Mandarin Chinese Grammar for Pimsleur Students/Future tense

Future tense


The future tense is generally indicated by the auxiliary verb 要 (yào). 会 (huì) can also be used in the same way. The difference in meaning is slight; 要 conveys more of a "plan to" or "going to" meaning, while 会 means a default "will," indicating that the speaker is rather confident that the following action will happen, at least when compared to 要.

yào will, want
我们坐飞机去 ◦ wŏmen yào zuò fēijī qù. We will travel by airplane.
现在吃午饭 ◦ yào xiàn zài chī wŭfàn. I am going to have lunch now.
几个小时 ? yào jĭ ge xiăoshí? How many hours is it going to be?
迟到。 huì chí dào. I will be late.