JLPT Guide/JLPT N5 Vocabulary/Row Ma

Vocabulary words for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test starting with まーも.

JLPT N5 Vocabulary


Parts of speech (品詞)  (edit):
  • (動III) Type III verb
  • (形) adjective
  • (形動) adjectival noun
  • (副) adverb
  • (連体) attribute
  • (接) conjunction
  • (感) interjection
  • (助動) auxiliary
  • (助) particle
  • (頭) prefix
  • (尾) suffix
  • (連) compound

ま段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
577 ~まい ~枚 (尾) counter for flat things
578 まいあさ 毎朝 (形) every morning
579 まいげつ 毎月 (形) every month/each month/monthly
580 まいつき 毎月 (形) every month/each month/monthly
581 まいしゅう 毎週 (形) every week
582 まいにち 毎日 (形) every day
583 まいねん 毎年 (形) every year/yearly/annually
584 まいとし 毎年 (形) every year/yearly/annually
585 まいばん 毎晩 (形) every night
586 まえ (1) before/in front/fore part/ago/previously (2) head (of a line) (3) in the presence of/lady (so-and-so) (4) (five minutes) to (5) helping/portion
587 ~まえ ~前 (尾) before/in front
588 まがる 曲る (動I) to turn/to bend
589 まずい (形) unappetising/unpleasant (taste, appearance, situation)/ugly/unskilful/awkward/bungling/unwise/untimely
590 また (接) again/and
591 まだ yet/still/more/besides
592 まち (名) (1) town (2) street/road
593 まつ 待つ (動I) to wait
594 まっすぐ (形) straight (ahead)/direct/upright/erect/honest/frank
595 マッチ (名) match
596 まど (名) window
597 まるい 丸い (形) round/circular/spherical
598 まるい 円い (形) round/circular/spherical
599 まん (名) 10,000/ten thousand/myriads/all/everything
600 まんねんひつ 万年筆 (名) fountain pen

み段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
601 みがく 磨く (動I) to polish/to shine/to brush/to refine/to improve
602 みぎ (名) right hand side
603 みじかい 短い (形) short
604 みず (名) water
605 みせ (名) store/shop/establishment
606 みせる 見せる (動I) to show/to display
607 みち (名) road/street/way/method
608 みっか 三日 (名) three days/the third day (of the month)
609 みっつ 三つ (名) three
610 みなさん 皆さん (名) everyone
611 みなみ (名) south/proceeding south
612 みみ (名) ear
613 みる 見る (動I) to see/to watch
614 みんな all/everyone/everybody

む段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
615 むいか 六日 (名) six days/the sixth day (of the month)
616 むこう 向こう (名) beyond/over there/opposite direction/the other party
617 むずかしい 難しい (形) difficult
618 むっつ 六つ (名) six

め段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
619 (名) eye
620 メートル (名) meter
621 めがね 眼鏡 (名) glasses

も段 edit

# Kana Kanji Word type Meaning
622 もう (もう、帰りました) already/soon/more/again
623 もう (もう一度) already/soon/more/again
624 もくようび 木曜日 (名) thursday
625 もしもし (感) hello (on phone)
626 もちろん of course/certainly/naturally
627 もつ 持つ (動I) (1) to hold/to carry (2) to possess
628 もっと more/longer/farther
629 もの (名) thing/object
630 もん (名) gate
631 もんだい 問題 (名) problem/question