Kirby franchise strategy guide/Bosses/Paint Roller

Paint Roller is a boss who appears in a few Kirby games. It first appeared in Kirby's Adventure as the boss of Ice Cream Island in his classic canvas stage. It guarded the second fragment of the Star Rod, as ordered by King Dedede.

After its initial appearance in Kirby's Adventure, Paint Roller later appeared in its Game Boy Advance remake, Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. Later, it appeared in Kirby: Canvas Curse as one of Drawcia's clones. In Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, the magician character Wiz fights in a style very similar to Paint Roller.

In the Games


Paint Roller typically appears as a boss character on a pair of roller skates with a paint brush or pencil, drawing an enemy on a canvas which will spring out and attack Kirby once the painting is complete. To defeat it, Kirby normally has to swallow the newly created enemy and shoot it back at Paint Roller. This strategy is then repeated several times. The enemies that Paint Roller draws range from Waddle Dee to Kracko-like creatures to baseballs that hurl themselves at Kirby.

In Paint Roller's level in Kirby: Canvas Curse, when you play on level 3, you may have to draw things which are references to other Nintendo games. Included cameos that you may draw are the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda series, the Super Smash Bros. logo, the word "HAL" (from HAL Laboratory, the producer of the Kirby series) and the HAL Laboratory logo.

In the Anime


Paint Roller also appears in the anime. It appears in the Kirby anime episode, "Royal AcaDededemy , aired in the USA as "Dedede's Monsterpiece".

He made his debut when he was delivered to King Dedede, who didn't care about fine art. He went to Dedede's newly-built art museum, where he went around messing with the paintings. He painted a picture of his customer, which came to life startling the real King. It attacked Kirby with a laser gun that Paint Roller also painted until Meta Knight saved him by burning it with a torch. After Kirby inhaled PR's paintbrush, he became Paint Kirby, and they dueled and dodged with their paintings, which can come to life, as well as their roller blades. Kirby eventually got the best of Paint Roller with a painted missile of his, which homed in on the monster and his painted bomb, causing a massive, messy paint explosion that took out the entire art museum and splattered paint all over Kirby in the process.