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As well as having two sets of numbers, Korean also uses two sets of colors, one being the native Korean set, the other being derived from Chinese characters hanja 한자 (漢字).

Native Korean set


Various like dozens of Korean words represent similar colors but express the different impression of colors. The following Korean words about color are the most neutral and normal words.

Korean colors may be followed by native word, 빛 or 빛깔, or followed by 색 (色) which is derived from Chinese characters. Each word means color.

Name Adjective Verb Translation Notes
빨강 빨간 빨갛다 red, crimson
뻘건색 뻘건 뻘겋다 red, ruddy
파랑 파란 파랗다 blue, bluegreen
퍼런색 퍼런 퍼렇다 darkblue
보라색 보라색 none violet
초록(풀빛) 푸른 푸르다 darkgreen, azure The adjectives for blue may be used with green. 풀빛 means grass-light.
노랑 노란 노랗다 yellow
누런색 누런 누렇다 yellow, sallow
하양 하얀 or 흰 하얗다 white
허연색 허연 허옇다 pure white
검정 검은 검다 black
까만색 까만 까맣다 black, ebony


  • 빨간 입술 red lips
  • 파란 하늘 blue sky
  • 푸른 초원 green grassland
  • 노란 병아리 yellow chick
  • 흰 눈 white snow
  • 검은 눈동자 black pupil

Chinese character set

적 (赤), 홍 (紅) red
청 (靑) blue
녹 (綠) green
황 (黃) yellow
주황 (硃黃) orange
남 (藍) navy
자주 (紫硃) purple
회 (灰) gray
백 (白) white
흑 (黑) black
  • 백인 (白人) white person
  • 흑인 (黑人) black person
  • 흑백필름 (黑白 film) black & white film
  • 적색신호 (赤色信號) red light signal
  • 청바지(靑바지) blue jeans

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