Introduction edit

Shavian alphabet chart.

There is much information about the Shavian alphabet, but there is no proper book that guides one through learning to read and use this alphabet.

This book will enable you to gradually learn the Shavian alphabet for every day, practical use.

Method edit

Beginning with the vowels, you will be introduced to small groups of letters, one at a time.

Each letter introduction will contain a vocabulary section that show the letters within words that you already recognize.

The vocabulary will be utilized in a practice reading text.

This book follows the recommended spellings as explained at Shavian.Info. And by the end of this book, you should comfortably recognize at least the most frequent English words.

Content edit

  • Vowels
  • Ligatures
    • 9 - are and or
    • 10 - air and err
    • 11 - array and ear
    • 12 - ian and yew
    • Reading Practice 3
  • Consonants
    • 13 - peep and bib
    • 14 - tot and dead
    • 15 - kick and gag
    • Reading Practice 4
    • 16 - fee and vow