Lore of Learning captures timeless principles of learning for teachers and learners alike. The book is written for contemporary times as technology is transforming the way people go about learning and gain access to information and knowledge, but draws on insights from as far back as the earliest writings on knowledge and learning, and from a range of cultures.

Learning - timeless wisdom.
Learning - timeless wisdom.

Table of Contents edit

The structure (volumes, parts, chapters) is not pre-determined.

See structure discussion page for some ideas.

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Writing this Book edit

  1. Process
  2. Stories of Learning
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  5. Acknowledgements

Aspiration edit

The book aspires to match the standard set by: Lore of Running[1] by Tim Noakes.

  1. Noakes, Tim. 2003. The Lore of Running. (4th edition) Oxford University Press ISBN 0-87322-959-2