MeGUI/Guides/iPod Conversion Guide/Setup

Basic InfoEdit

This section deals with downloading, installing and configuring the required programs correctly.

Required ProgramsEdit

  • MeGUI. For guide on installing MeGUI, read the instructions here.
  • Any DirectShow filter (or "Codec Pack") that can decode the source file format. There are a few free codec packs:
    • The K-Lite Codec Pack is a complete solution of decoding the majority of files. It contains some more video and audio processing features comparing to the CCCP. Please visit [1] for more information.
    • The CCCP is a codec pack that installs a minimal set of filters that decode the vast majority of files (see [2] for more info).

Program SetupEdit

  • MeGUI: MeGUI requires no additional setup after you have fully updated it. By default, it will prompt you to update whenever there is one.

Once you've done this, proceed to the next section: encoding the audio.

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