Korean/Lesson I7

Learn Korean (Introduction)Reading and writing
1급: Beginner1. Greetings2. Forming sentences3. Connective forms and negation4. Colors5. Recreation / In a taxi6. Family7. Around the house8. Using the telephone9. School10. Shopping11. Onomatopoeia
2단계: High beginner3단계: Low intermediate4단계: High intermediate5단계: Low advanced6단계: Advanced


  • house 집
  • home 가정
  • apartment 아파트
  • bathroom 화장실 or 욕실
  • kitchen 부엌 or 주방
  • bedroom 침실 or 방
  • living room 거실
  • garden 정원
  • garage 차고
  • table 탁자
  • dining table 식탁
  • chair 의자
  • toilet 변기
  • sink 싱크대
  • window 창문
  • door 문