - ATAPI CD driver. Thomas Burri - SoundBlaster driver. Jörg Derungs - LayLa. Bruno Essmann - DOS-based bootloader. MJ de Villiers de Wet - FATFiles and DOS tool. Peter Ryser - NCR 810 SCSI driver. Wolfgang Ibl - Adaptec 1520 SCSI driver. Bernd Mösli - Reals, scanning. David Ulrich - JPEG converter and Dim3. Ralph Sommerer - Script editor, on-line documents. Patrick Saladin - Hex editor. Daniel Ponti - Rembrandt and Backdrops. Josef Templ and Jacques Supcik - PostScript printer driver. Lajos Truszek - HP Laserjet driver. Beat Heeb and Karl Rege - HP 550C printer driver. Robert Griesemer and Wolfgang Weck - VT100 emulator. Thomas Nauer - Pictures. Ivan Posva and Martin Gitsels - Telnet. Clemens Szyperski and Hanspeter Mössenböck - EditTools. Ralph Sommerer and Andreas Disteli - TextMail. Robert Griesemer - Sisiphus. Karl Rege and Andreas Disteli - Server system and client printer. Ralph Sommerer - V4 to System 3 text convertor. Urs Hiestand and Ralph Sommerer - ET editor and Popup menus. Stefan Ludwig - Analyzer. Luca Balestra - CU-SeeMe receiver. Patrick Saladin - Outlines, Freecell, Solitaire, Spider, Shanghai. Markus Dätwyler and Patrick Saladin - MineSweeper. Wolfgang Ibl - Tetris, Asteroids and Calculator. Emil Zeller - Sokoban and Scramble. David Müller and Martin Gitsels - SLIP. Urs Hiestand - LEDA. Patrik Reali - HPCalc. Thierry Bralla - UnZip. Clyde Knaus - LayoutPanels. Andreas Margelisch - RX. Christoph Kleiner - Three Dimensional Dreams (TDD). Edgar Schwarz, Martin Aeschlimann and Claude Knaus - PPP. Paul Floyd - Canadian keyboard table. Wolfgang Ibl - UK keyboard table. Necati Ecevit - Turkish keyboard table. Reto Strobl - 3Com509B driver. Christian Plattner - ATA driver. Christoph Kleiner - Three Dimensional Dreams (TDD). Régis Crelier and Edgar Schwarz - Floating-point emulator. Alan Webber - Dvorak keyboard table. Stanislaw Ciszewski - Polish keyboard table. G. Meunier - French keyboard. Peter Ryser - NE2000 ethernet driver. William Myburgh - Test Coverage Analyser. John Stout - DES module.

Beta Testers edit

The following people took part in the initial beta tests (roughly in chronological order):

Jürg Gutknecht, Patrik Reali, Andreas Disteli, Peter Ryser, Francis Bogsanyi, Wolfgang Pircher, Wolfgang Ibl, Peter Matthias, Jörg Derungs, Bernd Mösli, Hannes Marais, Frank Hrebabetzky, Emil Zeller, Erich Oswald, André Fischer, Jacques Supcik, Jaco Geldenhuys, Henk Roux, Alan Webber, Doug Danforth, Philipp Heuberger, George Fankhauser, J.T. Utne, Necati Ecevit, Josef Sedlacek, Aubrey McIntosh, Brian Hawley, Daniel Vogelheim, Gotthard Schmidt, Robert Lichtenberger, Beat Christen, Steve Adams, Paul Floyd, Alan Freed, Erik Hill, Jan de Kruyf, Vesna Velickovic, Guy Laden, Patrick Saladin, Markus Dätwyler, et al.

Apologies to anyone who has accidentally been left out.

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Additional Contributors edit

Contributions to the wikibook have ranged from specific suggestions to authoring of complete sections. "View history" at the top of any page opens an edit log.

Contributor Affiliation
André Fischer, afi[1] Zürich, Swiss Confederation
Andreas Pirklbauer Zürich, Swiss Confederation
Bernhard Treutwein Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Chris Burrows CFB Software, Burnside, Adelaide, Australia
David Lightfoot Oxford Brooks University, Headington, UK
Dieter Glötzel Mühltal, Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hesse, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Felix Friedrich Computer Science Department, ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) Zürich, Swiss Confederation
Hannes Marais[2] California, USA
Hans Klaver Netherlands
Иван Андреевич Денисов
Ivan Andreevich Denisov
Department of Biophysics, Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Jeff Maggio
Josef Sedlacek Radiar, Zürich, Swiss Confederation
Jörg Straube Zürich, Swiss Confederation
Liam Proven Prague, Czechia (Czech Republic)
Magnus Karlsson SpikeGadgets, San Francisco, California, USA
Michael Schierl Aichach, Aichach-Friedberg, Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Prof. Pablo Cayuela Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Córdoba, República Argentina
Paul Reed London, England
Rochus Keller Rigi, Swiss Confederation
Сергей Дурманов,
Sergey Durmanov
Barnaul, Russia
Tomas Kral Czech Republic
Wojtek Skulski Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester, New York, USA
  1. Initials can be found in source Texts; "i" denoting ingenieur. Author of numerous documents including the (ETH) Oberon Tutorial and the Oberon Companion.
  2. Coauthor with André Fischer of the Oberon Companion.