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These tutorial pages were written by André Fischer (afi) with editorial assistance of Hannes Marais, were hosted at the ETHZ and remain under the ETH license. Related content is found in the system via Book.Tool. Extended content is also available on paper. Some tutorial pages are in the WayBack archive.

Master index

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absolute positioning (Mouse)
activator macro # (GadgetsUse)
active area (GadgetsIntro)
Adaptive (GadgetsProg)
alias (GadgetsUse)
Analyzer.Analyze (Compiler)
Analyzer.Tool (Compiler)
ancestor (GadgetsIntro)
Applications (Applic)
archive* (Watson)
archive (Compress)
area selection (Rembrandt)
ASCII table (Applic)
AsciiCoder.CodeFiles (Compress)
AsciiCoder.CodeText (Compress)
AsciiCoder.DecodeFiles (Compress)
AsciiCoder.DecodeText (Compress)
AsciiCoder.Tool (Compress)
AsciiCoder (Compress)
ASCIITab.NewFrame (Applic)
attributes (GadgetsUse)


base line (FontEditor)
Base64.Decode (Compress)
Base64.Encode (Compress)
Base64 (Compress)
BasicGadgets.SetValue (GadgetsOberon)
Boolean (GadgetsUse)
Browser.ShowDef (Watson)
Browser.ShowObj (Watson)
Browser.Tool (Watson)
browser (Internet)
browser (Watson)
Builder.ClearErrors (Compiler)
Builder.Compile (Compiler)
Builder.Free (Compiler)
Builder.InsertHierarchy (Compiler)
Builder.MarkErrors (Compiler)
Builder.NextError (Compiler)
Builder.Tool (Compiler)
Button (GadgetsIntro)
Button (GadgetsUse)


Calc.Char (Applic)
Calc.Dec (Applic)
Calc.Hex (Applic)
Calc.List (Applic)
Calc.Real (Applic)
Calc.Reset (Applic)
Calc.Set (Applic)
calculator: desktop (Applic)
calculator: HP (Applic)
Calendar (GadgetsUse)
call Attribute Profiler, cAP (Profiler)
cancel (Mouse)
Caption (GadgetsUse)
card game: writing your own one (Games)
card games (Games)
caret focus (Mouse)
caret (GadgetsProg)
caret (Mouse)
caret (Mouse)
caret (Mouse)
changing your password (Internet)
character metrics (FontEditor)
check box (GadgetsIntro)
CheckBox (GadgetsUse)
Circle (GadgetsUse)
circle (Rembrandt)
clicking (Mouse)
clipboard (Rembrandt)
Clock (GadgetsUse)
clone (Rembrandt)
Cmd attribute (GadgetsUse)
color attribute (GadgetsUse)
ColorPicker (GadgetsUse)
color (Rembrandt)
Columbus.AddObj (Columbus)
Columbus.FreeObj (Columbus)
Columbus.GetObj (Columbus)
Columbus.Inspect (Columbus)
Columbus.InspectLink (Columbus)
Columbus.RenameObj (Columbus)
Columbus.ShowObjs (Columbus)
Columbus (Columbus)
Compiler.Compile (Compiler)
Compiler.Panel (Compiler)
Compiler.SetDestPath (Compiler)
Compiler.Tool (Compiler)
complex gadget (GadgetsIntro)
Complex.Mod (GadgetsProg)
Complex (GadgetsUse)
composition tool (GadgetsUse)
compress (Unix) (Compress)
Compress.Add (Compress)
Compress.Delete (Compress)
Compress.Directory (Compress)
Compress.ExtractAll (Compress)
Compress.Extract (Compress)
Compress.Open (Compress)
Compress.Tool (Compress)
compress (Compress)
concatenation (GadgetsUse)
consume operation (GadgetsIntro)
ConsumeCmd attribute (GadgetsUse)
container (GadgetsIntro)
context (GadgetsIntro)
control area (GadgetsIntro)
copy attributes (Mouse)
copy selection over to caret (Mouse)
copy selection to caret (Mouse)
copy selection (GadgetsIntro)
copy-and-paste (Mouse)
copy (Rembrandt)
CurrentDirectory (GadgetsUse)
CurrentLoad (GadgetsUse)
cut (Rembrandt)


deep copy (GadgetsUse)
definition module (Watson)
Definitions.Arc (Compress)
Definitions.Arc (Watson)
delete selection (GadgetsIntro)
delete selection (Mouse)
descendant (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.ChangeBackdrop (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.Close (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.Copy (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.Grow (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.InsertDoc (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.OpenDoc (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.OpenDoc (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.OpenDoc (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.Open (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.PrintDoc (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.Recall (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.ReplaceDoc (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.ShowDoc (GadgetsOberon)
Desktops.StoreDoc (GadgetsIntro)
desktop (GadgetsIntro)
Desktops.Store (GadgetsIntro)
destination frame (GadgetsProg)
DigitalClock (GadgetsUse)
Display.ControlMsg (GadgetsOberon)
Display.DisplayMsg (GadgetsOberon)
Display.DisplayMsg (GadgetsProg)
Display.FrameMsg (GadgetsProg)
Display.LocateMsg (GadgetsOberon)
Display.ModifyMsg (GadgetsOberon)
Display.PrintMsg (GadgetsProg)
Display.SelectMsg (GadgetsOberon)
Display3.Mask (GadgetsProg)
document locator (Internet)
document New procedure (GadgetsIntro)
document (GadgetsIntro)
Documents.DocumentDesc (GadgetsProg)
Documents.Init (GadgetsOberon)
Documents.Open (GadgetsOberon)
DocumentSkeleton.Mod (GadgetsProg)
dot file (Unix) (Internet)
double attribute (Rembrandt)
drag-and-drop (GadgetsIntro)
drag-and-drop (GadgetsIntro)
dragging (Mouse)


edit picture (Rembrandt)
editing (Mouse)
EditTools.OpenAscii (DataConverter)
EditTools.OpenUnix (DataConverter)
EditTools.StoreAscii (DataConverter)
EditTools.StoreUnix (DataConverter)
RembrandtFrame (GadgetsUse)
encode/decode (Compress)
end-user objects (GadgetsIntro)
erase color (Rembrandt)
erase (Rembrandt)
error marker (Compiler)
Esc key (Mouse)
Esc key (Mouse)
EventTimer (GadgetsUse)
execute (Mouse)


F1 key (Mouse)
F2 key (Mouse)
F2 key (Mouse)
FAQ (Internet)
fill attribute (Rembrandt)
fill (Rembrandt)
Finder (GadgetsUse)
finger (Unix) (Internet)
Finger.Finger (Internet)
flip selection horizontally (FontEditor)
flip selection vertically (FontEditor)
focus viewer (Mouse)
font editor panel (FontEditor)
font editor (FontEditor)
font metrics (FontEditor)
font resource (Win) (FontEditor)
FontEditor.Panel (FontEditor)
font (FontEditor)
FontRes.Convert (FontEditor)
FontRes.Tool (FontEditor)
forwarding mail (Internet)
Freecell (Games)
freehand selection (Rembrandt)
FTPTool.ChangeDir (Internet)
FTPTool.Close (Internet)
FTPTool.CompactDir (Internet)
FTPTool.CurDir (Internet)
FTPTool.DeleteFiles (Internet)
FTPTool.Dir (Internet)
FTPTool.GetFiles (Internet)
FTPTool.GetTexts (Internet)
FTPTool.MakeDir (Internet)
FTPTool.Open (Internet)
FTPTool.PutFiles (Internet)
FTPTool.PutTexts (Internet)
FTPTool.RmDir (Internet)


gadget composition (GadgetsUse)
gadget instance (GadgetsUse)
Gadgets.Change (GadgetsUse)
Gadgets.ChangeAttr (GadgetsUse)
Gadgets.context (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.Copy (GadgetsUse)
Gadgets.CreateObject (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.CreateViewModel (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.Execute (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.ExecuteAttr (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.executorObj (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.FindObj (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.FindPublicObj (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.FrameDesc (GadgetsProg)
Gadgets.GetObjName (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.Insert (GadgetsUse)
Gadgets.Insert (GadgetsUse)
Gadgets.Integrate (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.Link (GadgetsUse)
Gadgets.NameObj (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.ObjDesc (GadgetsProg)
Gadgets.receiverObj (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.senderObj (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.Set (GadgetsUse)
Gadgets.ThisFrame (GadgetsOberon)
Gadgets.Update (GadgetsOberon)
gadgets (GadgetsIntro)
games (Applic)
Gen attribute (GadgetsProg)
Gen attribute (GadgetsUse)
generator (GadgetsUse)
Gopher (Internet)
graphical user interface (GadgetsIntro)
grid snap attribute (GadgetsUse)
grid (FontEditor)
GUI (GadgetsUse)


handler (GadgetsProg)
Hex.Open (DataConversion)
hot list (Internet)
HP calculator (Applic)
HPCalc.Panel (Applic)
HTML tag (Tutorials)
HTMLDocs.SwitchIMG (Internet)
HTTPDocs panel (Internet)
HTTPDocs.AddToHotList (Internet)
HTTPDocs.History (Internet)
HTTPDocs.ReloadDoc (Internet)
HTTPDocs.ShowHotList (Internet)
HTTPLinks panel (Internet)
hypertext (Internet)


Icon (GadgetsProg)
Icon (GadgetsUse)
Iconizer (GadgetsUse)
initiator macro ! (GadgetsUse)
insertion point (Mouse)
Integer (GadgetsUse)
interclicking (Mouse)


keyboard input (GadgetsProg)


left mouse key (Mouse)
library inspector (Columbus)
Line (GadgetsUse)
line (Rembrandt)
link (GadgetsIntro)
list (GadgetsIntro)
List (GadgetsUse)
LoadDoc (GadgetsProg)
lock (GadgetsIntro)
locked attribute (GadgetsUse)
lookup macro & (GadgetsUse)
LPRPrinter.BannerPage (Applic)
LPRPrinter.Install (Applic)
LPRPrinter.MailBack (Applic)
LPRPrinter.PrintPSFile (Applic)
LPRPrinter.RemoveJobs (Applic)
LPRPrinter.ShowJobs (Applic)


macro (GadgetsUse)
MacTCP (Internet)
Mail.Panel (Internet)
Mail.Send (Internet)
mail (Internet)
mailbox (Internet)
make icon (Rembrandt)
marked viewer (Mouse)
marker focus (Mouse)
marker (Mouse)
MemoryUsed (GadgetsUse)
menu bar (GadgetsIntro)
Menu (GadgetsProg)
message (GadgetsProg)
middle mouse key (Mouse)
MineSweeper (Games)
mirror attribute (Rembrandt)
mirror horizontally (Rembrandt)
mirror vertically (Rembrandt)
model gadget (GadgetsIntro)
Model-Viewer-Controller (GadgetsIntro)
Model-View (GadgetsUse)
module public view (Watson)
most recent selection (Mouse)
mouse actions (Mouse)
mouse cursor (Mouse)
mouse focus (Mouse)
mouse key actions (GadgetsIntro)
mouse tracking (GadgetsProg)
move (GadgetsIntro)
move (Rembrandt)
moving picture (FontEditor)
moving picture (Rembrandt)
MVC (GadgetsIntro)


Name attribute (GadgetsUse)
NamePlate (GadgetsUse)
native object files (Compiler)
Navigator (GadgetsUse)
NetTools.ClearCache (Internet)
NetTools.DownLoadDoc (Internet)
NetTools.Get EMail (Internet)
NetTools.Get NNTPHost (Internet)
NetTools.Set EMail (Internet)
NetTools.Set NNTPHost (Internet)
New document (GadgetsOberon)
New procedure (GadgetsProg)
New procedure (GadgetsUse)
NewDoc (GadgetsProg)
News.FollowupArticle (Internet)
News.PostArticle (Internet)
News.ShowAllGroups (Internet)
News.ShowNewGroups (Internet)
News.StoreInitText (Internet)
News.SubGroup (Internet)
News.SubscribedGroups (Internet)
News.UnsubGroup (Internet)
NoteBook (GadgetsUse)


Oberon.ControlMsg (GadgetsProg)
Oberon.InputMsg (GadgetsProg)
Oberon.Par.frame (GadgetsOberon)
Oberon.Par.obj (GadgetsOberon)
OberonErrors.Text (Compiler)
object inspector (Columbus)
object selection (Rembrandt)
Objects.AttrMsg (GadgetsOberon)
Objects.AttrMsg (GadgetsProg)
Objects.CopyMsg (GadgetsProg)
Objects.FileMsg (GadgetsProg)
Objects.NewObj (GadgetsOberon)
Organizer (GadgetsUse)
Outline (GadgetsUse)


panel (GadgetsIntro)
Panel (GadgetsUse)
PanelDoc (GadgetsUse)
paste (Rembrandt)
pen (Rembrandt)
performance measurement (Profiler)
pick color (Rembrandt)
Picture (GadgetsUse)
point (Mouse)
Poly.Panel (Applic)
polygon (Rembrandt)
PolyWorlds (Applic)
POP (Internet)
position mark (Mouse)
Post Office Protocol (Internet)
preview string (FontEditor)
preview (FontEditor)
print character picture (FontEditor)
print picture (Rembrandt)
Procedures (GadgetsOberon)
Procedures (GadgetsOberon)
processor macros {, }, | (GadgetsUse)
Profiler.Compile (Profiler)
Profiler.Reset (Profiler)
Profiler.Show (Profiler)
Profiler.ShowCode (Profiler)
Profiler.ShowMem (Profiler)
Profiler.Tool (Profiler)
ProgressMeter (GadgetsUse)
PS converter (Applic)
PS.PictToPost (Applic)
PS.Tool (Applic)


radio button (GadgetsIntro)
radio button (GadgetsIntro)
Real (GadgetsUse)
Rectangle3D (GadgetsUse)
Rectangle (GadgetsUse)
rectangle (Rembrandt)
reference point (FontEditor)
Reference (GadgetsUse)
RefFrame (GadgetsUse)
relative positioning (Mouse)
Rembrandt panel (Rembrandt)
RembrandtDoc (GadgetsUse)
Remote printing (Applic)
resize (GadgetsIntro)
retouch character picture (FontEditor)
retouch picture (Rembrandt)
right mouse key (Mouse)
rotate selection (FontEditor)
rotate (Rembrandt)


sample module (Watson)
scale (Rembrandt)
Scope (GadgetsUse)
Scramble (Games)
scroll backward (Mouse)
scroll bar (Mouse)
scroll forward (Mouse)
scroll to bottom (Mouse)
scroll to top (Mouse)
scrolling (Mouse)
ScrollView (GadgetsUse)
selection macro ^ (GadgetsUse)
selection method (Rembrandt)
selection (FontEditor)
selection (Mouse)
selection (Rembrandt)
SetFrame (GadgetsUse)
Set (GadgetsUse)
shallow copy (GadgetsUse)
Sisiphus (GadgetsUse)
Skeleton.Mod (GadgetsProg)
slider (GadgetsIntro)
Slider (GadgetsUse)
slim binaries (Compiler)
Smalltalk (GadgetsIntro)
smear attribute (Rembrandt)
smear (Rembrandt)
SMTP (Internet)
Snapshot.Document (Applic)
Snapshot.Gadget (Applic)
Snapshot.InsertDocument (Applic)
Snapshot.InsertGadget (Applic)
Snapshot.InsertViewer (Applic)
Snapshot.Screen2 (Applic)
Snapshot.Screen (Applic)
Snapshot.Viewer (Applic)
snapshot (Applic)
Sokoban (Games)
Solitaire (Games)
Sort.Sort (Applic)
Sort.Tool (Applic)
Spider (Games)
Spline (GadgetsUse)
spray attribute (Rembrandt)
spray (Rembrandt)
stamp (Rembrandt)
StoreDoc (GadgetsProg)
String (GadgetsUse)


tar (Unix) (Compress)
target frame (GadgetsProg)
TelnetGadgets.CloseCon (Internet)
TelnetGadgets.OpenLog (Internet)
Tetris (Games)
text conversion (DataConverter)
text field (GadgetsIntro)
text lines sorter (Applic)
Text2HTML.Compile (Tutorials)
TextDoc (GadgetsUse)
TextField (GadgetsUse)
TextGadget (GadgetsUse)
TextHyperlink (GadgetsUse)
TextNote (GadgetsUse)
TextStyle (GadgetsUse)
Text (GadgetsUse)
TimeStamp (GadgetsUse)
tracking lines (Mouse)
tracking the caret (Mouse)
tracking the selection (Mouse)
tracking words (Mouse)
trap viewer (Compiler)
Trumpet (Internet)
tutorial authoring commands (Tutorials)


undo (Rembrandt)
Uniform Resource Location (Internet)
unload module (Compiler)
URL (Internet)
User agent (Internet)
user interfaces (GadgetsUse)
uudecode (Unix) (Compress)
UUDecoder.Decode (Compress)
UUDecoder.Tool (Compress)
uudecode (Internet)
uuencode (Internet)


Veronica (Internet)
vertical offset (FontEditor)
view (GadgetsIntro)
view (GadgetsIntro)
View (GadgetsUse)
visual gadget (GadgetsIntro)
visual reference gadget (Columbus)


Watson commands (Watson)
Watson setup (Watson)
Watson.Check (Watson)
Watson.ConvertDefs (Watson)
Watson.Lib (Watson)
Watson.MakeDefs (Watson)
Watson.Panel (Watson)
Watson.ShowDef (Watson)
Watson.ShowExports (Watson)
Watson.ShowImports (Watson)
Watson.ShowObj (Watson)
who (Unix) (Internet)
width attribute (Rembrandt)
WinSocket (Internet)
Write To Script (Applic)
WTS.Convert (Applic)
WTS.Tool (Applic)
WTS (Applic)
WWW (Internet)


zoom (FontEditor)
zoom (Rembrandt)


\Book (Tutorials)
\Call (Tutorials)
\Chapter (Tutorials)
\Index (Tutorials)
\Label (Tutorials)
\Link (Tutorials)
\\ (Tutorials)