E' Wikibooks presents this book in E-Prime to aid clarity of communication.

This Wikibook teaches the reader to speak the Klingon Language. It supplies a fast yet complete method of learning tlhIngan Hol, by providing auditory aid and structured information for fast absorption by the reader.

This Wikibook presents a structure which conveys basic Klingon language first; then moves into example usage and extended vocabulary. Some chapters consist entirely of Klingon, with the occasional annotation introducing a new word; these chapters present the reader with a straight-forward exercise to reinforce their interpretive Klingon language skills.

Sound clips of Klingon speech provide the reader with an auditory aid; some of the Klingon-only chapters supply complete recordings of entire sections. Readers will benefit greatly by reading these sections aloud and using the recordings to check their pronunciation.



Table of Contents