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How to make command form (명령형 [命令形])of verbs
First, we must specify if we are speaking to someone who is older or higher in position than us, or to someone who is younger or lower in position. With children, we may use the less polite (verb stem + 라) form. This form is also used when someone is angry or when giving military commands.

음식을 먹으세요!
Eat your meal!

When you are asking someone politely to do something for you, use (verb stem + 어/아 주다) form:
보여 주세요!
Please show me.

주다 literally means "to give," but does not translate directly.

When we want to talk modestly about ourselves we use the (verb stem + 드리다) form instead. "드리다" also means "to give," but is an honorific verb.
책을 보여 드렸어요
I have shown the book.