Korean/Lesson I6

Learn Korean (Introduction)Reading and writing
1급: Beginner1. Greetings2. Forming sentences3. Connective forms and negation4. Colors5. Recreation / In a taxi6. Family7. Around the house8. Using the telephone9. School10. Shopping11. Onomatopoeia
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  • 할아버지 Grandfather
  • 할아버님 Grandfather (formal)
  • 할머니 Grandmother
  • 할머님 Grandmother (formal)
  • 외할아버지 Grandfather (on Mother's side)
  • 외할아버님 Grandfather (on Mother's side) (formal)
  • 외할머니 Grandmother (on Mother's side)
  • 외할머님 Grandmother (on Mother's side) (formal)
  • 아버지 Father (formal)
  • 아버님 Father (very formal)
  • 아빠 Father (informal)
  • 어머니 Mother (formal)
  • 어머님 Mother (very formal)
  • 엄마 Mother (informal)
  • 형 Elder brother (of a male)
  • 누나 Elder sister (of a male)
  • 오빠 Elder brother (of a female)
  • 언니 Elder sister (of a female)
  • 남동생 Younger brother
  • 여동생 Younger sister
  • 동생 Younger sibling
  • 성함 Name (formal)
  • 존함 Name (old fashioned, very formal)
  • 이름 Name (Informal)

Note: -님 words such as 아버님, 어머님 are very formal.

Addressing Parents-in-Law:

As in English-speaking relationships, how one addresses one's Father-in-law and Mother-in-law varies greatly on how friendly the relationship is, as well as the customs and dialect of the geographic region, etc. Before marriage, it is common for one to call his/her girlfriend/boyfriend's parents 아버지 or 아버지님 and 어머니 or 어머님.

After marriage, the wife may address her new parents-in-law in the same way, however, a husband would call his mother-in-law 장모님, and his father-in-law 장인어른. Note that after marriage, how one speaks to one's parents-in-law becomes more formal, adding the honorific -님 suffix.



Kim: 안녕하세요.

John: 안녕하세요.

Kim: 성함이 어떻게 되세요?

John: John이에요. 저는 선생님에요. 그쪽은 성함이 어떻게 되시나요?

Kim: 김이에요.

John: 만나서 반갑습니다.

Kim: 미국 사람이세요?

John: 네, 미국에서 왔어요.

Kim: 가족은 몇 분이세요?

John: 다섯 명 있어요. 형과 여동생이 있어요. 형은 의사예요. 여동생은 대학생이에요. 김씨는 형제가 있으신가요?

Kim: 없어요. 저희 다시 봐요.

John: 안녕히 가세요.



Kim: Hello.

John: Hello.

Kim: What's your name.

John: I'm John. I'm a teacher. What's your name?

Kim: I'm Kim.

John: Nice to meet you.

Kim: Are you American?

John: Yes, I came from America.

Kim: How many people are in your family?

John: There are 5 people. I have an older brother and a younger sister. My brother is a doctor. My sister is a University student. Do you have siblings?

Kim: I don't. Let's meet again.

John: Good Bye.

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