Learn Shavian/Vowels/2

The next two letters you will learn are called egg and age. They look like this

Name Letter
egg 𐑧
age 𐑱

Say "egg" and "age" aloud. Focus on the vowel sounds. Notice that age sounds a bit more top-heavy, almost like it is rolling over the top part of a roller coaster.

Now notice how the letter age shows that top-rolling-ness in the letter itself, as compared to egg.

Reading PracticeEdit

Now w𐑰 can use th𐑰se l𐑧tters 𐑦n some t𐑧xt like th𐑦s.

The d𐑱 c𐑱me when I wanted to l𐑰ve. 𐑦t m𐑱de m𐑰 f𐑰l a gr𐑱t sorrow.