Lore of Learning/Stories of Learning

Ideally, this book should be rooted in personal experience. This section is intended as a means of capturing personal stories of learning and/or teaching. Think of these as story cards with some additional information to provide context and enable one to understand the factors which made this learning experience effective - towards general patterns of learning. The idea is to tell the most positive stories - the ones where the learning was effective. Some stories may be adapted and included in the book, most likely in a section pertaining to the present, though possibly with links to teaching and learning styles described elsewhere.

The following Template may be used:

  1. Briefly describe your most positive learning experience. Think back to a time when you can say you really learned something. It might have been at school in a particular class, or at university in a particular tutorial, or while you were at work, or busy at home, or with friends in a completely different situation. (one or two short paragraphs)
  2. In the story you have just entered above, why did you need to or want to learn those things? Perhaps you were required to as part of a course and you needed the learning to get a qualification? Perhaps the topic was of great interest to you? Perhaps you needed to learn this in order to do something? Please explain why you needed or wanted this learning? (one paragraph)
  3. What factors do you think made this such a positive learning experience? Perhaps it was the presence of a great teacher? Perhaps the other learners were very helpful? Maybe you could sense your own improvement during that time? Perhaps there was a good balance between fun and focused concentration? Perhaps it was having access to the Internet? Or something else altogether? (a list of one - five factors).
  4. Why do you think these factors were so important at the time? Perhaps your state of knowledge required the great teacher to stimulate interest in the topic? Perhaps the teacher tended to talk over your head but a friend in the class could explain the concepts to you perfectly? Perhaps your self-confidence needed a boost? Perhaps the situation suited your own learning style, etc.? Please indicate why you think these factors were so important at the time: (write a paragraph or two).
  5. This experience occurred while I was at

[ ] junior school [ ] high school [ ] higher education [ ] a short course [ ] at work [ ] at home Other: ................ (explain)

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