Oberon Computing Systems

Development stage: 90% (as of Jul 5, 2022)[1]

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"Oberon Computing Systems" includes multiple aspects.[2] For an overview of these systems, begin with the Wikipedia article. For authoritative documents see Bibliography. For other uses of the name Oberon, refer to the disambiguation page.

Table of contents edit

  • Text
    • Editing a Text
    • Programmatical Access to a Text
    • How Text Works ...
    • In V2
    • In ETH Oberon
    • In the Oberon Subsystem of A2
    • In V5
    • Text.FindPiece and the cache
  • Licenses
    • ETH Oberon License
    • ETH Bluebottle/Aos/A2 License
    • Project Oberon, Revised Edition 2013
  • ETH Oberon
    ETH Oberon on a Tatung TWN-5213 CU tablet.[3]
    • Links
    • Installing
    • Adding a Calendar and Clock
    • Text
    • Module Sources
    • Texts
    • Tools
  • Linz Oberon, V4
    Oberon V4 on an iMac M1.
    • Installing
    • Configuring
    • Starting V4 on Linux
    • Usage Notes
    • Bug Fixes
    • Module Sources
  • A2
    Firefox and A2 with Weston and XWayland on a Debian 10 system with twin screens.
    • Links
    • Installing and Running UnixAos
    • User and Machine Specific Configuration of UnixAos
    • The A2 Repository
    • Running
    • User Level Applications
    • The Oberon Sub-system
    • Module Sources, Tools and Configuration Texts
  • V5
    • Installing
    • Text
    • Notes
    • Sources
  • Booting
    • V2
    • ETH Oberon
    • V4
    • V5
    • Multi-booting
  1. Substantial content is present. Improvements remain possible and editing continues at a modest pace.
  2. The Oberon programming language with multiple dialects, various Oberon operating systems, computing hardware where the operating systems have been used and the hardware description language, Lola-2, used to configure a FPGA.
  3. An adapter is required to connect a conventional serial mouse to the Hirose 3540-16P-CV connector. Oberon does not yet support the touchscreen.