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Plurals in Klingon are a bit more complicated than in English. There are no less than three endings for plurals. However, everything is still quite simple - except for the dreaded irregular nouns.


What does plural mean?Edit

A plural is a word that shows there is more than one thing being talked about. E.g. - 'dogs' is plural; there must be more than one dog being talked about (you wouldn't say 'one dogs').

Words to learnEdit

be'Hom - girl

mIn - eye

yan - sword

peng - torpedo


pu' is the suffix used for beings capable of using language. So the plural of be'Hom (girl) is be'Hompu' (girls).


Du' is the suffix used for body parts. So the plural of mIn (eyes)is mInDu'. Click here for a list of body parts.


mey is the plural suffix for everything else. The plural of yan (sword) is yanmey (swords).

Irregular nounsEdit

Some plurals are completely different to the singular word. Sorry - you'll just have to learn these. For, example, the plural of peng (torpedo) is cha.

Click here for a list of some irregular nouns.