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Basic InfoEdit

This section covers encoding the audio to reach an iPod compatible standard.

Setting up your iPod ProfileEdit

The items needed attention are in red boxes.

We are going to add an iPod profile to simplify future encoding for MeGUI.

  • In the main window of MeGUI go to the audio section. In the Drop down list that is labelled "Codec", choose "Nero AAC: *scratchpad*". Click "Config".
  • Set your settings like the ones shown on the right.
    • In "Output channels", select "Downmix Multichannel to stereo".
    • Select "Constant Bitrate". Set the slider to "320kbit/s".
    • Set the AAC profile to AAC-LC
  • Click "New". Type "iPod Profile". Click "OK"

Encoding the AudioEdit

All modern iPods supports AAC audio, and it is the best audio codec that MeGUI supports encoding to. We have to use the Nero AAC encoder as it is the only AAC encoder available in MeGUI.

  • On the first page of MeGUI click the [...] button next to audio input. Browse for your input file and open it.
  • Click the [...] button next to audio output. Remember the location of the file as it will be used later.
  • Select your iPod Profile in the profiles drop down list.
  • When you are ready, click Queue.

Once you've done this, proceed to the next section: encoding the video.

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