JLPT Guide/JLPT N5 Vocabulary/Row Ya

Vocabulary words for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test starting with やーよ.

JLPT N5 Vocabulary


Parts of speech (品詞)  (edit):
  • (動III) Type III verb
  • (形) adjective
  • (形動) adjectival noun
  • (副) adverb
  • (連体) attribute
  • (接) conjunction
  • (感) interjection
  • (助動) auxiliary
  • (助) particle
  • (頭) prefix
  • (尾) suffix
  • (連) compound

や段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
632 ~や ~屋 (尾) ~store
633 やおや 八百屋 (名) greengrocer
634 やさい 野菜 (名) vegetable
635 やさしい 易しい (形) easy/plain/simple
636 やすい 安い (形) cheap/inexpensive/peaceful/quiet/gossipy/thoughtless
637 やすみ 休み (名) (1) rest/recess/respite/(2) vacation/holiday/absence/suspension/(3) moulting
638 やすむ 休む to rest/to have a break/to take a day off/to be finished/to be absent/to retire/to sleep
639 やっつ 八つ (名) eight
640 やま (名) (1) mountain/(2) pile/heap/(3) climax/critical point
641 やる (仕事をやる) (動I) to do/to have sexual intercourse/to kill/to give (to inferiors, animals, etc.)/to dispatch (a letter)/to send/to study/to perform/to play (sports, game)/to have (eat, drink, smoke)/to row (a boat)/to run or operate (a restaurant)

ゆ段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
642 ゆうがた 夕方 evening
643 ゆうびんきょく 郵便局 (名) post office
644 ゆうべ (’昨晩’の意) evening
645 ゆうめい 有名 (名) fame
646 ゆき (名) snow
647 ゆっくり slowly, at ease

よ段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
648 ようか 八日 (名) eight days/the eighth (day of the month)
649 ようふく 洋服 (名) Western-style clothes
650 よく (よく行く) frequently, often
651 よく (よくできる) nice/properly/well/skilled in
652 よこ beside/side/width
653 よっか 四日 (名) four days/the fourth (day of the month)
654 よっつ 四つ (名) four
655 よぶ 呼ぶ (動I) to call out/to invite
656 よむ 読む (動I) to read
657 よる (名) evening/night